Thursday, December 1, 2011

something sweet!!

Peanut Butter Truffles (with crushed pretzels inside too)

The Christmas season is officially here!!! aaaaaaaaand the beginning of making things we ONLY make once a year! Thank goodness!!I have found a lot of new things to try on Pinterest! This was one of them, but I really just used my regular Peanut Butter Ball recipe and added the crushed pretzels like their recipe called for! Added a little crunch to the smoothy peanut buttery taste!! YUM!!! My grocery list consists of lots of ingredients for new desserts......eeek!!!! Josiah was my big helper on these rolling them out!! Really, I enjoy making it more than eating the stuff, the only thing I really love a few of is, the Mocha Truffles I make!! Anything with coffee is a must eat at least one anyways!!!

A lot of happenings this weekend for us!! Friday, our home town football team will play in the State Championships at the OSU stadium!! Its going to be a great game and its going to be freezing cold from what I hear!! Saturday morning, the cabinet guy is suppose to come, he already brought out the oven cabinet and hopefully by Spring, we can get our double ovens!! Saturday evening is the big game, OSU and OU!! whahooooo!!! Tomorrow is grocery day and Terry gets to hold the fort down while I go out!! The littles will enjoy that because he does not run as tight a ship as me!! hahah!!

If yall wanna read something to make you smile, then read Kristen's post about a merry little time Caleb is having crafting!!! haha! I love it!!! She is an awesome gal!!!!

Hope you all have a great day!!!



The Ahlgren Family said...

Looks tasty!!! My mom bought all of her seasonal sweets supplies the other day and commented that she didn't know where to put it all since it's only bought once a year! All of the baking and creating is so much fun!
That's great that you're getting the oven cabinet in! Woohoo! David's finished out some things in our bathroom and bedroom recently and it's so fun to see and use the finished product!
We read Kristen's blog yesterday... that was so funny! You should read the comments on there too, she did a little "advertising" for Daniel! Haha! :D

sarah b said...

I read Kristen's post yesterday. Adorable :) I love Caleb's sleigh and reindeer!!! so creative!! :D :D :D

-stephanie- said...

Be still my heart...Yum!