Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its Hot!!!

Its hot!!!!! Next week temps are lookin to be over 100 many days!!! Ok, here's the scoop......I guess somehow things got confusing as far as what we are doing! Monday is the big day for the school job that we have waited on for so long. Our whole family is NOT moving! Terry and the guys are renting a house about 5 minutes from the job site, they will stay there during the week and come home on the weekend. So I am having to get things for that house so they can have somewhat of a set up to cook, and sleep. The job site is quite a ways from our house, too far to drive every night. Bethany and Anna will travel over once a week and clean and do laundry for them!!! Hope that clears up the confusion. Things are coming together pretty well, some things can not be done til last minute. On Monday us girls will go over there and help set up the house and fix some dinner and then we will come back. I have been so busy with all this and our internet is absolutely "sick" that its hard to post and do pictures, loose connections and all that!

Yesterday was shopping day which was interesting.....the van had to be in the shop and so Terry being so thoughtful rented a little car for me to zoom around in and I had to make two trips of shopping, Thurs. eve and then on Friday. Nice while it lasted :)

All one wants to do because of the heat is get into water! The littles have had fun in the small pool, but at least it cools them off!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hamburgers tonight!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

job prep underway!

The clock is counting down til our family starts our "new way of life!!" Lord willing next Monday we will haul all this stuff to the rent house to Ada, Oklahoma! Gonna be different for sure! This morning I got to go shopping and spend lots of work money!!!! LOL!!!! I was gathering stuff like all the essentials like bathroom stuff, toothbrushes, shampoo, and all that one needs and then all the kitchen stuff, pots, pans, food items, too numerous to name, and then all the bed stuff, blow up mattresses, sheets, pillows and more but that gives you an idea! I really did not have two of things around here and they can not bring things back and forth, too hard and not enough room in vehicles to do that so the only alternative was to get the stuff!!! Since I love to shop, it was very fun!!!! I had several comments with the buggies piled high, one was are you going camping and the other was are you having a "biscuit party??" I had a huge bag of pancake mix and I guess the guy had never seen such a big bag! Yep, Elijah Morris is in charge of breakfast, and he can do it!!!!! I am loosing brain cells because of this event, hope I can re-gain them somehow! I still have to do some food prep as to their evening meals but its coming together alright. It will definitely take two trucks and the trailer to take all this stuff!!! OH, one great thing we found out was the house has a washer and dryer!!! This is so major, as I did not know how I was going to handle all the laundry. It has a stove, refrigerator, a table and one bed so we are blessed to have all the extras!!!! We are taking an extra couch and chair we have here so they can somewhat relax in the evenings.

So tonight we are heading to a base ball game, OKC Redhawks! The guys should be here soon, Anna is cooing dinner and we have to stop and vote on the way!

I need to "git!!"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

workers needed!!!

(L to R)Daniel Morris, Caleb B., Wiley G,.Elijah Morris, Terry, Billy G., Caleb Morris and Johnathan P.

The big school job is scheduled to start Monday Aug. 2nd! Terry really needs a few more guys! At least 2 more for the Ada job. You have to be 18 or older and the job is expected to last 3-4 months. You can e-mail Terry at You can make inquiries even if you live outa state. He also needs a few guys in the OKC area to work with one of the guys on jobs in OKC area. All jobs are construction type work and it is hard/hot work!!! Need more info just email and we can give it to ya!!!

Couple of requirements: a mind to work, diligence and teachable spirit.

Praise the Lord for all the is HIS provision to us!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ps. 112......

I never would have thought a Psalm I read 22 days before Joel and Josiah's birth, that spoke to my heart, encouraged me, that I had written on index cards and said them as I lay in the bed at night when all is still, when the enemy seems to attack your mind with fear and worries, a Psalm with a verse that gave me strength to rest and trust and "welcome" them into our family and this world would also hold a verse that gave me comfort when Joel took flight out of this world. Psalm 112 gave me comfort and peace from fears as I experienced one of the "heights" of joy with the birth of Joel and Josiah and Ps. 112 gave me comfort as I experienced the lowest "depths" I have ever gone.......the death of our little Joel. Its just amazing to me how in 2003 with their birth God's Word was alive and real and in 2007 it held the same power to touch our different circumstances. Ps. 112 spoke in the beginning of their lives and at the end of Joel's life. That is just how God is though. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, his Word never changes nor his character, He has sworn by his own self that he will take care of His own, his children, those that have trusted him as Savior! I was reminded as I read these two verses form Ps. 112 this morning that His Word is so powerful, and it can penetrate to the deepest woes or it can lift us to the heights as we celebrate joys that He gives, it carries us no matter what road we are on! I hope you continue to be in the Word, you will starve if you do not take it in........

(the verse in 03 that gave me
comfort as I faced fears
of their birth: Ps. 112:7)

He shall not be afraid of evil tidings, his heart is fixed trusting in the Lord

(the verse that gave me comfort
as I walked through this
dark valley: Ps. 112:4)

Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness, he is gracious and full of compassion and righteous.

Lets see, today we are getting things in quick order for some afternoon/evening company. Anna is making a dessert and hamburgers will be on the menu. The guys are enduring the heat, but not without plenty of liquids and15 minute breaks throughout the day! Terry has a meeting and like I said making final arrangements with the rent house situation. We are coming up with some thoughts and ideas of how the girls can plan to go over once a week to clean and even make breakfast one morning for the fellows! I don't think they realize how glad they will be to see their sisters! Got some swimmers outside, and some dog shampooers inside!!! Gettin er done!

I was blessed yesterday to receive a phone call from a woman and she told me she watched Joel's Journey. That verse I seek to pray each day, for Joel's life to be a flame and Josiah's a fire is being answered and it makes me encouraged. On another note, I was found on fb by a long lost friend, a friend of my childhood, she lived down the street from me and we played and played all the time together. But the interesting thing is almost 23 years ago on August 26th, she was a nurse the night Caleb and Daniel were born. After many epidurals, the Dr. finally ended my misery by putting me "out" and Terry says when they were being delivered she literally was on top of the table straddled across me pushing Daniel out!!! I was excited to get back in touch with her! I have been thankful for sooooo many people that were in my days gone by but know I am able to hear from them and keep up with them through fb! Its been fun!

Friday night Terry gets the opportunity to do something he enjoys......teach! He has been asked to speak at OSU/OKC to a small group of folks on Organic Gardening, Farm stuff and how we do things here! Its a great way to get exposure to our farm and what we have to offer and sell! And even Anna is getting exposure to her photography as Terry will have pictures to go along with his lecture. Any opportunities like this is always a blessing as it helps further and expand the vision Terry has for our family and that is to work together and trust God for provision and do it for his glory!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have vb birthday party to attend over the weekend, and I have not heard all the agendas as of yet, but I try to be prepared cause................."adventure is out there!!!!" Do you know what movie that quote is from????? Josiah's favorite movie and that is a little hint to a 7 year old bd coming up in Sept!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a day in the life of a big and little cowboy!

meet Woody!

new partners

bouncy, bouncy, Woody


slide by your self....Woody!

not as scary with me.......

are ye stuck?


cowboys together..yeehaw!

are ya ready for a fast ride?


thats bout it, Woody......a day
on the farm!!

Siah and I went on a little afternoon cahoots together to show/introduce his new "partner" the ropes of living on a farm! Do you know what a cahoots is??? its a we did this together! Siah gave "Woody" the tour of all the adventures that are out there to "do!!" I was behind the camera, so don't down Anna for not so great of pictures......I did it this time!! :) A sweet little time together and kinda neat that "Woody" was one of the nicknames that I called Joel.

The weekend was fun filled for the two groups, the canoe floating and the other group, the peach festival and town rodeo! All arrived safe even if it was at 2 am! Terry and the magnificent little helpers got outside jobs all done for church! So it all worked out!

Whew, is it ever hot here, hitting 100's. The guys are working out in it and yesterday were split in three different crews. Terry has been using Micah and Andrew as well this summer. So yesterday there were a total of 8 guys working for Terry! That is an answer to prayer for the Lord expanding the business.....we are thankful! It looks like there might be light at the end of the tunnel for the school job. The latest report is start date in 2 weeks! I have made lists and likely I will be getting supplies next week for this new way of life. Basically we are setting up another house for all the guys near the job site. Terry is suppose to make a final run to the rent house possibility and square it all up. We are hoping we can hook up our stackable washer/dryer unit so I won't be doing laundry all weekend when they travel back and forth! For now we are going to try to use the blow up mattress and of course taking all that kind of stuff. The lists includes small kitchen appliances, dishes, a table and chairs and somehow we have to get another refrigerator, then all the bathroom items and to include some cleaning items but Terry is insisting that the girls have to come "help!!" This is gonna be different but what a great provision after its all said and done! Pray for us, if the Lord brings it to mind, especially Terry as he organizes the crew and manages the job and still seeks to be the husband and father to the rest of the family, its all a big responsibility, yet as we come to HIM, the load can be light and He will give us rest!

I have written many challenges to my sons as I come across scriptures that I read. I write them, hoping they will be encouraged with the truth and also to have them journaled to go back to one day to remember the legacy that we want to pass on to them.....and that is to have generations that seek and love the Lord God with all their mind, heart, strength and being!!
Its not just for our sons, our daughters can appropriate these truths in their hearts as well. I am fascinated/in awe of when the scriptures speak of "kingdoms." Especially now, since Joel is in the Kingdom of God. I like to read in Rev of the coming kingdom, how Christ will set up His kingdom on the new earth so as i have been reading in I Kings of the temple that David longed to build but his son Solomon was the one to do it, I like to picture in my mind all the exactness, beauty, vastness of size, the wealth that was used to build it and imagine what similarities the Heavenly kingdom is like and what Joel is already experiencing! I like meditating upon that but in the meantime, there is alot of work to do here, for our hearts to be prepared, molded and conformed and that is where I found some challenging verses for our sons/children to take into their hearts. To start with I was encouraged with I Kings 5:5, and behold, I purpose to build an house unto the name of the Lord my God, as the the Lord spake unto David my father saying, Thy son whom I will set upon thy throne in they room, he shall build an house unto my name. First, purpose to build your own house unto the name of the Lord! Another verse that would follow this is in 6:7, and the house, when it was in building, was built of stone made ready before it was brought thither.......You see, you have to be in the planning stages now, of growing, learning, fearing God, being taught of your father, establishing truth in your heart NOW, before you get married. Much has to be done prior to finding a "good thing"/ a wife!! And then a question of what to build the foundation with? I Kings 5:17 tells you, and the king commanded, and they brought great stones, costly stones, and hewed stones, to lay the foundation of the house. My sons, lay your foundation with great stones!! Stones that are exceeding, that are mighty and noble, it would be the great stones of God's truth, His word!!! And then the costly stones, you remember what the scripture says about a wife/woman?? Her price is far above rubies! Costly stones....... valuable, full of brightness and beauty, one that is clear/pure, one that is honorable and has honored her parents. This 'costly stone" will be most precious and to receive such a gift will be of excellence. Lay your foundation with a "costly stone." The last stone mentioned here is lay a foundation with "hewed stones." That means cut out. Even now as you prepare, cut out truth for your own house, what you will stand on, say within your heart "unto God I will build my house," hew out truth that your father has taught you and implement as God leads, and then be prepared when your house is built and you have your costly stone within , there could be a day where you have to "hew out" truth, stand against the enemy, be a husband and father to the faith that could cost greatly. Be God's man!!

I hope these verses go deep within and I pray the Holy Spirit will bring them to mind as you go forth with your futures.....looking forward to the great things that lie ahead by His grace!! I hope they encourage families as well.

Better go, the girls are ironing, and I have to tend to something that is terribly embarrassing in our pantry.................varmints would be a nicer name.....ugh!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

there is no wonder........

I had to "bribe" for these...... only out $10, I have pictures,
she has a special gift!!!

A child.......a gift, a treasure, a reward! There is no wonder when one so precious is with us here for only a little while, the mother of the child feels the sorrow the most. I know not only by reality in my own heart but I know because the scriptures tell me why it is so. I read a verse this morning in I Kings 3 that explains it, v.24, "and the king said bring me a sword. And they brought a sword before the king." v.26, Then spake the woman whose the living child was unto the king, for her bowels yearned upon her son, and she said, O my lord, give her the living child, and in no way slay it. The word bowels means womb in this verse and the word yearned means intertwined. As I sat and pondered this, there is no wonder a mother feels a depth of sorrow over the death of a child verses another member of the family. The sorrow is so deep, it is so a part of her, the sorrow is and was literally attached to her womb and intertwined within that none other can ever feel or know except her. It explains why a mother grieves the rest of her life, but if she can embrace Truth she will grieve with hope for what lies ahead. I have seen tears in a mothers eye even after many, many, many years of the child being gone.Why would anyone ever think it would be "over?" So whether you child is alive as the mother in this verse or if your child has died, there is just something so deep within in our bowels that we yearn in sorrow or we yearn with joy as they go forward in their futures. I encourage any out there that still feel the depth, the weight, it will always be, because the scripture says that child was so intertwined within our womb and connected to us but if you seek, and put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, he will carry the weight for you and you can live with an anticipation of seeing your little child again. I hope that verse will encourage your heart as it did mine today!!!

I had some plans for dinner tonight......I don't mind change as long as I "know" in advance!! It was going to be a meat and potato kinda meal with garden veggies and top it off with a peach cobbler......but then a phone call changed it, some extra fellas for knowing how they dash in, barely sit down to eat and then they are outta here.....plan "b" is underway......quick burritos and our garden fresh salsa, but I am still going to make the peach cobbler......even if I have to enjoy it by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ones I picked last night) Someday I think I might write a post on "your a mom to little kids but a maid to big kids!!" It would be a nice post of course....... but having older children is very interesting, exciting, fast, and "be ready!!!!"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


this is the Jessica I mentioned many posts back
how she knelt before Joel and prayed the most amazing
prayer for him.......and can't you see why I
thought it was so can see
her heart through her face!!

The wedding that Caleb, Daniel and Bethany had opportunity to play in went beautifully! It was during the morning worship service and I have to say that I think its an excellent idea. When you go to weddings, you gather ideas of "how" to do it. I liked the way Jessica and her groom stood on the platform facing the congregation and the pastor stood on the floor in front of them, that way we could see them, their expressions and joy!!! It was a very simple wedding yet one of the few weddings I have attended where you "felt" the Lord's presence. There were no decorations on the platform, just the attendants and the groomsmen. The pastor gave a message before the actual ceremony began with the wedding party coming out. It was one I will remember mostly because of the wonderful story of their courtship and seeing how God brought them together and then knowing as your sitting there it really was a marriage made in heaven before the foundations of the world.

Yesterday the guys tried to go to work and it was a very nice day at our house but at the two job sites it was raining sooooooooo they were willing to work on the ceiling again here at the house. They got another section and half done, very glad for that! They are working today and its major hot here!! I am not complaining, we have had sooo much rain for weeks and I am ready to pick back up to the summer weather that I missed in all the rain!!! Mercy took a little swim today in her pool and I was tempted to get in with her as I sat nearby in a chair!! Bethany, Anna and Hannah (friend of Ann's thats here) took a little outing over to Stillwater to get something for the 4 wheeler. I think they are wanting their brother Elijah to get it running for some adventure!'

I don't know if I will always look at scripture through the lens of death and grieving but that's how it is for now. Hard things happen in this world and that will not change but what can change is how we view the hard things, the difficult roads that we ALL will walk down. I read some scriptures this morning and they gave quite a contrast or if you will two different perspectives that we can embrace. I am so grateful for the grace of God that has been given to my heart. As hard as it is with grace, I can not imagine this situation without God's grace. One perspective is in Mark 14:4, and there were some that had indignation within themselves, and said, Why was this waste of ointment made? That attitude leads to bitterness, unforgivness, and really a miserable rest of your life! The other attitude I saw as I read this morning was one of "believing" God for who he is and what he says. Mark 14:16, and his disciples went forth, and came into the city, and found as he had said unto them.......I was blessed by that little phrase, "and found as he said unto them." You see, Jesus had told them something before hand, he had given them promises, in this actual passage, he told them they would find the upper room to the exact specifications before they arrived. I like the truth that I have found him as he said he would be to one that sorrows and grieves, one that walks the valley of death. I have "found" him to be faithful, I have found that his grace is sufficient, I have found him to be true to his person, in character that he is all wise! Have you found him to be true to you as he said he would be? So really we can put any situation up against our great God and if we embrace and believe him, he will be found as he has said in his word, which is the infallible word of God! I liked another scripture that seemed to blend with these two, it was Mark 16:7, but go your way, tell his disciples and Peter that he goeth before you into Galilee:there shall ye see him, as he said unto you. Not only will we "find" him, but we will also "see" him as he said. Finding and seeing God in and through this journey has been the only way I have survived and its been through reading the Word. These two verses both end with "He said unto you and he said unto them." Its all about Who he is, his promises and He is true to His words! He will fulfill his promises to us no matter the situation. I pray you will embrace this perspective to your difficulties and not the other of feeling cheated, bitter and having a miserable rest of your life!

The agenda for tonight is vb. We played last night with some friends, the Jones Family, Natalie and husband Paul and their three children, fun time! Why do they have to play every night???? Guess they like it!!!! I am hoping to pick peaches this evening when it cools off at an orchard, so I am going to make a cobbler, I have been longing for one like my mom and grandmother use to make but I can not quite get it right.

Text from Elijah says: "I just wrung enough sweat out of my shirt to fill up a glass." Pray for safety in this heat!

I am doing the dreaded project of re-painting the bathroom cabinets because of the spill of nail polish.....ugh!!!!!! Its gonna be fine though!

Better go see what I can figure out for dinner.......something cold sounds good but I don't think hungry construction workers will want that!

Stay cool and if your near a pool, "swim for me!!!"

Friday, July 9, 2010

getting ready for the weekend !!!!!

I knew it would get crazy as the weekend drew near!!!!! The guys went to work but returned. We have had so much rain the last few July! Their job sites are muck! Upon them returning from work is where it revolved into "high speed!" Kate had already arrived on the scene this morning because Dave had a meeting, so her and Mavie are keeping us in the straight and narrow!! After lunch the peoples started departing. Caleb had to go pick up a shirt for the wedding, Elijah and a few had to go to Stillwater, then the girls had to run a few errands and that is when I got to keep Lilian!! She is so sweet! Me and Mercy and Lilian played in the sandbox and then we came in and rocked and she is out!! Now they have arrived back at the house and are leaving to go play baseball at a field in town, then later we are suppose to go to a rodeo, all the while Terry is getting stuff ready for Farmers Market and I am trying to get clothes ready for the wedding and for the ones that have to go the the rehearsal and then spend the night. The wedding is Sunday morning and it will take us about 2 1/2 hours to travel there :( Worth it of course but you know I can not stand to travel!!!!! And tomorrow afternoon we have to go pick up Anna's friend that is staying with us for a week!!!! I use a lot of exclamations, don"t I????? I guess that's what my life feels like!!!!!!!

Oh, the big news is....remember the "monster truck" Daniel bought about 6 weeks ago????? Well, he sold it today!!!! A fun "toy" for a while and then the gas was eating his billfold!!! So thankful it sold so quick!!!!! I think a "normal" size truck is on the agenda now!! At least he can say he owned one of those big machines!!!!

We got the tongue and groove wood for the ceiling, enough to finish it out, the work is plenty but the laborers are few.....they hit the road! Hope to get it up soon, I guess I will have to bribe them with dessert.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!