Saturday, April 30, 2011

cabinets!!!! {yipee}

today he installed the vent hood thingy, above the window thing,
and the uppers by the refrigerator and
all the lower cabinets to the left
of the refrigerator
a sink will be at the window and
cook top to the left of the window
and to the right of the window
will be our
coffee station!!!!!!

the cabinets were installed today!!!!


Lord willing, next week the granite
will be installed and then
when Terry can get to it, the stone
on the back splash........
we are getting closer!!!!


Friday, April 29, 2011



fun times!!!

a late night!!!!

now for some coffee!!!!

happy n {sad}

its Friday!!
{that makes me happy}

we have company
{that makes me happy}

the guys have to work Sat. and Sun.
{that makes me sad}

we are going to a rodeo tonight
{that makes me happy}

and going to a parade tomorrow
{that makes me happy}

the cabinets are going to be installed Sat.
{that makes me happy}

i miss all my guys
{that makes me sad}

Anna has a photography website under construction
{that makes me happy}

I planted mint and cilantro
{that makes me happy}

my new cook top is here
{that makes me happy}

Jesus is my Savior
{that makes me happy}

many times I dont please Him
{that makes me sad}

exciting things in our family
{that makes me happy}

Anna is not taking pics so I have some to post
{that makes me sad}

i am secretly hoping it rains in Tx. so the guys
don't have to work Sun.
{that will make me happy}

i ran out of coffee
{that makes me sad}

5 weeks on the treadmill consistently
{that makes me happy}

looks like the "happys' outweigh
the "sads"
{that makes me happy}

how bout you????

hope you have a {happy} weekend!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

small talk......

To all that "subscribe" to our blog and you received an update notice, but when you checked it out, the post was not there, no worries, it will be posted soon again! And if you do not suscribe and you have no idea what this about then no worries for you, I have a post that I am saving and will re-post it soon!!

Hope you all had a great Resurrection Day! We sure did! A great message from our Pastor, tons of good food, 3 different kinds of desserts, an afternoon of being together, watching the Three Stooges, and lots of rain which is an answer to prayer!!! Since it was raining outside, I did not even take a picture. :( We are due a family pic, so maybe one of the next few Sundays we can.

All the guys headed to Texas this week. Hoping to get it finished!!! I will be so happy to have jobs close at home after this! If you think about it, counting the Ada job which started last Aug and then with only a week break after and starting this job, they have not been home much since last Aug!

Tomorrow, Jeremiah has a dentist appt, he has a cavity!! He is not looking forward to it at all. I guess a cavity once a year is not bad considering all the mouths and teeth in our household! Thankful for health in our family.

I can not wait for the next 4 months, they are my favorite, May, June, July and August. I like them because they are hot and very hot! A lot of happenings are on the horizon. Bethany has some dairy shows, the older ones are playing in some dear friends wedding, a few short summer trips, helping with Vacation Bible school at our church, and just all the lazy days of summer!!!

This weekend we are having a sweet newly wed couple visit us. We met them at the wedding we went to last August in Illinois. They are passing through on their way to Kentucky.

Guess I am up for dinner tonight, its really Bethany's night but she and Andrew are looking at a dirt bike for him he found on craigslist, soooooo its me to fix dinner. Guess I am making Fajitas's and some guacamole dip.

Oh the banquet Bethany and I served at Thursday night went well, but our feet were a bit tired!! It actually was a banquet to raise support and money for the pregnancy crises center here in town, so a very worthy cause. It was far different than the last banquet I helped at last that was a wedding and a wild one at that!!!!

Well, this post was just some small talk, nothing major!! Have a great evening!!! We are still going through the "Little House Series" on DVD. We are on season 8. I told the children, I feel like Charles and Caroline are my neighbors. I am going to miss them when we are done !!! hahah!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

where anna went........

Anna made it home safely!!! Thankful for that!!! AND she says she learned alot!!!! From the report it does sound like a great time was had on her adventure! She got to see so may historical sites amidst all the photo workshop learning. So here are some things she got to see!!

Harpers Ferry and the Shenandoah River

Harpers Ferry

Shenandoah River

Harpers Ferry

Random Farm in Maryland :)

All the guys are in Texas. Lord willing, all home Friday. Oh, the cabinets are finished but they are waiting to be clear coated. The guy that does that part is helping out a family member with their house that burned down so, maybe soon!! I was able to order the cook top for that part of the cabinet, glad I could do that anyway!! I went with the smooth top like we have. I was considering get a propane one but I am so messy, I hated the thought of all mess under the burners! I am selling the one we use right now if anyone is interested. It works perfect but has around the edge or lip it has peeled off a bit. The appliance guy said just tape around it and apply some black appliance paint and it should be good as far as looks! The one I am getting does not have the "lip" around the edge, and I was thankful Terry said I could get the new for our new kitchen area!

the Tx job site....its coming along!!!!!
another school!!

Tonight Bethany and I are going to serve at the Dominion House at some sort of banquet. I did this awhile back and it was quite the experience. Its the place the girls also iron at, all the tablecloths and chair covers for these type of banquets and weddings!

Hope you all having a great week!! I have been reading the accounts of the Passover and right after the Resurrection all this week, meditating on what all took place at that time! It is so powerful! It means so much to my heart! This verse especially, Luke 16:39, Behold my hands, and my feet, that it is I myself: handle, see me, for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have. I find such comfort in this verse. Jesus said to "handle him, touch him." He was alive with a resurrected body. Joel, we all will have resurrected bodies one day!! Such hope of what is yet to come!!!

Well gotta go get my "waitress" clothes on!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

this week!!

No pictures.....Anna is still gone!!!!

Weekend came and went all toooooooo fast!!! Guys were here, great to be together!!! I feel so blessed not because of anything that has to do with me, it has ALL to do with the Lord, His goodness in allowing me to have a wonderful husband, and incredible children!!! Probably because we are in this phase but I think the phase of life we are in now is the most exciting, happy and fun season of our family. Having older children yet still having a little girl is so special!! I am just so thankful!!

Anna is having a grand time!! I'm getting lots of txts and pictures of all the places they are exploring!! Can't wait to share some pictures when she gets back!!! Yesterday they were around the Shenandoah Valley in West Virginia seeing Civil War sites! Hard to believe one can stand at locations where faithful heros fought for what we get to experiences now.....freedoms!! I think she said also she was learning so much.....which is a good thing, thats why she went!! haha!!!

This is my favorite week of the year! Passion week. I don't think I ever really thought like I do now of what all this week means. To me this week means that I WILL see Joel again!!!!!!! This week means Joel will one day have a resurrected body that I can touch, hold, and feel again!! This week means that I can live with a "lively" hope of what is yet to come! This week means that I have been changed and clothed with His righteousness. This week means that I am forgiven because of His blood. This week means to me that one day this mortal body will take on immortality and I will never die. This week means that all my sorrow and death that came to a little 3 yr olds body is swallowed up in victory!! I love this week. I love the Resurrected Lord!!!
May you find things this week that remind you of Christ! This morning I went to town and when I came out of one of the stores, church bells were ringing! It reminded me of Him, how He died for His church, His people, and then the gladsome hope of living today and trusting Him for all the simple daily tasks, trials, desires, prayers, yearnings that we face each day! It was such a joyous sound to my heart! I am thankful today!!!

Hope you have a great Monday!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

she made it!!!!

Chesapeake Bay!!
(phone pics!!)

Anna made it safely to Maryland!!!!! She is lookn at this and imma lookin at tons of laundry, dishes, and dinner!!! But I am so happy for her!!! She is missed already but her quote was, "I am having the time of my life!!" There's just fun in spreading your wings for adventure!! So the Photography Workshop begins Friday but there will be lots of fun in gotta go places to take pictures!!! hahah!!

Fixn to get the pizza going for the few that are here, Terry and I are going out to eat or something!!! He is always so thoughtful to take me!!

Glad the weekend is almost here, ready for the guys to come home!!

Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

gals and gardens!!

Terry's got em some sweet little gals to help in the garden! Hope it rains soon.....its kinda hard to water an almost acre garden with a hose!!!

Yesterday and today have been so nice!!! Being outside in the sun has been my goal!!! I could just sit out there for hours......I do!! :) Once again routine of teh Texas job has settled in. Guys home on the weekends and then back to work! Terry and Elijah are in town this week and even got to come home for lunch they were so close!! The Dallas news said there was a tornado in Grandview over the weekend so when they got to the job site, pallets of the foam blocks were strewn all over. The news reported the library there had their roof torn off. Glad they came home for the weekend!

Our garden is growing but we need rain desperately! We are enjoying spinach, lettuce, onions and radishes......all makes a perfect salad! We still have much more to plant but Terry was really hoping for some rain, the ground is so hard. Hoping rain comes soon otherwise our Farmers Market endeavors could be hurt starting in June.

The little children are building another add-on to their playhouse. If I dont hurry and get our next phase of cabinets, they are going to surpass me in our add-on progress! The cabinet guy said he is hoping to install on Sat. but its not definite. But for sure the first of the week. Then I will call the granite peoples to come measure and then I will breath!! haha! If you know me, I like to finish projects quickly and this kitchen project has been an interesting way to help me learn to wait upon the Lord for His provision. Its funny, by the time we get it ALL finished the beginning will need to be re-done....just kidding!!! I am grateful to Terry for his hard work and he always puts working on it as we have provision before anything he needs for his his own purpose here on the farm. He is very sacrificial. Micah (16) has taken up golfing....out in the pasture! Its Lucas' fault! Elijah is still on the dirt bike thing. Both arms have huge me heebies!! Bethany is very busy with her goat operation, selling milk, selling babies and busy with Lucas!! :) Anna is fixing to explore the world by air. Doing a photography workshop in Maryland. Just hope she makes all the connections. Hosie, Jeremiah, Josh all got new bikes, so they are loving that and Elijah has built dirt jumps that I can hardly stand to watch them jump. I am a wimp!! Caleb and Daniel, poor things they are just busy with work and more work and often find them asleep if they ever get a couch! The weekends are too short to do much activities but they squeeze a few in.

I read a verse a few days ago, Look upon mine affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins. Ps. 25:18. Our sorrows and our sin need to be taken to the same place....the foot of the cross. I still take my sorrow there and his grace is so sufficient and it carries me to go along with a content heart of knowing that all is well with His plan. I sin, and I find too, that as I get at his feet, confessing my sin, He is so Faithful to forgive and the great part is His grace is so powerful to help overcome the things that I do that are not pleasing to Him, and then there is great mercies new each day for the challenges that I still need to overcome through Him! Both sin and sorrow in our hearts require a plea towards the Lord. I think sometimes we cry out more to the Lord to remove our afflictions verses crying out towards him in confession of sin. Nevertheless, He will heed our cries in both areas. What a Faithful and merciful God and Savior I have!!

Hope you all are enjoying the warm weather!! Windows open here.....pollen everywhere, but it feels sooo nice!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the real us!!!

a real farm fam picture!!!


thought you would get a kick
outta this one!!!!

several are missing!!!

oh well, thats how it is these days!!!

remember my friend Nikki that
came for a visit....she took it on a whim that day she
was here!!!

but I guess its the "real" us!!!!

the reason I like it so much,
is because I think everyone
is smiling
which is sooooooo rare!!!!!


texas job!!!

Thought you might wanna see what the guys are up to!!! They are in Texas building another school out of the insulated concrete forms!! They are coming along but still have about a month left. Coming home on the weekends, makes it hard for them to accomplish much on their own houses here. I would say after hours they are not hurting for entertainment. They have hit Six Flags, a Texas Ranger baseball game, checked out the "cow town" area and also have had the opportunity to eat with one of Terry's college friends so that gave them a break from the restaurants that is their diner for lunches and dinners!! Hope they appreciate home cooked when they do come home!!!

Oh, guess what???? I sold the buffet I had pictured on the previous post!! Very glad for that!! Now I can buy a vegetable sink for the new cabinet area expected to be done in under two weeks hopefully!!!

It has been so nice here, sunny and in the 80's!! The closer it can get to 90 degrees will make me one happy gal!

Happy Thursday!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

for sale!!


solid oak buffet

need to get rid of this
by next week
I have been putting it off because I really
like it but when the rest of
the cabinets get here, I have
no more wall space for it!

so, if your interested, let me know
and of course i can not
ship it to you
pick up only!!!! :)

e-mail me at

Monday, April 4, 2011

joshua's bd pictures! and other stuff!!

Joshua had a "Drawing Party!" He really enjoys drawing and is pretty talented with sketching. I told him he could be an architect designing houses and neighborhoods and Caleb, Daniel and Elijah could build them for him! Sounds like a good plan to me!! I think he had a good day! Got em' a new bike! We go through bikes like toilet paper!! hahah!!! Sidewalk riding is quite different than country/pasture riding and bikes don't last long when big trucks smash them!! We'll see how long this one lasts.

I got out a few of Joshua's best drawings to
help decorate the table!

I guess I am hooked on these "dessert tables"
for bd parties now!
this one was not that "big"

choc kisses and choc cookies.....can't go wrong there!!

can you tell the "pencils" are sugar cookies??
I tortured myself again and made the
royal icing, guess it was good
I did not make a vow to
never make them again!!

the new bike!
and today being Monday, its still in
one piece....him and the bike!!

Joel's tree looked so pretty this season!
and I so enjoyed looking
at all the tulips......LIFE!!

and this sweet girl looks good enough to eat.....lime sherbet!!

and who could resist taking a picture of
this little lady!?!?

In the beginning there was "dirt!!"

then there was a big guy
to make cool jumps........

for little guys to jump over
and hopefully not crash and make their

.....but he did crash
and thought it was so neat!
so I guess
I am not