Thursday, January 22, 2009

Treasure Hunt......

Some were taking a nap and that left the three musketeers, Hosie, Josh and Jeremiah trying to find something to do....I had this idea which is a no brainier but at least it would keep them busy for a bit. I told them they were going on a Treasure Hunt. I drew 9 clues on pieces of paper and had Bethany help put them in all the places while I held them captive in the house, they could hardly contain themselves from excitement! The first clue was in the grill and then they were off like lightening. I really wish I would have videoed it, but too late. Hosie was really the one that helped figure out the clues, she was key to their success!! They finally ended up in the chicken pen at the nests for their much wanted and desired was a Dr. Pepper, for our crew that is a "treasure." At dinner they were filled with chatter telling their brothers and dad about it! NOW they are ready for another one.......soon!!! Next time it will be harder!!!!

Today in 06, this was the day that Joel waved his foot, he was telling us "so long." It won't be long Joel......see ya !!!!

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