Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Much News.....

We are still battling some sickness, we have moved out from the throwing up to the common cold, coughing our heads off, sneezing, runny nose. Only four went to church yesterday, I got to be one of them as we were having a baby shower for one of the mommy's and I did not want to miss the celebration of a new baby girl in our church fellowship. We did do a little school this morning, some are still resting and not feeling 100%. We'll see how tomorrow looks for getting back in full swing! To be honest, I am probably the one that lingers getting the school going, I would not do it any other way but it is a challenge to do the schoolwork.

Here's one for ya......Our sweet Mercy is on the stool helping put away the silverware from the dishwasher, Terry comes in (on Sat) and says "Mercy, your being such a good helper, and we tell her she is going to make a good mom and wife when she gets big, and Mercy says,"Timmy has to talk to you first!!!!" Later Terry said to her "Timmy has to read John Calvin too." That night if you ask her what did Timmy have to do, she would tell you," talk to uuuuu and read John Calvin," but it was in her 2 1/2 year voice.......I love it!!!! Only the Lord knows, but he sure is sweet now...... and cute!!!!

I feel like I am at a loss for words, I am kinda sad, you know I am probably sad as we face this week, my heart sounds like a broken record but I know through reading his words of truth He can make a beautiful song out of this story and journey. When I can not seem to "hear" from the Lord I always enjoy reading in the book of John, I love reading about when Jesus walked upon the earth and try to imagine his life and the words he spoke to the people as I read. Just to read is encouraging and brings such a hope when I feel so sad. I do feel His grace even today, its like this under girding feeling of the prayers of folks out there. By His grace I'll get through this week and we'll have a wonderful celebration with Hosanna 7th BD and Joel's Heaven day. We have to celebrate, its every parents prayer that their child spend eternity in heaven and one of ours is already there, praise the Lord!!!! I am encouraged too that this very week we sent out 45 more Joel's Journey DVD's to our distributors, his little life is still speaking to others and that helps this mommy's heart.

Fixin' some good stuff tonight, Marsala Chicken over noodles and some new rolls I am trying that I saw in the Italian cookbook, Old Fashioned Yeast Sweet Rolls, they are not a cinamon roll, they are dinner rolls but they do have sugar in them. When your sick, not much sounds good. Soup sounds good to me, but its not our crews favorite, all these boys.....meat and potatoes are what these men like!!

It seems its kinda boring around here, I am looking forward to spring when things start happening, like the garden, new farm babies, and getting new livestock. I want to re-work all my flower beds right at the front where our drivway is and front porch. I saw some of the bulb flowers trying to peek out of the ground on Sat. I know we are due a snow, it always happens when things are really budding out. I feel like we are in hibernation awaiting spring to burst forth with all its excitement!!!

I saw the Lockwoods are back up and running and updating and they also have posted an address, so maybe send a card, share some of yur abundance, I know they would be so happy to hear from us!!!

Happy Monday evening!!!


In your mercy, grant generations of faith until the appearing of Jesus Christ

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