Tuesday, July 6, 2010

our 4th......

Hope everyone had a good 4th!! On Saturday evening we went to Bricktown in OKC, the Philharmonic Orchestra was playing outside and after the best fireworks that I have ever seen!! A fun night! We got home close to midnight but that did not stop the ice cream party! Sunday we enjoyed fellowship with friends and family, hamburgers, hot dogs, homemade ice-cream, volley ball, too many cokes, (them:) desserts, games and again the midnight hour struck and the party continued! Like Bethany said the other day, that our younger children are missing all the regulations of when to go to bed as they did and now they live the adult life of going to bed! Things seem to change alot from all the things we "use to do!"

Seems like the first of this week is calm, girls are ironing today, guys at work in two crews, getting regular chores done. Last night we had three different departures to different places. One group went to play VB, Terry and I went to get two little, or medium size guys some cow boots, and then Caleb and Daniel are playing/organizing music for a wedding this weekend and had to get together with the other musicians to practice. So come the weekend with Farmers Market, the wedding and Anna is having a friend come on Sunday who is staying with us for a little over a week visit, its gonna be busy!! Oh, we were so thankful to sell 60 pounds of tomatoes this last Sat. a the market! We are still selling potatoes, onions as well! Hosanna sold some more of her potpourri bags, one happy 8 year old!!! You meet many people as they walk up and visit. Terry and I were blessed and moved in our hearts as we met a family that their 16 year old son had an unknown heart problem and died suddenly in 08. Embraces and tears bound us together. Before Joel's death, I don't think I encountered so much grief and death of so many. Once on this journey, you never depart, you just keep blazing it with grace that is sufficient. There is such a comfort, not that your glad you've met someone that had a death of a child but there is comfort in knowing there is someone who knows the weight of a child death.

We really have not done any more on the extra space area, awaiting on God's provision. But remember my bathroom I had all done, red/orange ceiling, black cabinets, the only room in the house I felt like was finished?????? Welllllllllllllll........guess what happen one night????? I keep our bath towels in the tall cabinets on the wall and I also keep all my toenail polish there as well............scenerio: child pulls bath towel out of cabinet and guess what else comes out and breaks and splatters everywhere...........????????? nailpolish..............and its orange!!!!! All over the tile, grout and splatters all over the black cabinets!!!! :(:(:(:(:(!!!!!!!!!!!!! My main concern was getting it off the grout and tile and thankfully its off and fine but the cabinets will have to be re-sanded, primed and painted!!!!!!!! I need to do it soon, its looks terrible, but I dread the project!!!!

Better go and start getting dinner together......Mexican!!!!

Where oh where is Anna and her camera for summer pictures......can you find her for me????????


Teena said...

Our summer is always off schedule!

Kids up late, sleep in...

We do lots different since we have older kids AND younger ones!

Love it!


Anonymous said...

Structure is good for little ones.

The Ahlgren Family said...

Structure is good for little ones, and big ones, and they do have it! But it's more like what we do with our daughter; a rhythm of life rather than a schedule. It's really neat to see some of the younger Morris's (particularly Miah and Hosie) exercising self discipline in knowing how much sleep they need and waking up at a good time. There is structure, just not a set schedule for the day/week... except for one thing... "Dinner's at six til Jesus comes back!" :)
I wondered what was on the cabinets, but then I figured it out! Bummer! It's does look interesting though and the orange does match!!!
I'm so happy that you're garden is doing so well, and that you've been able to sell so much! Anna should take some pics of the garden, or have fun with the nail polish splatter! ;)
Have a fun busy week!

Ginger Hofmann said...

Cindy, I love reading about your family and all you do together. Love the family pics too...a beautiful family!! Must say you look amazing as a mom of so many!! We're excited to welcome our fourth soon, Lord willing.