Friday, December 2, 2011


Its time for instafriday!!!!! This week has been a busy iphone picture taking week!! Check out what we have been up to all week! Join up, all you gotta do is capture some pics via any type phone and let others see whatcha been up to!!! Soooooo, here we go!!!

life rearranged

How does a Christmas Cactus know its Christmas time! I does not bloom all year and then bam, its Dec. and it blooms!!!

we made some Christmas crafts this week!! Of course Pinterest is being my brain, which I love!!!

aren't the Snowmen adorable????

 grocery week and since I leave so early, I get to see some of God's handy work!!!

looks like my grocery cart is a dangerous thing......let the candy making begin!!!
......and I wore my cheery red scarf celebrating Dec. 1st!!!!

out grocery shopping, I saw this flag and was moved as it whipped in the Oklahoma wind and was grateful for Jesus and the freedom we have!

 we got the ole' school work done, but a bit-o-coffee just makes you think better!!!

this is a tree in our backyard, I call it our "bow-legged" cowboy tree!!!

looks like I am up at dawn til the sunset....Oklahoma has some amazing sunsets!!!
this was taken just before turning into our driveway!!

 these are for decoration ONLY!!! hahah!!! another stash is for eating!!!!

 we have 3 trees up, and this is the one I got off Craigslist, remember?? Well, I am so happy with all the colors, brown, turquoise, silver and white!!

.......and a lil' bit of Christmas shopping for a special little 5 yo daughter at one of her favorite places, I just love their bags!!!!

 I can hardly resist going there.......I didnt feel so bad when on the same day my husband and daughter hit Starbucks too and Pops, all in the same day!!!

Daniel has been practicing for a Christmas banquet and for some other things going on, I will tell yall about a little later and I had to practice doing some different editing!!!

 guys want cookies, guys make cookies!!!

we got our double oven cabinet this week, so glad and hoping by Spring we can get the actual oven!!! they are sooooo expensive!!! yikes!!! See Mercy over there, she is showing where it goes and around the oven on the wall we re going to put real stone!!!

my dear husband was able to put up our 3 pendant lights over the island!!! little bit at a time!!!

its never too late for ice-cream bars+ a movie!!!!

when I drive through town at night, I see every ones pretty trees glittering and I wanted to go outside and see what ours looked like, course no one will be driving by our house, you cant even see it from the road wayyyyy out here in the "kuntry!!!!!"

Thank you sooooo much for stopping by!!!! Hope you have a great weekend and stay warm!!!!!



aPearantly sew said...

Those snowmen are super cute! Pinterest is amazing. I love all of the crafts and recipes and ideas I find on there. Ummm, also, I can hardly drive past a Starbucks without turning in. My husband says I have a radar that detects if a Starbucks is ANYWHERE close :)

Jodi@ said...

I love all things "snowmen" related! And I'm SO addicted to Pinterest!

Lots of good stuff going on your way this week. :o)

Emily said...

I love your kitchen! are you renovating? What a happy home you have. Enjoy the weekend!

Cindy & Rich said...

The beauty of God's work leaves me speachless!

Paige said...

I love how you wrote kuntry lol