Tuesday, January 31, 2012

go love.......

What beautiful warm weather we are having......just what i would order for January! No snow please!!! I hope Feb and March are as nice to us as Jan. has been!!! It all just makes me feel like gardens, long summer days, sun and suntans, and I am getting a little ahead aren't I?????

Its been wonderful to have Caleb here these few weeks, especially since Daniel is in Australia!! Wonder if we will ever end up at the house all together again???  Its been so fun to have Kyle, Caleb's friend from MD here as well, to help work with all the guys on another school job they have been working on. Our evenings will not be the same when Kyle leaves!!! We should be very "healthy" from laughing and laughing so much!!!

Seasons of Love.....you love them from the very start. You never stop loving them. You even love them in death. Love knows no boundaries or it shouldn't. I never thought I could get to a place where I would want them not to be here in our home but I have....its when I know that they have and are learning love and have found someone to give that love to in a way that I hope they learned while they were in this home. I have loved having Caleb here, its been fun for him to be with his siblings and just to be home, but you know what, its just not the same and thats not bad at all. I have discovered something this week. I want him to be with the one he loves...... more than with me or us. Of course I know he loves us, always will. But when 2 people are in love and love each other, you want them to be together even if it means your very own child is not close by. I want that for each child, to fall in love with that special person God has for them, to learn and grow together, to love each other!! I love Caleb (all of them) but the way to love him most is to let him "go love." Its easy to do that if you know that God has brought 2 people together in His Providences. I find myself looking back this past year of him and Kristen and it just makes me smile to see all the obstacles, prayers, pleadings, counsel and trying to tell your son a few things about romance and love and how it needs to happen!! So with arms open, I say "go love!" And by His grace, in God's time I desire to say that to each of them. 

Love is not keeping them for me to love only,
I have had my season of love, my love for them will never
have any boundaries.
now, you go love......

The wonder of child rearing. I think it has many mysteries that are not found til upon them. Who could in this world ever tell us or fill a book with how it all happens or what to do. I wont attempt to. I think our best source is the Scripture itself. Thankful for grace that covers the past and directs the future. Still got lots here to have my season of love with.........

Oh, guess what????? I won the $200 gift card from my favorite store!!! I cant wait to go in and see what I can't live without!!! If you "liked" my photo on fb, thanks soooo much!!!!

Have a great week!!!

These photos should make you "happy" just look at all those bright colors!!! OKC!!!!!!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

a new door...

After this I looked and behold a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were a trumpet talking with me; which said, come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter. Rev. 4:1

I got a new door!! I had it painted turquoise!! I love it!!!! It cheers you up when you look at it!! Doors remind me of Joel! Funny I know! Joel went through the door of eternity and has now entered the beautiful city of God! Someday I think he will be standing there as I go through the door too! Maybe it will be a turquoise door, I hope, it's my favorite color!!

Have a blessed weekend!!!


Friday, January 27, 2012

friday fotos!!!

A busy week with photo taking anyway!! Last week I went on a photo walk with a new friend I met on instagram!!! Her and her little boy and I strolled around Guthrie and shot alot of pictures!! I shot a flower using a macro for the iPhone, my first time!! I def like the macro lens!!! Donuts for the bd girl, big 3-D glasses for a boy, little hands helping me make bread sticks, who needs to 160 mph,?(Anna's car, my first time to drive it) A muddy MD vehicle that city boys came to red dirt Oklahoma in, movies, popcorn and doggies, playing in the neighbors canyons, Duffy the white dog has a new fav place, Terry put 2 ceiling fans up in the new kitchen area, and I always have to have Starbucks!!!!!! Oh, and I like being a "cowgirl," I use to really be one in my younger days!!! Hahah!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hosanna's 10th birhtday photo's..... Cinderella colors

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every 
purpose under the heaven.
A time to be born, and a time to die.....

Having these two events happen on the same day is a bit different, but as the scripture says, there is a purpose! I cant say I have it figured out but one day I hope to get the answer! My mind is always on the clock, thinking of how much longer he had til 4:30pm. A day burned in my memory. Thankful for all the prayers and thoughts!!!

I really did not do a full blown Cinderella party, just used the colors and a few things of Cinderella. There are so many wonderful ideas out there, but had to go with what the budget would allow!!! I was soooooo excited to find a glass slipper at Hobby Lobby though!!! I think Hosanna was very blessed with it all! 

lotsa blue and white......

too much sweets!!!!

we played 3 games. one was "Kiss the Prince n Princess!"
you had to put some ruby red lipstick on and guys kiss the Princess
and gals kiss the Prince!!!
I think some were really practicing for the future!!!!

Caleb gettin ready to kiss another girl......not Kristen!!! ahhha!!!!
Kyle(in the blue) is Caleb's friend from MD, he came to work
on the job with the guys.....let me just say he is outrageously hilarious!!!

jeremiah.......ummmmm.....i will just mkae no comment!!!

hosanna giving it a try!!!!

another game we played was "Once Upon a Time"
we had 4 teams and I had written out the first two pages
of Mercy's Cinderella book and cu the words up in pieces.
They had to put the words together correctly as the book told it!!!
Surprisingly, not many knew the story!! But Caleb's team won ....finally......
Kristen would have been proud......her fav!!!

the last game we played was "When the Clock Strikes 12"
4 teams and each team had a bag of marshmallows.
they had 45 seconds to see who could count and get closes to the correct amount in the bag!!
85 in the bag......elijah's team counted 86, they won!!!!!!

the glass slipper in one jar and Joel's photo in the other!!

my sweet Hosanna!!!

they were trying to make a heart, but Mercy couldn't quite get it!!


10 years.....

.....and then the night had to end with Cinderella!!!!


Monday, January 23, 2012

happy birthday hosanna and I miss you Joel

Five years.... hard to believe! My sweet little Joel, miss him still! Hosanna was 5, today she is 10! This day is one I never look forward to in my memory, but I push the bad memories away and let the Lord fill my mind with grace and hope today!

Happy birthday Hosanna!! Happy heaven day Joel!

"I have exalted one chosen out of the people."
— ps 89:19

Why was Christ chosen out of the people? Speak, my heart, for heart-thoughts are best. Was it not that he might be able to be our brother, in the blest tie of kindred blood? Oh, what relationship there is between Christ and the believer! The believer can say, "I have a Brother in heaven; I may be poor, but I have a Brother who is rich, and is a King, and will he suffer me to want while he is on his throne? Oh, no! He loves me; he is my Brother." Believer, wear this blessed thought, like a necklace of diamonds, around the neck of thy memory; put it, as a golden ring, on the finger of recollection, and use it as the King's own seal, stamping the petitions of thy faith with confidence of success. He is a brother born for adversity, treat him as such.

Christ was also chosen out of the people that he might know our wants and sympathize with us. "He was tempted in all points like as we are, yet without sin." In all our sorrows we have his sympathy. Temptation, pain, disappointment, weakness, weariness, poverty-he knows them all, for he has felt all. Remember this, Christian, and let it comfort thee. However difficult and painful thy road, it is marked by the footsteps of thy Saviour; and even when thou reachest the dark valley of the shadow of death, and the deep waters of the swelling Jordan, thou wilt find his footprints there. In all places whithersoever we go, he has been our forerunner; each burden we have to carry, has once been laid on the shoulders of Immanuel.

"His way was much rougher and darker than mine
Did Christ, my Lord, suffer, and shall I repine?"

Take courage! Royal feet have left a blood-red track upon the road, and consecrated the thorny path for ever.

Resting in His grace,


Friday, January 20, 2012

a contest (for me)

 Hey!!!!! If any of you all are on facebook, can ya'll look me up and vote for my photo in the Lorec Ranch furniture contest!!!!

You will see the photo below on facebook, make sure you click on the photo on facebook and then "like" it!!!! I am Cindy Jones Morris, 13blessings@sbcglobal.net

Thanks sooooooo much!!!! The contest goes through Jan. 28th!!!! Dont delay!!!!!



Instafriday!!! Yay!!! Only a few photos this time!

life rearranged

 9 yo girl doing some coloring

this is what she was coloring

baking some stuff

5 yo girl with HER doggie, Charlie

my coffee......an every morning thing........

firstborn twin home for a few weeks helping his dad with a construction job

First born twin in Oklahoma skyping second born twin in Australia!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!