Saturday, August 15, 2009

weekend stuff.....

I know many do not "hang out" on the weekends reading blogs, good for you, be with your family. So with the older children being gone, I just happen to be in the house doing some cooking for church tomorrow and here I sit! I have figured out a few things since the " 6 older" children are on a little fun fling in Illinois....

* these ones that are here eat like mice, no need to cook BIG meals
* the house is rather quiet, I think I know "who" the big moths are :) love ya!!
* the littles are content to be at home and simply play with toys, so its the BIG ones that keep us on the "go!!"
* the lights off and people in bed by 10 pm can still happen!
* the littles can actually live without dessert EVERY night, unlike when the "bigs" are here!!
* I do not like "keeping house" by myself, its too much and I DO need help!!! hurry back!!!!
* the littles find such delight in small things; hot dogs, fires, cupcakes where as the bigger ones need "bigger delights!"
* I'm sure there is more.....

Check list for church here tomorrow:

Hosanna has cleaned windows, appliances, mirrors, shelf in girls room

Andrew-Josh have cleaned and wiped the kitchen cabinets

Andrew has got the weed eating done

Terry has mowed and done lots of other stuff, and is going to mop the kitchen floor (which has not been mopped since Aug, 1, I am not proud of that, but maybe the people that ARE suppose to will read this and remember)

Laundry done, hamburger buns made for BBQ, dessert made for church, house is in good shape, still need to iron!

There you have it....simply simple!!!


Susan said...

My floor has not been mopped in the month of August! However, company is coming tomorrow and two more groups of company this week, so it will happen ASAP!

Danielle said...

Uh oh!! I am sad to say that I have not been giving your "bigs" dessert each night! :D :D :D They ARE surviving though!!!! Maybe they will be okay with dessert every other night now!!! (Or maybe they will just want it even more now since they are going through withdraw here!) :D

I'll be sad to have them leave, but I'm sure you cant wait to have them back!!

Love ya!

Teena said...

Cindy, I love your post. It is neat to me that we are going through some of the same things right now. With the olders being out of the house. Michael has been for a long time but now Mandi :(

so true.... littles content just staying home and playing.

so true... eating less... wow I really noticed this....

MORE work.... yes ... that is true!


JOHN said...

Would love to find out how you make your hamburger buns....Take care.