Monday, January 2, 2012


It is of the Lord's mercies.........
They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

New......we all like new/fresh starts! I need a "new" start on life! How?.......sometimes I just dont know, sometimes it seems so easy......just start doing instead of thinking about it. I would never think I would have to face anything harder than Joel's death, which is final, but in many senses I do, I have to face me, my disobedience, my selfishness, ect and its something I struggle with everyday, it wont be final or over until we have our glorified bodies in eternity. But as I look even at this photo and read a verse as this, mercies and hope is in each day.......I am thankful! Thank you Lord for being faithful to me, when I am unfaithful to you!

New....Lots of new seasons in the Morris house. Children going new places, children in other places, children embarking in new opportunities, children experiencing hurts and pains of heart they never knew, trying to figure out new ways to make our home run smoothly without all the crew members, new construction workers needed so we can make money and eat.....hahah!! and oh much more but in all this, its nothing "new" under the sun, is it? In all this He will be Faithful because he said he would and His name is Faithful and True!

New.....challenges to face, trials to overcome, sins to leave behind, opportunities to leap for, dreams to pursue, people to meet, meals to cook, desserts to make, books to read, places to go.....its all before us, but in a years time it will all be behind what will I/ you do til then?? Let us know that we will do it with His fresh mercies every morning and His Faithfulness at our side!

Happy New Year!!!


P.S. Daniel made it to Australia safely!! Thank you for praying and please keep it up!! If you have fb, you can receive updates if you friend him and "like" his Australia Mission Trip!!!


The Ahlgren Family said...

Great post!

Vanderpolclan said...

I agree, great post Cindy.


Teena said...

Loved reading. So many changes. Love the new look... sad to see the old one go. I have been here the past five years. I am so thankul we met. So thankful for this blog. You have touched many... by writing your heart here. As we prayed and kinda walked with you... through... as we cried.

Love the new pics...

love you. Praying.

much love,