Wednesday, March 31, 2010

last day of march!


* Jeremiah (11) can text faster that me!
* today has not started out to well.......goat to the vet.....again.....different one!
* Daniel slept on his land all by his self last night.....others, too tired
* I had to overnight a letter to OKC, only 40 minutes a way and it cost $13, ridiculous
* took Daniel breakfast while I was out
* just kinda hum-de dum around here
* so many tulips coming up around our brick wall where Joel's red bud tree is
* Jeremiah just informed he is 10, not 11
* getting a few things together for Joshua's party Friday
* walked through a mall yesterday, first time in loonnnng time, looking for a Lego store
* temp up to 90* today......perfect!
* getting serious on treadmill again, lost 22-24#, want to go for 8-10 more, its hard!

We are thankful for the jobs the guys are getting. Today a few went to build a house and Daniel and Micah are helping Dave pour his footing for his house. It has been a hard month financially. When your self employed you don't get paid every week or two weeks and sometimes it is long stretches between payment of jobs. Hope April is better! Terry definitely carries the burden of the finances, sometimes I don't know how he handles the stress of it, but he does a good job. Its so funny in the evenings when we have our family time of Terry reading and then prayer time, Mercy speaks out loudly her requests and it goes like this......"JOBS, LAND, WIFE!!" there are some more but last night Terry called Mercy over and said "Mercy, two prayers have been answered, the land and we have some jobs, so now only one more........WIVES" LOL!!!! Goodness, I guess send your requests in to Mercy, because she is making it happen.....(the Lord is making it happen:) So cute!

Laying in bed with her can be very exciting, she is a talker for sure. I am laying there of course so sleepy and she is just jabbering away! She says in 4 year old voice, "did u know Jesus is comin back on a white horse and Ima gonna git on the back and ride to heaven wif him," I then told her she would get to see Joel, she said in a long drawn out "yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!" (like yes) Then she continues her journey with Jesus and said, she was gonna go over and see the tiger (lion??) and it was gonna sit down!!! To have faith of a child is indeed precious, may mine be more as a child, like my Mercy's!!!

So many things I want to get done around here, flower beds, painting, clean up, but I need to be content as I wait for big guys to help and for resources. I do not "wait" well. I see all the projects and want to get it done. I guess all in good time.

Resurrection Sunday is so very important to my heart! I would be most miserable if it were not true, I would have no hope to see Joel again. But alas and did my Savior bleed, He was killed, buried in a tomb and He arose from the dead.......Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna! He is my blessed Hope to see my little Joel again! May you find your hope in Him too!

Tonight, a few guys are helping a neighbor move, Elijah has fire training, fixing roast burritos and we are trying today to do our regular Wed. cleaning. I still got the wood stove going.....hehehe!!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Since being on this journey
nearly 200,000 have visited.
many, we would have never met
some are dear friends, family
and now, many are "new" friends.
because of Joel and even more
because of Jesus and a plan that
finite minds can not comprehend
but broken hearts seek
to trust!
Thank you for encouraging
and especially to this mommy's heart
for remembering.......Joel!
Even though he is not here, as long as he is not forgotten,
We love you all
and love Jesus more through this!
I am so thankful that his little light
still shines.

And as I shared Joel's story with a mom, I said "it is a sad story, but it will have a happy ending." But as I lay in bed last night, I thought to myself......"no, it will never be a happy ending in this life, but when I get to see him again it will be a Happy Beginning!!!!!!!"

Friday, March 26, 2010

all kinds of info........but nothing major!!

* Joshua's party is next Friday the 2nd, not tonight!*

Its 3 pm and I finally feel like things are somewhat orderly, although Mt Everst (pile of clothes needing folded) is about 3 feet tall in the chair! Bethany, Elijah, Micah, Andrew and Hosanna have headed over to take the goats and get set up for the show tomorrow. They have to be washed, blow dried and get them all cozied down in their stalls. We will have two loads of people going in the morning. I'll go in the second group a bit later and take our lunch and then in the after noon, the little people and I will come back. The show will not be over until 5 or so. Church is at our home this Sunday and need to get things squared away for that. It is sooooo windy today but sun and fairly warm. Next week looks super with temps close to the 80*. My kind of heat!!!!! I am still wanting Terry to keep the wood stove going and we have a little heater going too, I think I am burning them up! I guess I better consider that I can put clothes on but they can not take clothes off!!!!!!! or they better not!!!

Yesterday was grocery day and Terry and I had to go to OKC so he hauled me around to do much of the shopping. You see it was a good thing that he did because I would have been in Elijah's truck which is very tall and I would not have been able to hoist the sacks and boxes in to the back end. I do not want to sound ungrateful for the wheels provided but I really miss our van and taking it grocery shopping. We went to Sams, Wal Mart, Aldi's and there was no more room, meanwhile Bethany called and said we needed to try to come home and take this certain goat to the vet. So we headed home and unloaded, they took goat and then I turned around and went back to town to the grocery store, Target and check out paint samples for the bathroom.

I still need to paint the bathroom but all the BD's have not allowed me to have extra resources. I did pick the samples out and brought them home and they will work, so I hope to get the paint Monday when I take Jeremiah to the dentist, yes he has a cavity!!! The walls will be a brown shade and the ceiling an orangeish shade and after that the cabinets a black worn look.

It has been interesting to meet up with people on fb that I have not seen or heard from since maybe high school and then many back in my hometown and church that I have not seen in 10 years or so. Many have stopped by Joel's Journey here and expressed encouragement to me and I am grateful for a heart touched, a family blessed, a mother encouraged, a life changed and it all has to do with this blog, with Joel, with Jesus, with bigger plans than I can fathom! I read a verse this morning and its a "prescription" for all of us. Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms. James 5:13 Early on this grieving journey, it seemed there were very few that endured much, had afflictions, trials, difficulties. It seemed like so many were "escaping" it. It seemed like there were more "merry" people than "afflicted" ones. But as time has passed and I have read about and "seen" many, there are lots of hurts out there. So because we live in a fallen world, we will have "afflictions," but we also will have merry times too! If you are afflicted, pray, seek the Lord. If your merry and you feel his sweet mercy drops, then sing! I find myself doing both because I experience both. May prayer and a song fill your heart with what you need.

Lego party underway! Joshua's big 12th BD Friday! He was actually born on his due date. So orderly, thank you, Josh!!!!

Eating spinach out of our garden....yep its yummy!!

Tulips close to blooming!

Great tasting strawberries at Sams! Can't wait for our own in our garden!

Mercy told Siah, " I have two cows.".......................( then pointing to her calves/legs!!)

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wednesday.....for sake of a title !

We got snow, then some really nice sun and a warm day, now we got drizzle and clouds......."this is the day that the Lord has made." First choice: sun and HOT, hopefully soon!

Yep, Caleb and Daniel are sure excited about the land purchase! I guess now they would like to save and get their own truck wheels and as they can they will start moving ahead with driveways, and getting serious with sites for their houses. They are clearing out there with chainsaws and Dave bought a backhoe yesterday, yep can you believe that???? anyway I think they want to use it in exchange for them helping Dave on his house. Elijah, Micah and Andrew are out at Dave and Kate's land today putting in a ten- horn a the driveway and soon Dave is getting materials delivered to start building his house.

The other guys are working today, us folks here at the house are just doing regular stuff, Wednesday cleaning, some school, and a fellow has come to pick up his weekly goats milk.

Another avenue for Caleb and Daniel's music CD is here on this site to download. You can download the while CD or individual tracks. Check it out! It might be easier to get one that way for you! Teena, make sure and see about it!!!

First goat show this weekend for Bethany. Praying for favor and some wins!

The tears still come so easy, we had finished up dinner the other night and Terry was still at the table and he had tears and we were asking what happened and he was finally able to tell us something Mercy said. She had been playing with the bunny that was in one of her party pictures and she told Terry that "Balley forgot his bunny." And then she said, "why did he?" I do not think I can even fathom the answers, my little Mercy. I read a verse this morning that penetrates the longings, wishings, the why's........we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us, Heb. 6:18. I still need strong comfort, a place to run and I have to keep thinking of what is before me......Joel and Jesus!

I guess I never considered myself a "refugee," but am now, running to a place of shelter, under His wings!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

land ho !!!!!!

This is the elderly gentleman they bought the land from, he's 92!

Finally!!!!! Caleb and Daniel are official "land owners!!!!!!!!!!!" Its a done deal, paid in full!!! They own 50 acres, Dave and Kate have the other 110! Wow!!!!!! Its been a long two months of waiting but thank the Lord He brought it to pass!!

Now, I have a feeling some crazy and wild things will be happening tonight!!! To start with we are all going out there and roast hot dogs, and have a big bon fire and then the rest will remain to be seen!!!! C and D are also going to sleep out there, can you believe that????????????

Lots of things have to happen quick for Dave and Kate. They have a few months to build a house and move out of their house now!!! Exciting days ahead!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord for answering prayers for these guys!!!!1

Sunday, March 21, 2010

andrew is 14 today !!

Andrew our 7th born is 14 today! We had his party last night. It was a "Survival Party." Every 14 year old needs a Survival kit, especially if you live in a family of 15. It was packed full with essentials such as small one pot specialty coffee, pop tarts, some candy bars, batteries for his deer camera, and of course some Mt. Dew!! He also got a really nice bow that he picked out last night at an archery store. I think I need a Survival Party! May the Lord work mightily in your heart Andrew to walk in His ways, seeking His kingdom all your days!! Happy 14th BD!!!!!!

We did not have church today, many of our families travel long distances so the men decided to cancel. We took advantage of not having to get up and slept in very late!! We had Andrew's special breakfast at around 10:30 and here it is 3 pm and just ate some lunch! I did not get in on it last night, I had already gone to bed, the partying wore me out, but Dave and Kate and Mavie came over at 11 pm and they all watched a movie "Tora, Tora Tora." A Pearl Harbor movie. I did hear some happenings about 1:30 am so I guess they were still up and going!

A big day for Caleb, Daniel and Dave tomorrow, suppose to close on the land at 1:30. We are hoping the snow will not be a hindrance to everyone getting there. Keep you posted about it!

*This is for Anne, and whoever else is interested, I put a link on the side to the posts for the much requested recipes for the Sugar Cookies and Icing and also the Doughnuts. Enjoy!!!!!

Hope you all have a restful Sunday..........

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tiny Teacup Party Pictures

Lots of pictures!!!!!

Mercy's Tiny Teacup Party was a blessing for me to get together, very little girley! I was a tiny bit tired after it was over! She wanted hamburgers and hot dogs so the little girl got it!!! She had a tiny coke to go with it, those really little cans, it was so cute!!

We enjoyed the new space once again to set up the Tiny Party! Do you see all the tiny tables and the tiny guests?? Hosie and Mercy had fun getting the dolls ready for the party! We also had a "real tiny" guest, Lilian/Mavie! We had several tiny treats. Lots of tiny sugar cookies, cupcakes and a tiny cake! We also had some editable tiny critters that showed up, snails and mice! Of course we had some Rasberry tea and Hosie, Siah and Mercy had their treats and tea at their little tables. Finally, after I got all the guys to quit talking about land and houses, we played a couple of games. One was Tea Cup Toss. Two people throwing sugar cubes in a tea cup to see who could get the most in. The other was Stack the Sugar Cubes, Dave won with 19 stacked before falling! Mercy got some tiny gifts as well, a tiny umbrella, a tiny Bible and some writing pens and Playmobiles. Most of the decorations I had from previous parties. I had to get a little bit of fabric for the little chairs and it was real cheap. I borrowed the chairs and we had two of the tables and Daniel and Caleb made one for me. I did buy a few things, the hanging spring flowers, and Mercy got two of the tea sets for her BD. There is just something magical when a little girl can "step" into a place and it fits her tiny size, Kinda like Alice in Wonderland!

There is one picture of a bunny rabbit is sitting at a table with some dolls, that was Joel's bunny, he and Siah each have one. Joel had this bunny at the hospital with him when we were there the night of his seizure. So this bunny was a very special tiny guest!!!!

Oh, and the tiny birthday girl has major chapped lips!!!!!!!!!