Thursday, January 5, 2012

this week!

I am not doing the "instafriday" this week but I do have lots of photos and thought I would go ahead and put them up!!

Trying to get back in the swing of things this week! School and just regular routine! Loving the weather, especially today! I actually went outside!! Haha!

Since Bethany is now working at the vet we use (doing all kinds of things I could never do eek!!!) and Anna at the coffee shop we are really having to work the vehicle situation out since Anna's car has not been replaced yet! Soooo I have not been hardly any where, except the coffee shop to drop Anna off and I felt like I should use my gift card from there!! Love that little place! While I was out, I snapped a few things around our little town!!

Terry sent me some roses and took me out in a date! We went to a little place in Edmond. A couple guys playing some really oldies and the food was really good! I had a Latin dish and Terry had some Jamaican chicken!

Daniel did make it to Australia! It is really hard to catch him, since when we are going to bed he is getting up! He said it's very beautiful and hot!! There is no a/c at the facility he is staying at but he does have a fan! He said the food was not that great but I'm sure a hungry construction guy will eat it!! So keep him in your prayers as the Lord reminds you of him!

Have a wonderful evening and here are some things we have been doing this week!

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Teena said...

love the pics. Thought of you so much this week and been praying for you.

it is warming up here. Trying to get back in the swing of things here too.... whew...