Thursday, March 31, 2011

cake update!!

ta da!!!!!

it came out!!!!
it was yummy!!!!!

and guess what else?????

we got sun here!!!!

I read this verse this morning as I was sitting on my bed and kept peeking out the window hoping.......... and before I finished reading it happened!!!!

And he shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth
even a morning without clouds; as the
tender grass springing
out of the earth
by clear shining
after the

II Sam. 23:4

God definitely allows "clouds" to come into our lives and in the midst, He is our Light, but even more so, he gives days/mornings without clouds, when the sun rises upon our hearts and tender growth comes by the rain, He so Providentially brought and it springs up from the weathered earth......out hearts. Today, I see the SUN!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a cake day.....

Josiah, Mercy and Jeremiah......
fun times together!

Josh and Jeremiah


Its cold, damp, dreary, misty, dark here so I am inside and quite bored!!! So I am attempting to make a cheery, light, huge, yummy coffee cake!! BUT, my kitchen skills have not proved much as of late, I seem to mess things up! Anna is the baker, I am the "barker!" Always barking out orders!! haha! I told the children IF it turns out we will eat it tonight when Lucas comes for dinner and IF it does not, we will eat it NOW!! ( with coffee of course) Anyway its in the oven and I keep checking on it to see if the cake is going to explode out of the bundt pan. So far so good!! :)

The attempt of making this cake has reminded me of a scripture that I read yesterday morning, II Timothy 1:9, Who has saved us and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began. I like the part there that says, "before the world began." A lot took place before the world was, before I or you were. God had/has a scheme, a purpose a plan. The plan in eternity past was for God to save sinners. He came, he died on the cross, he was resurrected and now he lives in his heaven. The Holy Spirit is alive and working to draw, convict, bring sinners unto himself, so He is calling those according to His purposes and grace to come unto Him. The saving and calling is sheer grace, nothing we can do, or work for, as it says there, not according to our works but according to his own purpose and grace and all that happened in eternity past through Christ who was going to come but in the truest sense it was completed before the world began. Awwww, its just such a relief to know that salvation is nothing I do, dont do, can do, will do. but by grace alone. Its a mercy that any are saved!! I am so thankful that God did not "attempt" a plan before the world began but His purpose and grace was accomplished before the world began! Well, I just checked the cake, it is done, it did not explode, it looks beautiful in the bundt pan, but now I have to get it out of the bundt one piece for it to be a successful attempt of baking/making a cake to know if we will eat it now or later. What a blessed thought that I don't have to "work" for salvation like this cake or I would be a sure looser, because I just dont know if its gonna be pretty when I dump it over! I am thankful that God's purposes and his grace given is not just 'dumped" out but was planned before the world began. I will humble myself and let you know on the next post! :D

We are doing some cleaning today, Anna is on for dinner. Its so funny because its really my night to cook and Lucas is coming and he always gives her a hard time about her cooking!! tomorrow I have to make myself do the cookies for Josh's bd on Saturday. He is going to get one gift on Sat, and then do his party and meal on Sunday, when I know everyone will be here. A goat show over the weekend and I dont know for sure yet if the guys are working Sat or not so that makes it hard to "party!!"

We have been watching the Little House on the Prairie series starting with seaon 1. We just began season 5 last night. I have to say, they are quite addicting. We were up til almost midnight last night. They always say,"just one more." To be honest, I wanna watch them as bad as they do!! Fun times together!

Well thats about all the news here from the "ponderosa." Hope you all have a happy Wednesday!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

happy promises !

Mercy has finally begun to sleep in her own bed consistently, but there are rare times when she has "scary dreams" and she will get outta her bed and come to our bed. She will snuggle up against me, often ask me to pray for her and then she likes me to tell her what to think about to get her mind off the "scary dream." She likes for me to talk about "flowers, balloons, clouds, and birthdays. All those things are related to "happy things." As I describe and we talk about those things, it gets her mind to not fear and and its kind of like little "promises," its like "happy things " or maybe even "happy promises!!" I am like Mercy. We go along just fine and then just outta the blue a "scary dream" happens or comes about. Mine are not really scary dreams but are moments that come blowing in where I miss Joel, I re-visit visions of when he was here and his illness, I ask God "why," and I find myself wondering about the whole ordeal. My faith fails, it is little, it is only beholding the "seen" instead of the unseen. I need "happy promises." I can not even begin to tell you all the scriptures that the Lord has given me in these 4 years. It really amazes me to look back and see them. And really just one scripture should be sufficient for us ole' humans if we really believe and trust and know Who God really is and what His character is really like, or as much as possible as us humans can know of Him. But most times we as humans, need more than just one scripture. We/I need more "happy promises" like Mercy. It is so wonderful of the Lord to be so merciful and for him to really know and feel our infirmities, for him not to forsake us even after "years" have gone by and our hearts still have needs. I read a scripture in Job and it was one of those "happy promises" that I could add to my list of comfort verses that the Lord has given and one to meditate upon and bring my thoughts to when I get sad about Joel. Job 37:16, Do you know how the clouds hang poised, those wonders of him who is perfect in knowledge. The scripture says God is perfect in knowledge, so that means to me that Gods ways, his works his doings, his plans for our lives all come from One that has perfect knowledge, which tells me that all is right in those Providences, occurrences, trials that come forth. To meditate upon this is like what Mercy does, she wants "happy thoughts of happy things. I like that idea from one who is only 5 years old. Make me like a child, Lord!

We got a dreary, cold week ahead of us! we had to get the fire going again! I had it all cleaned up, only to get it going again. The guys headed back to Texas, Terry and Elijah too this time. Hoping to get them a little bit ahead this week.

A busy week with every day things. Ortho appointments, new puppy appointment a the vet, the girls are ironing again(like they did in the fall) Bethany is preparing for a goat show this coming weekend. Also Joshua's bd is April 2nd, he is having a "drawing party." It is going to be fairly low key but I have some things to prepare for that and Bethany is getting old and new customers for goat milk sells. She is excited about the potential sells and provision each week for the farm.

Not much progress on the kitchen as of lately. The cabinet guy is expected to have the 3rd phase done in 2 weeks, so I am super happy about that!

Hope you all have a great week!! Stay warm!!

We have some beautiful tulips around Joel's tree. Anna does a good job getting pics of "happy promises" for me!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

go mercy!!!!!!

this little 5 yr old girl
learned to
a bike!!!!!

Looks like she's got it down
for riding it
with all her might!!!

may we all be as
a child
and live unto
our might!!!

have a great weekend!!!

P.S. we are excited and thankful for Lucas getting on at the Cushing Police Dept as a Policeman! He begins the first week in April. Now we just gotta get the prayers going for him for safety!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bff !!

me and my friend..... Nikki

I have never been to the cheesecake factory, i really liked it
they have a "book" for a menu!!!

I did not get this kind, but they have such huge
Terry and I split a piece of
white choc. macadamia caramel cheesecake

There are some things in this life that God blesses us with that are priceless! One is friends! We all have many friends. Many times God puts people in our lives as we pass through seasons where He will use them to accomplish His will in our lives. Then there are those people that God puts in our lives who are like "pillars." People who are there with you through the thick and the thin. I was saved in Dec. 1982 in a Sunday evening service at a church not far from our house, so it was easy to get involved and become apart quickly. The following Wednesday that I went back to church, two young ladies a few years older than me "clobbered" me with welcomes, excitement that I was there and really just took me under their wing. One of those young ladies name was Nikki! Her dad was the Pastor of the church, a super family, friendly and so willing to nurture a new Christian. Of course I began to attend Bible study , got involved in the Choir and our friendship went beyond the church. Tennis, snow skiing, photography, swimming, softball, and much more. And here we are 29 years later and best friends!!! She does not live here and we dont get o see each other often but there is something that God has placed within us that continues to bond us......its Jesus. I am so thankful for her, her friendship, her commitment to me when I was a baby in Christ, her incredible personality of fun, her adventuresome spirit, and on a funny note, how she was Terry's mediator when we started liking each other to "help" us get together!!! I love her dearly! I think its a rare treasure when one has a friend for 29 years and to the Lord I am grateful that He has given us this unique friendship!! So this week her and her husband had to come to OKC for business and we all went out to eat dinner last night and just sat and talked and talked and talked and ate too!! Today she came out to our house while her husband was at meetings and we had the bestest time!! She is like a "good medicine" to a heart!! I wish we lived closer!!

Best Friends Forever!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

mercy's bd pictures!!!!

Finally Anna is home so here are the pictures , so here ya go!!!!! It was a fun party!! Mercy really liked the "Hippity Hop" theme!! I think I kinda cheated with all the stuff right at hand because it is the "season," so it was a very easy party to do!!

**** I purchased all the Hippity Hop printable's for the cupcakes, ect, here

Mercy's 5th Birthday!
Hippity Hop Party

those bunnies top right are choc
suckers I just got at the store
but really added fun to the table!!

here are the "royal" icing cookies
(make them at your own risk of time ha)

once again, I got the cupcake toppers cute!

grab one!!

these were fun to make and easy
but I spent way to much for
"orange" jelly beans!!!

I found these plates and napkins at Hobby Lobby, they were soooo perfect!!!

sugar cookies that took so loooonnnngggg to make!
was it worth it???? oh sure, can't party without
bunny cookies!! :)

way toooo much sweets!!!

and of course the party girl!!!

fun "buuny bubbles" for the party goers!!

found the stuffed bunny and that is where I picked
up on the color theme, and cute girlie baskets
filled girl need!!

choc, easy.....unwrap from box, tie ribbons on!!!
I love the little round
pudgy bowels for the
m&m's and mini candy bars!!!

see the blue bunny
"peeps?" I love the
little green bunny dish they are on.
and white donuts just seemed to fit in too!!

dipped Oreo cookies and I found these perfect sprinkles

oh, the "royal" icing cookies showing up again.....why not
they took zillions of hours to make!!! jkjkjk!!

the famous party people!!! where in the world is ......
Lucas and Sid????

Lucas got Mercy her request!!!! turkeys!!!!

and.....Mercy got a new puppy..... Charlie
he is a Corgi!!!

Charlie and new friends!!

all her jewelry being worn!!!

best friends already!!
"hey dont squeeze me to hard!!"

isnt he soooooooo cute!!!????

and the turkeys!! and their names are.........
Arise, Kill and Eat!!

uh, oh, maybe not!!!

andrew is 15 today!!!

Andrew is 15 today!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Andrew is our fisherman!
he can out fish
most anyone in our

Andrew is a hard worker,
and he is our
quietest child.
he is alot like me, in
that he likes things to
be clean!
he is an organizer,
and is always looking for ways
to earn some cash.
He is always willing to
"rescue" his mom with
assistance! :)
Andrew invited Jesus into his
heart several years
ago and is growing in the
His name means "manly,"
that he is!
......and all that "cash" he is trying to earn,
well, he's following in his
big brothers steps......
and is saving for a
dirt bike!

I love you Andrew!!!

P.S. Mercy's bd pics coming soon!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

mercy is 5 !!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Mercy Morris is 5 years old today!!!!

what a precious pocket!!!
our 13th blessing, and gift from the Lord
lil' sista to 9 brothers and 3 sisters
princess of our home
a smile like Joel's
and a fully animated
her sweet
sayings keep our hearts happy
likes to hug and hug and hug
and kiss you on the lips!
a big girl now, sleeping in
her own bed,
except of course if she has
scary dream! and
then she likes to "snuggle"
in mommy and daddies
she kinda likes
to boss her
medium size brothers
but she for sure
has those big brothers
wrapped around her finger,
and her dad too!
she likes to eat all hours of the day
and night!
a true farm girl
loves animals.......
and thats why she is the
proud owner
3 turkeys (from Lucas)
and a
Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy


I love you
all the way
to the
and never, never

P.S. her pre-party was this morning, her "real" party is tonight, so check back Monday for lotsa pics of her "Hippitty Hop Party!!"