Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Could Not Think Of a Title......

The guys went ahead a worked today, they are framing away. Since school has been out, the little boys have been taking turns going with them to work. They are excited about the extra cash they will be getting.

I took all the Christmas decorations down this morning. It looks so bare and yet clean at the same time. I was thinking thats how it is in a lot areas. I suppose it is one's perspective. I can be sad and at peace at the same time. I feel like we are abounding and yet in want. It is a dark remembering time about Joel and also there is a hope and anticipation of not only heaven but of what great things the Lord can and will do in the New Year ahead. Perspective is a key to all of our circumstances. We should look "up" when we are down, we should give thanks when we are grumbly. We should ask if we have needs and know that He is all things for us! I read a scripture this morning in Heb. 2:10, For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings. "For it became him" was a phrase I have been thinking about, whatever it is we will face or we are facing, He has become it... before us. He has become One that has suffered, He has become One that has gone through anything this life will hold. It became Him first. When I can focus on Him the pain is less intense, the memories are not so distressing as to what we were doing this night or day. May you as well be able to know that it became Him as you look at your own "hill of difficulty." And speaking of a trial, please pray for the Lockwood family, they are in the US but are in need of a place to stay and they are having vehicle problems and Jaynee is 22 1/2 weeks along but still experiencing great difficulties in the pregnancy. I know they would appreciate prayers but may I suggest too as a way to share their burden, consider how you might bless them with extra resources. By leaving them a comment and if you are able to bless them with resources, I am sure she will post an address where they can be contacted.

We are heading over to David's and Katelyn's house to fellowship with them and another family and have dinner with them, play some games and who knows what else!!

A dilemma.....on my last shopping trip I stocked up on passy's forMercy. I bought 6......she has 1 left......guess what happens to them??? Dooley the dog likes them too....he has destroyed 5 of them. Mercy leaves them on the floor and he snatches them and its all over!! One left....I do not think I am going to buy anymore, but she said awhile ago "mommy go buy some more." I do not know if I can have her so sad....she is so tiny and sweet!! We'll see.

I read this verse this morning, Phil.1:15, For perhaps he therefore departed for a season, that thou shouldest receive him forever. I found a comfort in this verse, Joel has departed for a season but I will receive him and be with him forever.

Blessings to you this evening.....


I think this picture of Joel and Josiah is so sweet and was such a happy time for them.


Anonymous said...

It seems sometimes that we get little opportunities to transition. I had that same opportunity with my youngest to stop taking a bottle. I say, when God gives you an opportunity to make a transition or break away from something that we know we are going to have to do eventually, take it. It may be a long time before it comes again. It's so hard, though.

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from Ashley Edwards. I forgot to sign my name.