Friday, August 28, 2009

pray for others.....

But Jesus said, suffer little children, and forbid them not
to come unto me:
for such is the kingdom

"For such is kingdom of heaven"......there are so many entering there even daily...little children. Please pray for this very young couple/family, they have two year old twins boy/girl and the Lord took them to his heaven at the end of July. A terrible drowning accident. So today if you find yourself complaining, stumbling over toys, murmering of all they did not do.....remember this mother whose house is quiet, who would long for all that we sometimes complain about. Also pray for this little boy, he has the same cancer that Joel had.

If you think of it too, pray for us as we head to the family BD party tomorrow, for safety and that the trip would be without children throwing up:) Also we had to rent a van and I know, like your husbands do, they carry the burden and weight of making ends meet, so pray the Lord would show Himself strong in this area.

The roses around our house are doing so well, I am watching closely "Joel's rose," its close to opening and it still has the TWO buds on it.

Going grocery shopping..........

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Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Cindy, I have been away so am catching up on my favorite blog!! ;) Great party pics. Hillarious of your neighbor Dave!!! Where do you get your stuff for your themes? I checked out the twins that drown, heart wrenching.... will be praying and counting our blessings and appreciating all we have. Thank you for sharing