Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Happenings, ALOT!!

Here we are only three days into the New Year and I have already made a mess of my quest that I posted on the 31st. Sometimes you just feel like throwing in the towel but that is a very selfish attitude and one that I battle often. Seeking to live godly in Christ Jesus is not necessarily easy and I "trip up" so much and its even in mine own house. Visions are wonderful because when you strive and are victorious, its encouraging but a vision not attained can be discouraging. Keep working on it is all one can do, by God's grace.

Busy farm day....Elijah started off with having to go get hay and he also purchased a 1 ton hoist. He's making money so he is spending money! Later, after lunch he traveled a few hours away to purchase a John Deere seeder drill that he found on Craigslist. He said new they could be around $ 5-6 thousand and he got this one for $450. See, he had to have that hoist to get it off the trailer:)

We had big plans tonight, the whole family and Danielle were suppose to have dinner in OKC with a large group of folks and hear Bill Gothard speak, he's the founder of our home school organization that we are in, Advanced Training Institute. The older children were going to play their instruments and Danielle was going to play her guitar on a song I think, but all of us did not get to go.....only 6, because thats all that will fit in the truck. The problem was with the needs help, fixen!! Sooooo now I am having to throw together something for those that remain here at the house. Not only did the van break down, and Terry has a hairline scratch where he almost cut the tip of his thumb off as he was trying to look at it , we had one of our inside refrig. "croak" today. It was my mom's and at least 34 years old, they do not make them like that anymore. And then to top that off the back shower is leaking and water on the carpet and then the other refrig in the house has some water dripping on the inside of ALOT of maintence and challenges today. It does not really bother me too much because it is nothing compared to what we were doing on this day in 2006. About this time, close to 5 pm, Joel was having his supper in his room and he was sharing the peperroni's off his pizza with his dad. He had already gone through the chemo treatment for that day, we had played play-do, read books and I drew him a farm picture and he helped color it, and we were just going to hang out in the room. He left his farm this morning on the 3rd never to come back.......It's hard right now and I miss him so much especially on significant days like today. His grace is sufficient but it does not "take" away the heartache. What a beautiful day today with the weather, unlike this day in 2006, it was bitter cold.

The beginning of this day did not start out to well, but I think its going to end alright, thankfully! May the Lord bless your day of rest tomorrow!


I have some pictures, but Anna is gone so come back later and see Elijah's purchase....the seed drill!!


Emma and Mommy said...

Wow what a great deal on the seeder drill! I am sorry about the van and the fridge, I will pray that you get a happy resolve there.

If you get a chance check out our blog, I have one with a video of Emma's cute little voice up, I know that you will get a kick out of it

sumi said...

Hi Cindy,

Wow, that IS a lot of maintenance stuff happening all at once! Hoping it doesn't cause too many headaches or dents to your wallet.

Praying for you as you remember your little Joel...


Jessica said...

Sometimes, when it rains it pours (the maintenance issues).

Thank you for the reminder that household and car troubles are nothing compared with having a seriously ill child.

May God give us all the grace that we need to keep an eternal perspective.