Monday, August 31, 2009

happy 15, Micah (a day late)

August 30, 1994, I got to experience my first home birth!! I had no idea the "pain" that lay ahead of me :) I was standing in the shower laboring and then "he was," Micah Todd Morris, bred and born on the farm!! He came sooo fast!! 15 years ago yesterday! And what a handsome little fellow, olive skin, dark hair, big brown eyes! Really he has been one of our most beautiful babies. Micah
frontiered our home birth journey's and I am so thankful the Lord gave us grace, and healthy pregnancies to continue to have this opportunity at home.

What a blessing Micah is! He ceratinly comes behind Elijah in liking to "do" things, and create things! He is a hard worker and he is the man of the hour as the guys are at work. He loves to play VB, and his major drive is hunting. He has several deer cameras and a food plot that he manages hoping to bring in a big buck and feed his meat lovin' family! Micah has a sense of humor that sends us all to hurting bellies because we laugh so hard! Micah, may the Lord grow you in grace and knowledge of the Father and may you set your goals and endeavors on the Lord and be blessed by acknowledging Him in all you do!!

We made our quick trip to Houston for Terry's brother's 50th BD on Sat. morning, and came home yesterday, Sunday, but it was late getting back. We were all about ready to have an "in the van tooo long fit!!" Today we are getting laundry done and Terry's sister dropped by with cousin Hannah and Garrett as they headed back to Kansas from the party and decided to stay a few days, so we are going to be "playing!" We are going to do Micah's party Tuesday night, I just could not get it together tonight and plus its not going to be anything major, sorry Micah!

Here is Terry's mom and dad with all their children, Todd, Terry and Tami and each of their spouses and children. Todd, is the one on the back row in the red shirt.
(you can click on the pic. to enlarge it if you like:)

Terry and the guys have several jobs ahead and we are very thankful for the provision. The fall garden is doing really well! We have squash plants that are 3 and 4 feet wide, the tomatoes from our spring planting are over 6 feet tall!! This is really our first fall garden that has been successful but the weather has been some what cooler helping that out.

Oh....thanks Dave and Kate for taking care of our farm and all the animals while we were gone and the cookies that were sitting on the counter when we arrived...... they were devoured by the "in the van too long people!!!"

Friday, August 28, 2009

pray for others.....

But Jesus said, suffer little children, and forbid them not
to come unto me:
for such is the kingdom

"For such is kingdom of heaven"......there are so many entering there even daily...little children. Please pray for this very young couple/family, they have two year old twins boy/girl and the Lord took them to his heaven at the end of July. A terrible drowning accident. So today if you find yourself complaining, stumbling over toys, murmering of all they did not do.....remember this mother whose house is quiet, who would long for all that we sometimes complain about. Also pray for this little boy, he has the same cancer that Joel had.

If you think of it too, pray for us as we head to the family BD party tomorrow, for safety and that the trip would be without children throwing up:) Also we had to rent a van and I know, like your husbands do, they carry the burden and weight of making ends meet, so pray the Lord would show Himself strong in this area.

The roses around our house are doing so well, I am watching closely "Joel's rose," its close to opening and it still has the TWO buds on it.

Going grocery shopping..........

Thursday, August 27, 2009

C & D Party pictures !!

The theme for Caleb and Daniel's birthday was "Save Money for Your Land." I have to explain a little first, give some history behind this theme. I was really struggling with what to do this time for them, was almost desperate to do a "happy birthday!" came, but it goes back to Dave. Remember me telling you how he always challenges them to "save" their money? Dave found out two things about them! They like to drink Cokes and they go to the barber to get their haircut. Up until a year ago, I have done all the hair cutting, but I guess manhood moves you to do a few things differently and thats fine with me:) So one evening Dave calculated how much money they could save if they did not buy a Coke a day at $1.50. They could save $390. Then he calculated how much land a dollar would buy based on price around here and he came up with about the size of our dinner table, 8 foot by almost 4 foot. So when he hears they got a Coke, he looks at the table and says " you could have bought this much land!!" And the same with the haircuts, they could save about $75 a year to put towards their land!! So there is where the theme was "born" from. Its always very "lively" talk when these two subjects are addressed, and I don't think Dave is gong to give up in endeavoring to convince them, although they have cut back on the Cokes and Dave has to remember these are construction guys working out in 100* plus weather, sweat dripping and sometimes a Coke is all that will do!! Ok....on with the party!!!! I think Dave came back and "topped" even us off after the chicken adventure we did on him last week!!!! The pictures are soooo great of him!!! Since the theme was Saving Money, the colors were of course "green!!" At first I had no idea where I was going to get decorations but then I went to the party store and went on the row that had casino stuff, (don't tell anyone) and found several things, also Dollar Tree had these giant coins and then I found paper money at an educational store, so it all came together.


$ Budget Brisket
$ Moola Mashed Potatoes
$ Ten Cent Corn
$ "Green" Beans
$ Real Estate Rolls
$ Broke on Coke

Debt Free Desserts

$ Millionaires
$ 250, 0000 Cookie
$ Build Your House Cookies
$ Market Value Bars (Caleb's choice)
$ Bars of Gold (Daniel's choice)

We played some games after VB! With the giant coins, I had taped a Tic-Tac- "Dough" board on the floor, then another one was "Bag-O-Money," guessing how many pennies were in the bag. And one more was questions I had ran off and passed out,"Fun Facts about Money." Do you know what time the clock says on back of a $100 bill? Who is the only woman that has been printed on a bill? I guess we can count that as school!!!! :) The evening was soooo fun!! Later on Terry challenged them and gave them a birthday blessing in reading a letter he writes to each child on their BD. Then it got crazy, as it always seems to do and Dave began reading books to the little children, but it was was not as the story goes, he was adding and subtracting from the story and had us rolling with laughter!!! more party down, it was great!!!!

I made a money safe and if they ban cokes they can save some money...the money bags are full of chocolate candy

Build Your House cookies and Millionaires

Market Value Bars

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

caleb and daniel are 22 today !!

Nine months and 18 days after we were married two little boys were born, our first TWO (6:09 am and 6:11 am) and filled our hearts with unspeakable joy........alot of work, not much sleep, and tons of fun!! I am so proud of them!!!! I can say that, I am their mom!! The scriptures say "let another man praise thee and not thine own mouth," and thats what I am going to do below, remember I am their mom, so I can :)

Happy 22nd Birthday !!!! Caleb and Daniel

they are my first and second born sons
they are saved and under the blood of Christ
they are seeking daily to follow the Lord
they have a fear of the Lord and recognize that
His eye is upon them
they are best friends
they are musicians
they are composers
they are making a music CD
they are hard workers
they know how to build a house, barns, do concrete work
they are thin and tall yet so strong
they know how to wash dishes, been doing it Oh, so long!!!
they are handsome, (I can say that!!)
they do things with their younger siblings
they are the middle namesakes for their little twin brothers,
Joel Caleb
and Josiah Daniel
they adore their baby sister, Mercy
they are neat and orderly
they are godly examples to their siblings
they enjoy being with their family
they love "anna's desserts!
they like the country
they enjoy their sisters
they like to play sports....VB :)
they stay up late :(
they have more money saved up for land than Terry and I have had in our marriage life :)
they are saving their "first kiss" for their beloved bride! :P

......and because I know them and I have heard them over and over again
say this phrase, they would quickly reply to all the
above with a
"praise the Lord!!"

I love you!!!
P.S. you ought to "wish them a happy BD!" Other inside news......Bethany is at farmers market with a boat load, (expression...alot!!!) of squash. Dave and Kate are coming to the party this evening, so likely BD pics will go up in the morning!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pre-birthday challenge for C&D......

I guess this is a pre-birthday challenge for Caleb and Daniel as 22 years is coming tomorrow. I have written two other posts here and here along the same lines and I so enjoy coming upon scriptures as these to keep before them and challenge them to keep praying, keep trusting, keep laboring for the Lord as they prepare for their futures, aka wife and land!!! Also I can keep writing things like this because the scripture says, To write the same to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe. (Phil.3)

I have been reading in I Kings and particularly starting in chapter 6 when Solomon begins building the temple. Several thoughts jumped out towards, really all of our children but as Caleb and Daniel move forward in seeking through prayer, their futures. Of course the very first thought is, they can trust the Lord for provision, God provided for Solomon. This verse was the basis for my thoughts;

Concerning this house which thou art in building, if thou wilt walk in my statutes, and execute my judgments and keep all my commandments to walk in them; then will I perform my word with thee, which I spake unto David thy father

I like the "concerning this house," now when I think of this, its not their literal house, the walls, boards and such as they will build, its the house of when they will get married, receive children, the truths of scriptures they will put into work that will hold their house together. First, and I think they know this but we have to keep exhorting one another, but to "walk" in the ways of the Lord, following his principles, his words as we go about our everyday lives. Do this my sons, concerning this house. I read this verse as well, So was ended all the work that king Solomon made for the house of the Lord. And Solomon brought in the the things which David his father had dedicated; even the silver, and the gold, and the vessels, did he put among the treasures of the house of the Lord, (8:6) I challenge Caleb and Daniel to take within their house and dedicate unto the Lord the truths and principles that Terry, their own father has kept as precious to his heart, that are truths to embrace and apply. I feel confident that they will. One treasure to take within thy house, is to trust the Lord with children, to seek a wife who desires to be a keeper of the home,who honors the Lord with modesty and one with a meek and quiet spirit, to bring into your home music that glorifies the Lord, his character, his person, to trust God for provision and stay debt free, to be the leader of your home, teaching your children, protecting, providing and upholding your wife and washing her with the Word. Take these treasures and more of what your father has taught you in to your house! Another verse, "concerning this house," is for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of the Lord, (8:11) May the Shekinah glory be upon your home. The verse here says, so that thy children take heed to their way, that they walk before me as thou hast walked before me, (8:25) Concerning your house, as your dad has demonstrated his faith, may you exemplify your faith and may the Lord grant generations of faith until the appearing of Christ. Also in 8:43, and that they may know that this house, which I have builded, is called by thy name. That others would know, that you would be a witness as you go, that your house is built of the Lord and on His name, his truths. And lastly as I read, this verse seems to sum it up as "concerning this house", there hath not failed one word of all his good promise, which he promised by the hand of Moses his servant, (8:56) God is faithful, his promises will hold you through all that your journey will entail. That is one thing your dad does so well with me, he continually reminds me of what God hath done, so I can rest assured the promises that are ours for what He will do!!

Now .....go forward with the Lord, Concerning this house, your house !!!!!

And now for some all these pics are with a "back then camera!!"

*points to know- C&D did NOT like having their picture taken
- they were so much fun and WORK!! we were novices!!
- I know, I know, Terry and I look pathetic!!!!
- someday, I might brave it and post some absolutely ridiculous ones of me, like GIANT glasses!!

Caleb (left) and Daniel, hospital birth, Pine Bluff, AR
Caleb (left) and Daniel, 1st birthday, PB, AR

Youth Choir Tour August. '89, Terry was on staff as youth director, in PB Ar, Bethany is 2 weeks old, Caleb and
Daniel are 22 months
who would take a 2 week old baby on a trip???? oh, the stupidity
of youth and a new mom!!!

Caleb (left) and Daniel, at the park, PB, AR, 3 years old

Daniel (left) and Caleb, 3 1/2 yrs, AR.

Caleb (left) and Daniel, going to OK State Fair, 6 yrs old
(our first Fall in Oklahoma, '93)

Caleb (left) and Daniel, in the country where we live now
(8 yrs. old)

Caleb (left) and Daniel, 16th BD party

Caleb (left) and Daniel, 19 yrs.

I have no idea why Caleb is always on the "left." Funny, he is left handed......

Monday, August 24, 2009

no big news, just hum drum!!!

Finally a few pictures, I do not like posts w/o pictures but somehow we have not had the camera going. The guys were here this morning so I went to town on the search for birthday things for C&D's 22nd BD on Wednesday. Also getting some ingredients for their desserts. I guess you've figured it out, we do not do many BD cakes, everyone seems to have favorite desserts verses BD cakes! They do have work the rest of the week and we are sure glad about that!! A busy week a head. Tomorrow Anna and I need to do some work in the kitchen regarding their BD. On Wed. morn I guess we'll do the traditional doughnuts and then that evening we'll do the party. I have not told them their theme yet, its kind of a funny theme and probably no one would ever use this one as far as you getting ideas from it!! I have you wondering don't I????? On Thursday, I need to do grocery menu and I really need to sit and get some school plans underway. Friday, I need to grocery shop and then on Saturday,Lord willing if all works out, we are suppose to travel to a family BD party!!!

Oh, thanks for playing the game last week. Mr. Keith contacted us and we have his "prize box" in hand ready to get it in the mail tomorrow. It was funny because several years ago we heard a fellow named Keith Daniels (same as the winner) this guy was an evangelist/preacher and we thought surely its not the same one we have heard teach before. I am asuming its not. :)

Well, we are getting the "grub" ready for dinner. A major "guy" meal!! Meat, mashed potatoes, fried garden okra and homemade rolls AND if you can believe this, Micah and Bethany made dessert.

Caleb and Daniel are working hard on their music cd. Alot of work, time, talent, prayer and Lord willing a blessing for those who invest in one in the future.

Bethany is trying to figure out her breeding season and when to get started as we are thinking about the film festival in Feb. we would like to attend, all Lord willing of course!!!!

I guess I got you up to date......

Saturday, August 22, 2009

chicken name winner!!!!

We have a winner...


with the name of


so congratulations Keith

e-mail at
with your address

there was alot of funny ones....
thanks for playing!!!!

saturday scoop!

You still have some more time to get your ideas in for "name that chicken!" (see post below) We'll announce the winner this evening at 6pm central time.

Yesterday the guys had a small job in town and the Lord has really provided some work in the days ahead. I know many of you have prayed for us on this end and thank you! Later Elijah and Dave and I think Micah, Andrew and Daniel went to pick up a John Deere tractor that Dave bought and has plans to possibly re-build the engine in it. Elijah finally convinced Dave to "go green!!" Kate hung around with us and we had dinner, played VB and then sat around outside and tried to figure out "life!"

This morning,Terry Hosie and Josiah went to Farmers Market, Dave and most all the big guys went to a farm auction and Kate is here and we are getting some chores done, thinking about left overs for lunch and fixing dinner for tonight and possibly a rodeo, we'll see!! Tomorrow we have to travel for home church and after church we are trying to get with a family for our children and their children to practice as they are all going to play at this families church in Sept. on a Sunday evening, so all that to say, tomorrow will be a loooonnngggg day!!!

So stay tuned for the winner this evening..........

Thursday, August 20, 2009

name that chicken......

By now, you have probably caught on to........."we love Dave and Kate!!" (our newlywed neighbors) We love to have them over here, be with them!! Dave is a godly young man yet he is filled not only with the Holy Spirit but with plenty of adventure. His personality is exciting and you can't help but "feel" happy and lively just by being around him and then with his little sidekick, Kate, it only adds up to a huge blessing of fellowship when your with them!! For some reason we got to using the term "adventure." Our family and Dave and Kate are always looking for "adventures" for each other, either to give or to do! So this week when Terry and the guys were at a job site and they saw this particular chicken, Terry was raving to us that this was indeed a "Mav Adventure chicken!!" Terry really wanted to get hold of one these and give it to Dave. Just the looks of it proves "adventure" like Dave and Kate!! Well, Terry asked the homeowner if he would give him one for a sorta gift for a friend and the fellow went along with the request. So Terry and the guys brought it home last night and we had Dave and Kate over for the "presentation." He was pretty excited to say the least!! I think we finally topped him off with "adventure!!" After all the presentation and stuff we went on to eat and then played some VB and then came in and visited, laughed, looked at the weather radar, and Hosie and Kate had a "who can kick their legs the longest" competition. Kate won!! We wrapped it up around 11:30 or so. I wished everyone could have a young couple in their lives like this. It is such a blessing! I know I am blessed by them of how they enjoy each child, from the oldest to the youngest. Dave plays legos with the littles and even gives vocabulary lessons to Jeremiah, who asks tons of questions, and then looks at land and tractors and talks of work and futures with the older ones.....he's multi tasked!! We love them so much, as if our own.

Now......if you knew them well, you would also know they like to name their animals on their little farm! So we need help! Can you think of a name for this "adventure chicken?" You can give as many ideas as you like and the name Dave and Kate pick will receive a "prize box!" It's a rooster...but the name can just be whatever. Lets keep eh name game going until Sat. 22nd, until 6pm and I will announce the winner!!! Come on, lets
think of some "adventure"names!!! Hint: the more unusual, the better they will like!!! No anonymous!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a little gift......

Our rosebushes have started doing well again, all the rain and a little cooler and I know I have mentioned this "particular" rosebush before on two occasions but I have to tell about it once again. Some friends gave it to us around March after Joel went to live in heaven in Jan. 07, in his honor, we planted it and this is the 3rd time it has had buds on it. It is just a stick of a bush and looks like a "Y." Now,can you believe that EVERYTIME it has always and only had TWO buds on it. On one occasion both did not bloom and I think I remember posting about that. But just the other day I was checking out all the rose bushes and when I saw this rose bush and the two buds only, it caught me by surprise, I smiled in my heart and it seems it just has to a special gift from the Lord. I can not say I'm all in to the "sign" thing but this is unusual and happily so! I hope the friends that gave it to us read this and see what an unusual blessing this "little" rose
bush has been. I am anxious or looking forward to what happens, if they both bloom or what.......

Dave and Kate are coming over for dinner this evening, we have a "presentation" to make to him.....I'll show you later...hehehe!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tuesday.... and I can not think of a title

A rainy day here, a coffee day here, a nap day here but I guess I won't get one of those, but I will get some coffee in a bit!

For the sake of my family, I so want to "be happy." Those that are, lets say above the age of 13, can pretty much detect "how" I am doing. In my own evaluation, I think I have many good days yet as I read a scripture this morning it falls so true to my heart. Ps. 18: 4 & 5 The sorrows of death compassed me...... v5) ....the snares of death prevented me. I do not want the sorrow to encompass me and define my days, many times I feel like I am prevented from joy and happiness, like it is something so foreign to me, to really, really feel happy for an extended length of time. Its like the enemy sets traps snares for my emotions and I fall in them. I do not want to be prevented from "going on with life." But the problem is, how do you do it? As I said before, its such an exercise in my mind to stay upon the truth, but as I read this today, I want to do it, I want to for the sake of the others in this house. Lord willing, there are many "happy days" ahead in our family, children's futures, steady work, friends, being together on our little farm........I must purpose to "count my blessings."

School is around the corner for us as with many of you. I am trying to do a little preparing, yet I must confess, I 'd rather plan a BD party! I am not a "teacher," but I guess we do not have to be, we just have to be a mom and love our children and do the best we can. Seems like the first set, Caleb, Daniel, Bethany, Elijah and Anna retained info and learned quicker and easier. I think if I can get through phonics with the littles, I might have hope! They do learn so much by being out on the farm that will be skills that will benefit them maybe even more than a book! Terry does do alot in the evenings with our school work and it is very helpful, he is gifted at teaching. I will probably just use the same ole stuff in the phonics area, but does anyone have any suggestions with material that has worked well with your little people?

guess I'll go see about the coffee......

Monday, August 17, 2009

they are home...yea!!!!

The older children arrived safely home Sunday evening, thank you if you said a prayer for them!! Lots of laundry....yea, that means they are all here!!! We cooked a "welcome home man meal" tonight, fried chicken, mashed tators, green beans and homemade rolls!! Dave and Kate came over and we played VB and now we are giving them the scoop of the trip and catching up! Oh, Bethany has posted pictures of their trip....check it out on her blog !! (link on the side)

Here's a fun fact......on today Aug. 17th almost 22 years ago was the due date of Caleb and Daniel. They ended up being 9 days late. I was one miserable mom full of babies!! We had prepared for them to arrive 6 weeks early so to have them arrive 9 days after their due date was unusual and surprising to us.

The guys went to work a job today....yea!! It is a job they started several weeks ago but were waiting on the homeowner and bank issues. It looks like its about a week and maybe a few days. Thankful they are back to work!

Thought I would pop in.......... talk to ya soon!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

weekend stuff.....

I know many do not "hang out" on the weekends reading blogs, good for you, be with your family. So with the older children being gone, I just happen to be in the house doing some cooking for church tomorrow and here I sit! I have figured out a few things since the " 6 older" children are on a little fun fling in Illinois....

* these ones that are here eat like mice, no need to cook BIG meals
* the house is rather quiet, I think I know "who" the big moths are :) love ya!!
* the littles are content to be at home and simply play with toys, so its the BIG ones that keep us on the "go!!"
* the lights off and people in bed by 10 pm can still happen!
* the littles can actually live without dessert EVERY night, unlike when the "bigs" are here!!
* I do not like "keeping house" by myself, its too much and I DO need help!!! hurry back!!!!
* the littles find such delight in small things; hot dogs, fires, cupcakes where as the bigger ones need "bigger delights!"
* I'm sure there is more.....

Check list for church here tomorrow:

Hosanna has cleaned windows, appliances, mirrors, shelf in girls room

Andrew-Josh have cleaned and wiped the kitchen cabinets

Andrew has got the weed eating done

Terry has mowed and done lots of other stuff, and is going to mop the kitchen floor (which has not been mopped since Aug, 1, I am not proud of that, but maybe the people that ARE suppose to will read this and remember)

Laundry done, hamburger buns made for BBQ, dessert made for church, house is in good shape, still need to iron!

There you have it....simply simple!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

the "olden days"

Don't forget we just have the 6 younger ones here and last night we were eating dinner and somehow Terry started talking about "in the olden days" when we had this station wagon and it had like 270,000 miles on it and he was telling the children how it caught fire one morning driving it to work and he was giving all the details of that morning and Jeremiah (9), who is our big thinker, with a big eyes, questioned Terry about "the olden days," with "I didn't know you lived in the "ole days!" He also wanted to know more about the "wagon" we had. You see when they think of the "olden days," they think of cowboy and Indians, they pretend they play in the "olden days" when they play toys and such, so in his mind he was thinking we had a wagon and we lived in the "olden days!!!" Oh, my......I told him we were not that old!!!! We went on to explain that it was a car that was called a "station wagon," and the last seat was turned backwards and Caleb and Daniel use to ride back there and then I got a picture out and showed them. The other funny thing about that car was it was a major provision because when Elijah was born we had no more room in the vehicle we had and we were desperate for another car, so God provided the money to buy the car, at that time it had over 100,000 miles and we went on to add about another 170,000 to it!!!! Interesting that I read a scripture this morning about the "old days." We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, what work thou didst in their days, in the times of old. Ps. 44:1 That brought alot of reflections to my mind. Like today I have only two loads of laundry, like the old days. Last night I fixed 9 hamburgers instead of 16-18. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and thankfully I had more than a $100 to purchase groceries, all the stuff at Wal Mart with, like I had in the "old days." Last night Dave and Kate came over and we made cookies and baked and baked and baked them, alot of dough!!!! And then Dave played Legos with the little children and the conversations were like the" old days." Since the older children were not here, we did not talk much about land and futures it was talk of toys and fun!! The "olden days" have a bitter/sweet reminder. In some ways I do not want to go back to the "olden days" because that would mean I would not get to be enjoying the blessing of 13 children and then in another way I want to run to the "olden days" the days when Joel was here. I want those "olden days." But I guess after reading that verse and knowing I can not go back to the part of the "olden days" that I really want to, this verse calls me to "remember the work" of olden days and know that He is Faithful. He was faithful to provide for our family when times were really difficult, he was faithful to give grace in being new parents as we established our home on principles and truths that others did not understand, he was so faithful to protect us in health, accidents, and births and then He was faithful to carry us through the greatest trial of our lives with Joel. I just need to remember and not wish to go back but move forward with hopeful expectation of his faithfulness for us in the future.

Lets see..... today, I have a few more things to do in town, I think tonight we are going to have wiener roast outside, and thats about it as far as as plans, we'll "wing" anything else and do what we want to do!!! Terry is here to take care of the fort while I'm out of the office! He's pretty good at that:)

The older children made it to Illinois with safety, thankful for that and thank you if you prayed!! They will travel back on Sunday, so another few prayers to bring em' in safely if you think about it! It will seem unusual to have church here at our house with the other families and our children not be here!

Wow....two posts in two days......