Sunday, January 1, 2012

Random pics!

Hope you all had a Happy New Year! We only made it through 3 of the 8 movies I bought! Haha!! But they did make it through most of the candy!!

I tell ya,I love the little coffee shop Anna works at!! She made me a special little cup-o-coffee!! I have to use my $20 gift card up she got me for for my birthday!!

See Anna's car..... so sad!! She is shopping now for a new something!! She can't decide what she wants! Wish I had options like that!!

Our little town has so many neat places for photos! I can't help but snap, snap, snap!!

Back to the routine of school and daily stuff!! New shoes for me.... Treadmill time!! Oh and a few pictures before Daniel left last night!



Karol said...

Beautiful family. Happy New Year

The Ahlgren Family said...

Happy New Year Morris's!
Ah, "Shenandoah" sure has some great parts, my favorite being when the youngest boy says "Picker's here, Pa." :D Hehe! It's got some awefully sad parts too though...
Hope Anna is able to find a great car for a good deal!
The family pic is good. It's hard to imagine Daniel being that far away! He'll surely have a grand time with LOTS of adventures, and may the Lord help him to use the time wisely!

Teena said...

love it. Love looking at your pics. Happy New Year.. my dear friend. I love being able to peek in. I really feel like we KNOW you guys. I know when we meet face to face your kids will be like... "this lady is a weirdo!"


Payton Wilson said...

Happy New Year, Morris family! Miss you all!
Shenandoah is a great movie! Did you get the chance to watch that one?

Haha! Love that pic of Miah in the glasses! =)

I hope Daniel has a FANTASTIC trip!! We'll be praying for him!