Saturday, August 31, 2013


Happy birthday to Micah!! 19 years of the age now!! Ha!! great man right there!!!

...and Rowdy is in California seeing Mickey Mouse!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


most of you all know my dad and his wife Shirley. How they have blessed our lives. Last Monday Shirley had a stroke. She is still in the hospital. At this point they are just monitoring her. She is alert some days but not able to speak. Her right side has some paralysis. My dad is hanging in there and stays with her at the hospital there in Arkansas. We went up last Wednesday through Friday evening late. Glad we could. But if you think about it pray for them. Very tough situation. My dad lost his first bride, my mom and now he's dealing with similar situation. Lord wiling our hope and prayer is that God will restore Shirley. He needs her!!!!! 

We are into school with our 3 rd week. It's going ok. I'm just not a teacher and I feel so challenged to do this. I think I would have a better attitude if I wasn'tstill  doing phonics!! Ugh!!!!! Somehow we will get through it!! Ha!!

Kids are still swimming constantly!! I'm ready to take it down but they are like "mom!!!!!!" So guess we will swim til Fall!!! Hahaha!! Not really!!!

We went to a gorgeous wedding over the weekend!!! So fun!!

I love the hot, so I'm dreading the change of season! I was surely made for Florida or Hawaii!!!! 

Have a great week!!! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Well......I have had serious problems with signing into the blog here!!!! But somehow it worked today!! 

Summer has come and gone!! I am very sad about summer ending. It's my very fav time. I love fresh cut grass, summer evenings, hot days on the deck getting sun and listening to the kids splash and laugh in the pool. I guess until next year....

One thing that amazes me about his summer is the amount of people that our kids have met and fellowshipped with. Tonight for instance, we have tons of high school kids over from the high school for a back to school party/bon fire. All these kids are so sweet and they love The Lord. The impact and influence that our kids have now is so broad. I'm so blessed to see them encouraging and influencing all these folks. 

We have started our school hear too. Still have 6 in school! Yikes!! it's going alright. It's definitely takes much of the day. Just trying to get our new routine going! Ha!!

Thanks for hanging in there while I have been having blog problems! I am seriously thinking I need to just start a new blog and leave this one. Mainly because our old email is what is causing the problem. of course if I do and can I will post the link and you can hop over to it. 

Hope your ending the summer with wonderful memories!!