Thursday, April 7, 2011

texas job!!!

Thought you might wanna see what the guys are up to!!! They are in Texas building another school out of the insulated concrete forms!! They are coming along but still have about a month left. Coming home on the weekends, makes it hard for them to accomplish much on their own houses here. I would say after hours they are not hurting for entertainment. They have hit Six Flags, a Texas Ranger baseball game, checked out the "cow town" area and also have had the opportunity to eat with one of Terry's college friends so that gave them a break from the restaurants that is their diner for lunches and dinners!! Hope they appreciate home cooked when they do come home!!!

Oh, guess what???? I sold the buffet I had pictured on the previous post!! Very glad for that!! Now I can buy a vegetable sink for the new cabinet area expected to be done in under two weeks hopefully!!!

It has been so nice here, sunny and in the 80's!! The closer it can get to 90 degrees will make me one happy gal!

Happy Thursday!!


Sarah Prislovsky said...

What town are they working in?

The Morris Family said...

they are in Grandview!!!