Saturday, August 1, 2009

two will do it......guess who??

Not many, very few, are brave enough to invite 14 people over and the percent decreases if they fix a meal for 14 people! I guess our size scares folks away or puts to big a "dent" in their pantry :) But there are two that will take the challenge!!! Guess who???? They are the brave, adventurous, daring, courageous, gallant, they have "guts" to invite us over and fix a meal for a family of 14.......they are the ones and only "Mav and Mavette!!" So tonight we head over to the newlywed neighbors for adventure!! Sure to be a "rip roaring" time!! He bought something and is not telling us until we get there!!

We went to a Ranch Rodeo last night. Our first one to go to. They had an event that was quite interesting, "Wild Cow Milking." A team of 5 guys had to catch a mama cow, get at least one drop of milk in a bottle and then take the rope off the cow and run with it to the designated square in the arena. Fastest time won! Funny to watch!

Terry has the fall garden and ground looking nice. Amazing what tilling will do! The squash are looking really good. Tomatoes have recovered and bringing in some more fruit. He has also broadcast seeds of sorts to enrich the soil.

Its 5 pm and Mercy is still in her "nighties!" What has happened? I guess I will get her something on before we go.....

Oh, Anna won a photo contest, the picture of Mercy and Josiah in the cow tank swimming and their tongues were lapping up water. Its a rural paper, Oklahoma Living that comes out every month and all the CREC, (electricity) folks get it. Good job, Anna!!

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Anonymous said...

How fun! I am sure you guys will have a blast with the Mavs.

Congratulations, Anna! That is great!