Monday, March 7, 2011

pray without ceasing!!

"pray without ceasing"

I know now why this verse is in the scripture.......when you look at these pictures, you will know too!!! The equation is this....... (mom has boy+he does whatever with all his might ) x ( he likes to live dangerously + dirt bike) = a mom needing to pray without ceasing!!! I am glad I was not there!! AND especially to see the one crash, flip, flop that happened and brought him home alive but with a fleshy, meaty looking arm! His friend said,"that cuda killed ya!" duh!!!!

Elijah jumping "over" his buddy, Anthony!

Well, the guys got off to Texas but not without a few challenges. Two diesel trucks pulling two trailers filled with supplies. A few hours away and the flatbed trailer lost the whole wheel! Had to buy a new trailer. The Ford 350, was seemingly having some steering issues so Terry decided to send everyone on down in the other truck so they could at least get started. He headed back to OKC to our mechanics place to get the Ford fixed, and hopefully head back to Texas shortly. Terry and Elijah will come back to OKC on Wednesday after they get them started. Caleb Morris
will be the Supervisor of this job of the 5 man crew. A big load! I know he will do a great job! He will get to know what all his dad goes through dealing with all the paper work, safety regulations, meetings with his crew, and the folks there over the building of the school coming to him for every jot and tittle that they have inquires about. I know from the Ada job, Terry was wanting to pull his hair out at some points and Terry said these folks are way more "picky" than Ada. Soooooo, I know I will be praying "without ceasing" for Caleb these next few months!!

Mercy attended a birth this afternoon!! A goat birth. Bethany is in full swing of "baby season." The dates on the March calender is filled with names of mama goats "due."

Here are a few more pictures of the guys houses. Anna took these with her camera. The pictures in the previous post were with my phone and they were ok but I always like "real" pictures!! haha!!

working on Caleb's house

Daniel and Caleb B.
they had some guys come over and help
them work on both houses.

Caleb's house

Caleb's house


A busy week ahead. Already got one thing checked off for today, cant tell ya!! Anna has a surgery check-up with her tooth, grocery week, and Lord willling friends coming to see us for a day of play and we have to go to Ada to do the dreadful pack up and bring everything back home!! Most of it i got at thrift stores, so I am going to kindly return it to the thrift store! :) We'll have to get the couch and chair later plus Micah wants to sell it on Craigslist.

The cabinet man came out Saturday and got measurements for the 3rd phase of cabinets. It will be the north wall that will hold the cook top, the veggie sink and the coffee bar or station. Excited for the next phase being underway. it will take him about a month but I am hoping maybe by the end of March. The list of "to do's" is getting shorter:

*he (cabinet guy) will still have to build the cabinet box for the double oven and a floor to ceiling pantry
*tile on the floor
*all the trim work, windows, doors, around posts, and beams on the ceiling
*3 ceiling fans, and an over the island light fixture
*the marble back splash on the 3rd section
* to re-arrange and build a new laundry room in existing part of old kitchen area

This 4 year project has been a long wait but its already a huge blessing to our family!!! We thank the Lord for work and jobs to be able to continue each phase!!!

Hope you all have a great Monday!

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