Friday, March 19, 2010

mercy is 4 !!!!!

Happy Birthday

All of our children are 23 months apart and younger. I always got pregnant when the toddler was around 13-15 months, somewhere in there. When Joel and Josiah were hitting that age and I was not getting pregnant, I was struggling with "maybe its over!" I remember trying to be content yet I longed to be a mommy again! The Lord showed me a verse to pray during that time of requests and waiting, Ps. 33:22, Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee. So that was what I set myself to do pray and ask Him for his mercy upon my womb once again. Joel and Josaiah were 21 months old and we found out we would be expecting our 13th blessing in March 2006. What exciting news to my heart. I felt like with this verse I already had her name too if the baby was to be a girl, she would be Mercy! Shared this with Terry and he was very pleased with the idea! Later in the pregnancy we did find out we had a baby girl in the making, what a blessing in so many ways! She is our precious baby, our princess, she has everyones heart and finger and arms and can get us to do about long as its in ways of the Lord :) She is my little "bed muffin," we talk and she talks soooooo much as she lays in bed with me, she is our funny little girl and she is our strong little girl that needs direction many times but she has tears of an alligator and has a tender heart towards repentance. Our prayer is that soon the Lord will draw her and give her the gift of faith soon in her little life! It is very interesting that as I prayed and longed for her and the Lord fulfilled that desire and now 4 years have quickly gone by and the Lord has not given any more to take care of here. (We have had two miscarriages in those 4 years) I would be thrilled if we had another but I am so grateful for what the Lord has given.....13 children what a privilege!! I think Terry has more hope than me, but I kinda feel like its over, just a "feeling," but I know the Lord does "surprise" sometimes. I am really ready to get some grandchildren going, but I guess a few things have to happen first!!! :) Its a lot of work to rear children for His kingdom and I feel its the greatest honor among women. There is still lots of work even as ours are getting older, but its more "brain work" than physical work, I have lots of helpers to get jobs done, but my brain, coordinating everyone schedules, or trying to is MAJOR! I think its so much fun to have older children and to have several that are still young. May the Lord give you grace to trust Him. If I could give any advice to young couples, I would say "trust Him." I am so thankful the Lord gave Terry and I grace to fling ourselves on the truth that children are a blessing and leave the rest up to Him. After 23 years of marriage and 13 children here with us, its just and indescribable joy!!! May you sow now and in 20-23 years later, may you reap abundantly as well!!!

My little Mercy.......I love you all the way to the moon and back and never, never stop!!!!

Tiny Tea Party pictures tomorrow, you can see how late I am with this post!

Terry and the littles planted tons of potatoes today.

Its been close to 80* all day, the say we could get up to 8 inches of snow tomorrow.......unusual....hope not!!!

Guys are suppose to close on the land on Monday at 1:30 pm........Lord willin'......finally!!!!!!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Happy Birthday to Mercy. Great post and wow, 13 blessings. Can you imagine if you wouldn't have trusted? Look what you woulda missed. It is such a blessing to watch you guys as I long to be the mother of many and it is fun to peak at you. Hope Mercy has a wonderful "tiny" party.


-stephanie- said...

Happy 4th Birthday Mercy! Hope your tiny tea party was lots of fun.

I love her cute little wrinkled nose when she smiles.

Maggie B. said...

Happy birthday Mercy! wow, you're growing up so fast! I love you, hope your B-day was fun!
~Maggie B

Teena said...

Isn't it great how the Lord will give us a verse or two or three and it is right where we are at. That is awesome. I loved hearing how He blessed you with Mercy.

I do feel that it is "over" for us. I will be 49 in Sept. Wesley will be 7 in July. My two youngest are 17 months apart... I so wanted another after Wesley... God didn't blessed us again.... people still say He could surprise us. IT would be a BIG surprise!

I too, would love a grandbaby. Mike/Amber have been married for 2 yrs.... I miss a baby in our family.

Very excited to see the birthday pics!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Mercy!


Sit A Spell said...

I hope Mercy had the best tiny tea birthday party ever!

She is a doll and reminds me a bit of her mama. ; )

This photo of Mercy is way too adorable.

Can't wait to see the party pics !!!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I hope Mercy enjoys her tiny tea party!