Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tiny Teacup Party Pictures

Lots of pictures!!!!!

Mercy's Tiny Teacup Party was a blessing for me to get together, very little girley! I was a tiny bit tired after it was over! She wanted hamburgers and hot dogs so the little girl got it!!! She had a tiny coke to go with it, those really little cans, it was so cute!!

We enjoyed the new space once again to set up the Tiny Party! Do you see all the tiny tables and the tiny guests?? Hosie and Mercy had fun getting the dolls ready for the party! We also had a "real tiny" guest, Lilian/Mavie! We had several tiny treats. Lots of tiny sugar cookies, cupcakes and a tiny cake! We also had some editable tiny critters that showed up, snails and mice! Of course we had some Rasberry tea and Hosie, Siah and Mercy had their treats and tea at their little tables. Finally, after I got all the guys to quit talking about land and houses, we played a couple of games. One was Tea Cup Toss. Two people throwing sugar cubes in a tea cup to see who could get the most in. The other was Stack the Sugar Cubes, Dave won with 19 stacked before falling! Mercy got some tiny gifts as well, a tiny umbrella, a tiny Bible and some writing pens and Playmobiles. Most of the decorations I had from previous parties. I had to get a little bit of fabric for the little chairs and it was real cheap. I borrowed the chairs and we had two of the tables and Daniel and Caleb made one for me. I did buy a few things, the hanging spring flowers, and Mercy got two of the tea sets for her BD. There is just something magical when a little girl can "step" into a place and it fits her tiny size, Kinda like Alice in Wonderland!

There is one picture of a bunny rabbit is sitting at a table with some dolls, that was Joel's bunny, he and Siah each have one. Joel had this bunny at the hospital with him when we were there the night of his seizure. So this bunny was a very special tiny guest!!!!

Oh, and the tiny birthday girl has major chapped lips!!!!!!!!!


Cheryl said...

Okay lady, you are the impressive one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very cute, I'm sure Mercy felt very special and loved.

Janet said...

Delightful! Teeny, tiny tea pary with such a special family! Showed your blog to my hubby tonight - he's not much into blogging!! He loved it - agreed that we've missed out on not having a big famly (not for lack of trying - just not part of God's plan!) You remain an inspiration - all the way to Africa! God Bless u - hope those chapped lips heal really soon! :)

The Lockwood Family ♥ said...

Oh Cindy, I love how you all put so much time, effort, thought, creativity, and love into making each person...little or big...feel so very special on their special day.
Sometimes, with so many little ones right now, birthdays come and quite honestly, I sometimes feel burdened thinking of all the extra work and clean up a party will entail as the days are already so very full.
But each time I see what you all do, while I don't think I could quite do what all you do, just the way you put your heart into each one, the memories you create, the love you show, and all the fun you have always convicts me of my selfish thinking and encourages me to do look forward and make plans for my children too.
Thank you for being an encouragement to this slightly younger than you mother in sooo many ways. :)
Thank you for your little notes on our blog now and then. I think of you often, pray for you, and while my computer time isn't much now days, I check in with you all each week and am so glad the Lord allowed me to "meet" you.
Love to all the Morris Family from the Lockwoods!

Happy Birthday Mercy!

-stephanie- said...

So pretty, and looks like so much fun. What a special time for a special little 4 year old.

We found that Eucerin lotion really helps heal chapped skin.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

A+!!!!!!! This is wonderful. This makes me want better b-days for mine. I do not have quite the creativity as you though!! How special and fun for little Mercy. Great job again!!


Anne said...

I have been reading your blog for a really long time, but have never commented, I don't think.

I wanted to write and say that I love reading your posts each day. I have a son in Heaven, Carson Graham, and this year on his birthday in May, he will be turning 5 with Jesus. I cling to the hope that has been promised to me, that I will see him again in Heaven thanks to Jesus and the eternal life He gives.

We seem like-minded in many ways. We would have loved a big family, but it was not in God's plan. We home church and are blessed!

I love the pictures that you post...we would love to party with you guys! Such fun times, and when I look at the pictures, I can almost hear the laughter!

I was wondering if you would mind posting your cookie icing recipe? I have been searching for a great cookie icing recipe, and haven't found one that has worked well. If you wouldn't mind sharing that, I would really appreciate it.

Blessings to you and your family!

Sit A Spell said...

Wow...what a FUN tiny tea party and I am sure you are a tiny bit tired for sure! You go all out! I agree, birthdays are should be a celebration.

Girl...that Mercy is so you. I can hardly wait to met her someday.
My kids are ready for y'all to come visit Florida! lol I'll inbox you about this ; )

I'd try the lotion for her face too and aloe maybe. Bless her little heart.

Jessica said...

Everything turned out so beautifully. So many creative ideas! I'm sure Mercy will be talking about her special day for a very long time.

Teena said...

How beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are so creative. I love it! Everything is so beautiful. I KNOW you are tired! Great job!!!


Karen said...

These pictures were so precious. I know you made her feel so special on her special day. She is so beautiful!!!

Have a great week....