Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its Hot!!!

Its hot!!!!! Next week temps are lookin to be over 100 many days!!! Ok, here's the scoop......I guess somehow things got confusing as far as what we are doing! Monday is the big day for the school job that we have waited on for so long. Our whole family is NOT moving! Terry and the guys are renting a house about 5 minutes from the job site, they will stay there during the week and come home on the weekend. So I am having to get things for that house so they can have somewhat of a set up to cook, and sleep. The job site is quite a ways from our house, too far to drive every night. Bethany and Anna will travel over once a week and clean and do laundry for them!!! Hope that clears up the confusion. Things are coming together pretty well, some things can not be done til last minute. On Monday us girls will go over there and help set up the house and fix some dinner and then we will come back. I have been so busy with all this and our internet is absolutely "sick" that its hard to post and do pictures, loose connections and all that!

Yesterday was shopping day which was interesting.....the van had to be in the shop and so Terry being so thoughtful rented a little car for me to zoom around in and I had to make two trips of shopping, Thurs. eve and then on Friday. Nice while it lasted :)

All one wants to do because of the heat is get into water! The littles have had fun in the small pool, but at least it cools them off!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hamburgers tonight!!!


Janet said...

My word Cindy! You guys are really busy! I have read your post with interest and love, never knowing that the horrible disease would hit me. I am struggling with my Mum at the moment, and can almost understand your pain, but not the same being my Mum against your child! I think about you often and find strength in your strength. Thank you for your inspiration and for helping me keep strong. I keep thinking about how lucky I am,and thank God for people like you who keep me going! I hope this makes sense ... I feel so out of control! What a lovely family you have. Bless you! With much love from South Africa!

Anonymous said...

Aww the pictures are the cutest, Mrs. Morris!!

Pray that no one gets OVERHEATED!!! Especially the men on the job!!!! BE CAREFUL GUYS!!!!!! Please!

Nice about the rental car! :D

Tell Bill Hitch hey 4 me!!! :D <3


Abigail said...

Sounds like things are coming together. Ditto what Sarah said - the guys need to be REALLY careful not to get overheated!!! We all were working cutting up a huge red oak today and it was quite warm!

Very cute pictures, Anna! And cute kids, too! :-)