Monday, April 4, 2011

joshua's bd pictures! and other stuff!!

Joshua had a "Drawing Party!" He really enjoys drawing and is pretty talented with sketching. I told him he could be an architect designing houses and neighborhoods and Caleb, Daniel and Elijah could build them for him! Sounds like a good plan to me!! I think he had a good day! Got em' a new bike! We go through bikes like toilet paper!! hahah!!! Sidewalk riding is quite different than country/pasture riding and bikes don't last long when big trucks smash them!! We'll see how long this one lasts.

I got out a few of Joshua's best drawings to
help decorate the table!

I guess I am hooked on these "dessert tables"
for bd parties now!
this one was not that "big"

choc kisses and choc cookies.....can't go wrong there!!

can you tell the "pencils" are sugar cookies??
I tortured myself again and made the
royal icing, guess it was good
I did not make a vow to
never make them again!!

the new bike!
and today being Monday, its still in
one piece....him and the bike!!

Joel's tree looked so pretty this season!
and I so enjoyed looking
at all the tulips......LIFE!!

and this sweet girl looks good enough to eat.....lime sherbet!!

and who could resist taking a picture of
this little lady!?!?

In the beginning there was "dirt!!"

then there was a big guy
to make cool jumps........

for little guys to jump over
and hopefully not crash and make their

.....but he did crash
and thought it was so neat!
so I guess
I am not


Darla said...

LOVED seeing Joshua's sketches, very good job on them! The pencil cookies are so cute! What a great theme for his party and you carried it out beautifully!

Sharon said...

Good job on the cookies Cindy! Your children will remember your creative love all their life. Please tell Joshua I really liked his art and to keep up the great work. Happy birthday too...

sarahdodson said...

You are like the QUEEN of birthday decorating. I LOVE seeing your work and the great ideas you come up with. I'm sure your kids feel quite special on their birthdays :o) What a sweet mommy!