Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gettin' Ready

Oh, my sweet know what she likes to do????? She likes to play "Dress Up & Dress Down." She will go into where her church dresses are hanging and take them off the hangers and put them on over her clothes......and on the dressing down, if you do not hear from her in a while, you had better check on her, thats when she's "Dresses Down," like taking her clothes off, diaper and all, and sometimes she's on the bed all squished down in the pillows!! To be honest, never had one to do the 2nd thing!! Last night Hosanna helped put the finishing touches on the outfit she had "dressed up" in and they came in to the living room and Mercy wanted Hosie to twirl and swing her around to the music Anna was playing on the piano......seemed like a "Girley moment." She is always surprising us with her animated facial expressions and telling us little stories that do not make a lot of sense. I just want to squeeze her and "eat " her up!! As she gets closer to three, it is a happy and sad thought at the same time. To hold and see what it feels like again will be very special yet will bring a longing for Joel.

We are making the lists, checking them twice, gettin' ready, I want all to be nice!!
Ironing ....check!
Food .....check!
Stacks of clothes ready for suitcase.....check!

Gotta to the store, and all the last minute stuff.....Looks like we are in good shape.

Waiting for Terry and Elijah to get here so I can run my errands. Remember yesterday at the job, they were expecting all the folks to come.....Terry said a Charter bus pulled up and people just kept coming out if it.....a lot of guys talked to them and saw their work, maybe the Lord will raise something up out of that little opportunity!

Not much else.....


P.S. I am writing this story in the evening around 6:30pm. You are not going to believe this little story I am about to tell you....I did not publish this right away this afternoon, waiting for Anna to help with the pictures, so about 30 minutes ago Duffy's foot was freed from the drain in the bathtub.....I had to give him a bath as he escaped outside and was filthy, so I proceeded to wash and rinse him off and I turned him around and put his rear end towards the faucet and what do you know his back pad went down and smashed in one of the 4 little parts of the drain. There was NO way it was coming out and any small move he squealed horribly. Terry and Elijah were about 30 minutes away, Micah did what he could in the meantime and I just hung over the tub trying to hold him in a position that would not hurt him. The guys arrived and all the rest of us went out to the studio because we did not want to hear him hurt. They finally busted out the little cross piece in the drain and got his pad out......only stuff like this happens to the Morris family......have you ever heard of such????? I just envisioned having to take him to the vet and he being all bandaged up for his kennel visit. It all worked out and I am going to Wal Mart BY MYSELF!!!!!!!!!


Emma and Mommy said...

Mercy looks so precious in that picture. It sounds like her and Ella would make great friends, Ella loves to dress up and has yet to strip naked but its panties only every time I turn around lately! Our little baby girls sure keep us on our toes don't they?

Poor Duffy. I can't imagine how scary that must have been and painful. I am so happy the boys were able to free him without too much damage to the tub or Duffy. I bet he is sore though.

-stephanie- said...

Duffy needs his own blog. He has quite the story to tell.

I love the sweet innocence of little girls.

Have a fun and safe trip.

Anonymous said...

THe "Girley Moment" was so sweet!^^
And I wish you a happy new year! Hope you had a good start in 2009! =)