Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Night's Games

This is "The Maverick" alas David and this is the "The Mavette" alas Katelyn! (our newlywed neighbors) And Lord willing, maybe someday soon the Lord will send them some "Mavy's" alas babies. An advertisement for Dave; if you need web design, he's the man or if you need ducks, they are growing ducks now! We had a great time last night playing ping-pong and Blitz!! Oh.... by way of the picture, its looks like Dave knows some "moves." He's hilarious!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

This and That......

Well....not much here. We did school today, like I made it through all that we are SUPPOSED to do! It's funny when you do accomplish the goal, it feels so uplifting, like a new day, a fresh start! Since this happened on Friday, I hope I can carry over the enthusiasm until Monday. We did a little project this morning that demonstrated our sin nature, ha do we really need a demonstration of it???? I sat a treat, some candy in front of the children and told them "not to touch it nor eat it!!!" I said that several times and just waited. In that wait, the natural man, the natural inclinations came forth from some, the smaller ones voiced it with, "why, I"m gonna eat it," and whine after whine because they wanted it and they had been told NO! The older ones really did not say anything but I asked them if in their heart something welled up and they wanted it, like they really wanted it? So all that to prove that even though our sinful nature tempts us to sin we must obey the Lord, and it shows that we need a Savior, as I was hitting this home to the younger ones. His word will not return void is my prayer.

Tonight.......David and Kate are coming over, having dinner with us and then......Ping Pong Tournaments!!!!! We have not played in a long time, so Dave and Kate have an advantage!!!
We'll probably get some Blitz in too with two decks! The weekend looks to be nice weather and I think Elijah is renting a tractor to move those 3 loads of dirt around he had hauled out in the pasture, cook some hamburgers and just do farm work.

Please continue to pray for the Lockwood family. Jaynee is having a different pregnancy and there are serious complications......but nothing too difficult for the Lord. I know tehy are grateful for every petition offered on their behalf!

Ok, I have a question. I am experimenting with making a dark rye bread and the recipe calls for "Bakers Carmel." I tried improvising and burning sugar as they suggested, but even then the dough is not as dark as the picture. Anyone ever found this stuff to purchase without ordering it on-line? Or do you have a recipe that is tried and produces a dark loaf of bread?

Have a fun weekend and be blessed as you spend it with those you love the most.....your family!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Death, Law, and Faith

The Lord reminds me in the Word and exhorts me to look to the unseen. You see this is the most difficult thing to do. Sometimes as I read about others journeys, a Redeeming story comes from their journey, one that is "seen" now. I read a scripture the other day in II Cor. So then death worketh in us, but life in you. I also was reading in Galatians, Chapter 3 this morning and some thoughts seem to connect. It said the just shall live by faith. Death worketh in us, me but it is by faith to the unseen, believing what I can not see at this time, yet believing that this death of Joel is working in us, me. The law, (which brought death) were used as a schoolmaster, so it good in that sense to bring us to Christ. As I thought about law and death, there was a promise made to Abraham that the blessing would come upon his seed. That promise was fulfilled through Christ. v.18, but God gave it to Abraham by promise. It reminded me that the promise is to those that believe that look to the unseen, that have a faith of what is to come but it comes after the law and death. That the promise by faith of Jesus Christ might be given to them that believe, v.22. So I guess what I am trying to say is I was encouraged as I thought about, yes death can work a work and there is promises of redemption but it is by faith and believing in what is unseen and trusting in the ONE, the Promise Keeper.

I also had a another reminder in a different category this week. There was a little incident with two boys and the Lord gave me opportunity to demonstrate the schoolmaster verse to them as well. The law brings us to Christ, it brings repentance as we see that we can not measure up to the law. It is so easy as we correct, train to do it the "easy" way sometimes. I find myself doing this instead of the "way" that can bring fruit from the inside out. It's easy to bark out "do this, don't do that, be kind, love your brother," and yes we as parents get results, we get obedience but is there a change? Do seeds get planted and fruit come forth? After the incident I took each child aside separately and brought the law, the truth to their heart, I shared with them scriptures about the situation, I wanted to let the truth pierce the conscience. For one, there was sincere repentance and he had even gone and ask forgiveness with the other child on his own, there were tears that showed the sorrow of the heart. I was grateful and I admonished him some more. For the other child, he heard and I will trust that the truth will not return void. I saw from this that to receive fruit, and be blessed as a parent, it takes time to go the extra in bringing them aside and sharing instead of just shouting out and correcting. The law, our rules and commands of the home is a schoolmaster for our children as we train them and correct them, it softens and prepares their heart for Christ and to Christ. I want to take the time because I desire the results of fruit, I want obedience from the inside out! Help me Lord to obey you in admonishing and nurturing the children with your word and not just sounding it out from whatever I am doing!!

The guys decided to hang around here another day. They could have made it ok, but at the job site, everything would be covered up with the ice and snow, the boards and tools and all. They got some more sledding in, this stuff is beter than snow. The 4 wheeler is addding to the "real fun."

I really need to go grocery shopping but I guess I'll see how tomorrow looks. Tonight....Goat Chops and "The Widow's Mite movie." I think we are about through with the sickness. I rarely hear a cough these days.

Mercy is so sweet, on Saturday after Hosanna's party she said she was ready for the party, she felt good that day and she wanted to have it. I wish she would have felt good the day of, but that's how it worked.

This has got to be the funnest one yet......I love to tell people how many children we have, I like to share what God has done for us. Most of the times, you know the response.....shock, "glad its you," and other remarks. But I think the lady at Wal Mart the Thursday before Hosanna's BD would get the prize!! I was getting the netting for the chairs and she was curious why I was getting so much. I told her we were having a Princess Party. She asked how many were attending and I said , "well, we have 13 children, so with our crew we would have plenty." At that moment her face went into "red alert" or something!!! She went into comatose state, I started waving my hand in front of her face and said it'll be alright." She came to, and she could not believe it!! I proceeded to tell her they are a blessing. She said she could not handle the two she had, and that she had 10 grandchildren and she thought they were trying to get her back. I said good-bye and told her to enjoy her granchildren!! I wish I could have that one on was sooooooo funny!!!!!

Stay warm!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Ice" Cold!!!!!

We are "iced in," the guys can not work so they are here......what else to do????? but sled on the ice!!!! We are happy the electricity is still working and on! Stay warm!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bloopers !!!

First, I want to say thank you for all the prayers, My heart with Joel's Heaven Day was really very peaceful and you were apart of that! Thank you for the phone calls, cards and comments and thoughts of our family. Now.......I want to tell you about all that took place, the bloopers of the day and how I did not pass the test, as it all surrounded "my circumstances." I need to back up a bit first...... since we have sooooo many birthdays, my mind goes from one to the next in thinking about the party, and if you do not already know by now, I "love" to do parties. Last fall I was thinking about Mercy's 3rd BD and thought I would like to do Princess party for her, but the more I thought of it, I really did not know if she would get in to all the "glitz and glitter" of a Princess Party, so I thought I would do one for Hosanna and I thought the theme would compliment Joel's Heaven Day as we thought about royality, the King of Kings and how Joel was there in the midst. So I had all these ideas and they just kept growing. The closer it got the more excited I became and looking so forward to the plans I had thought of, all the fancy things, dresses for the girls, soft satin fabric, glitz and glitter and sparkles of it all. Hosanna was very thrilled too with the thought of it. All the preparations were going well, I found so many things for a good price, Hosanna's dress was like $10, it was purple velvet at the top and netting and satin at the bottom and the blouse was 50 cents, Mercy's was on sale, and many of the decorations were on sale, the fabric was on sale I used for the curtains and tablecloth, so even though it was the most invested party and I just wanted it to be special too as we celebrated Joel's life. On Thursday, we did some pre-party stuff and it was coming together. Well on Friday morning Mercy woke up sick, fever and just not feeling well. I was soooo sad. I wanted this day to be a happy party day and Mercy was feeling terrible and not able to be really in to it. I proceeded to get things ready for the party and us girls juggled holding Mercy as thats all that would keep her content. It wa very difficult getting everything ready. We had to decorate the cake, make the cupcakes and cookies , sew the curtains where they would slide on a rod to hang, and do all the table stuff, blow balloons, cut the netting for the chairs and more. I was really having a bad attitude towards the Lord and just praying and pleading thatHe would allow Mercy to get better and get in to the day. I was really thinking that the Lord owed it to me to have "good day." I had pre- supposed all these plans and ideas and pictured it in my mind of howI could see two little girls having a "blissful moment," (I'll use that word instead of magical) So Mercy being sick was just the beginning of "my plans" going downhill. Through out the day things were just not going well. She finally laid down for about 40 minutes and I thought I would dash around and get things done, like go ahead and grill the burgers. So I tell Micah to start the grill and I go to get the meat which was suppose to be in the refrig. I look and look and can not find it.....its in the freezer, hard as a brick!!!! I told a person to put it in, but I guess he did not understand I wanted it in the refrig!!!!! So the grill is going burning up the charcoal that does not have burgers on it!!!! I call Terry and he could get some more meat (not frozen) but that of course would detain them a bit. The guys get home and we are all getting ready, I had talked to Josiah the last two days about getting dressed up for the party and he was fine with it UNTIL the party, he did not want to cooperate, so he was crying as we were trying to get ready. I sought to talk to him really nice and told him how special it would be for his mommy, but it was not working! He finally put a shirt on and I was able to brush his hair, but again what I really wanted did not take place with his outfit! I was so suprised that Mercy wanted to put her dress on and sparkly shoes but she did cooperate which later I thought, "thank you that she even did that and could get pictures." It was picture time and we did get alot of good pictures. I was so sad I did not have the video camera charged up, it went only a short time. The phone was ringing, Elijah had gotten 3 dump trucks loads of dirt and the man brought the last load right in the opening present time, and then the post man came a little later honking his horn outside and the dogs were going crazy.(who knows why he came like at 6 pm in the evening???) Ok, now to top it off, I had to go out and cook the burgers. I had them on a big cookie sheet, sat them on the edge of the grill and the WHOLE cookie sheet fell to the ground!!!! All I could do was try to pick them up and hopefully the heat would sterlize them and also battle with the dog that was trying to eat them up!! Finally........they were done and we were able to eat the Birthday meal!! As I stood there cooking the burgers, I thought all thats happened really was not earth shaking, it was just "my plans" did not work. First, I do not think I even prayed for the preparations of all the party, and like I said I thought I deserved a "perfect day." I was sad at myself that I messed up in my attitude towards the Lord. I had let circumstances control my day. It seems this is a constant hurdle, maybe one that can not be attained, but I feel like I should be "getting it." Anyway, the reason I share all this is to let you know that we should always "acknowlege the Lord in all our ways, even in parties." I am telling you this to say also, even the Morris family still needs grace, and also that His mercy is so endless, that He forgives when we mess up. Now.......that it is behind me, I can get a giggle out of it and its just another one to mark down for a "Morris Adventure." Bloopers......they are just apart of life!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hosanna's 7th Birthday Pictures

****I have more BD party ideas from OUR parties at the bottom left under Birthday Party Ideas******

Are you ready for ALOT of pictures?????? It was a lovely birthday for Hosanna and celebrating Joel's life. Anna did great taking the pictures!!!! As you get to the last few pictures, you'll see the party goers deteriorated into having a real "party," like craziness!!!! Josiah had me laughing so hard with his little "act," as you'll see in the picture!!!! Tomorrow I'll tell you behind the scenes of getting ready for this they are having a talent show and coming from behind the curtain with even more "craziness!!!!" Enjoy the "tons" of pictures!!!!! Oh, her meal was hamburgers and hotdogs and all that stuff!!!!