Saturday, October 31, 2009

are ya ready for some football?????

It's Saturday and football is on............

We went to a high school football game last night, those of us who did not go to the goat show and now they are even more excited!!!!!! This football stuff has been growing! Remember awhile back the photos and they did not have all the gear? Well, since then Craiglist and searching at thrift stores has brought a "go team!!" That is all except Siah's gear, because his big brothers bought his at Academy, a sports store!!! Jeremiah could not figure out last night with the opposing team, why they could not even punt a good one, or why can they could not get past the 50 yard line and why did they only have about 15 players when our team had around 70? Obviously, they were not that great and then Jeremiah felt sorry for them. It was pretty bad. The score was 58-0!!! Oh, and it was sooooo cold!!!

The calls that are coming in from the Boer goat show is great news!! Bethany is placing well! So far she has got a 2nd, a 1st and a Reserved Grand!! That was with the first show, now the second show will be underway. Praise the Lord!

who gets the socks??????

Yea for

(Chad's wife)

You will be getting some warm


e-mail me so I can get your address!!!!

and if anyone wants to head to
Target, you can get a pair too!!!

thanks for playing!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


your birth.....
our first touch
alas, your in my arms
my heart too
ahead.....joys unspeakable
memories being made
small hands clasping my fingers
your walking!!!
squeals, laughs, hugs
you give to others
running, laughing, playing
brothers, sisters, never lonely!
a hurt, a tear
its me, your mother, near
we seek, we pray
our day becomes dark
Jesus, oh Jesus!
your death
our last touch
......for now
alas, your in His arms
but still in my heart
.....for she loved much

How could I not?? I still love much!! I read that scripture this morning in Luke, for she loved much. Writing helps, thanks for allowing me to keep grieving.......

*******Don't forget the sock giveaway on the post below, I know you want some!!!!! Leave a comment on the post below so your name will be in the hat!!!! *********

Thursday, October 29, 2009


**** Don't worry.....the socks will be new!!!!!******* hehehe!!!!

I have been looking all over for some shoes like this.......and guess where I found them????? The thrift store today for a $1.oo and they look hardly worn if not at all!!!!!!

How bout those socks????? They are my new "warmers,"over the knee!!!! If you would like some, drop a comment and we will put them in a hat and draw out a name and you will be the winner!!!!! We'll draw Saturday the 31st at noon!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

still here......

I have not given up on "writing," but to be honest I felt like I have had nothing to say.......this season is causing me to be a bit low, but I am seeking daily for meat in the scriptures even though at times it seems my tears are my meat. But I think my tears do serve as a source of strength for when they fall, it is really my heart crying out to God and therefore my heart is made stronger as I lean upon him. How can one forget a child, the season of our families greatest journey through fire........never! Someone mentioned that I always seem to weave Joel in our daily lives, as long as this mommy has breath, he will be spoken of, remembered. Thats one of the reasons I continue to write, not only about our family now, but the walking through the :valley of death." How could one say you have reached the end and who would be so thoughtless to think that its time to "heal" and move on? Parents that have endured the death of their child do move on but never the same! Ok, enough of my sorrow preachin' to those that have not experienced and may you never!

As always busy stuff going on around here! The guys are now building a cabin for a fellow out of the Build Block. Caleb and Daniel are still seeking land. I think they have looked at everything available in Logan County!!!!! Praying and saving and waiting for the best the Lord has and within their price range. A big land auction coming up they hope to go to and the land might be going for under $1000 an acre because it was a bankruptcy and alot of land has to go, we are praying the Lord would give favor if its His will for them for this particular land. Also the music CD is coming along. They are working hard at getting it ready to sell by Dec. 5th. On that evening they will be playing at a "Journey Through Bethlehem," here in Guthrie and at the end of the journey, they will be playing in a room where they serve refreshments and they hope to have the CD's available, so they got to hurry! They are making contacts and getting the CD cover/case underway. I hope to get them to allow me to put a sample on here or either on their Shekinah Springs Studio site so you can get a taste of whats ahead!!! I must say, and why wouldn't I, being their mom, the music is incredible!! Our last goat show this weekend. A Boer show. So you see, only time to take a big breath before the next thing comes.

Oh, I found a very rustic table for the girls room. Getting a little bit at a time. Remember how I was on my way to get it but the van cratered, well, the van got fixed but not without great grief on the billfold and alas I have a table. The picture at the top is for Mrs. B, my friend. Go OSU!!!!
And lastly, the weekend of family being here went well, the party for the grandmother and all. Bethany posted some pictures of it.

Better go and figure out what for dinner! We got the goat meat back, so its gonna be something goat!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

crunch, crunch.....

a pile of crispy, crunchy leaves can bring giggles, laughs and fun for
three little people
and still wishing it were

and now they lay, awaiting another
for three little people,
....still wishing it were
to come play.......

Friday, October 23, 2009

oct. 2006

..........................somehow beyond my understanding, its all "for His glory!"

Busy weekend, company, a grandmother's BD, food, fellowship, staying up late, tons of coffee and family!!! Blessings upon your weekend!

These pictures were taken on Oct. 23 and 24th, 2006

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

fall on our farm......

It seems the trees turned overnight. It is so beautiful. It is so like it was when Joel was here in that Oct. 0f 06. Makes me miss him even more.

Today started out a bit interesting. I had plans of going over to the place where we got the beds, but I did not make it there. About 45 min. south the "good ole van" decided it did not want to go any longer!! I lost power at a speed of 65 and coasted over to the side of the interstate. Called Terry and our mechanics wife soon came to pick me up and transported me back to his shop and then the "Great Mav and Mavette" came and carried the "old woman who not only has sooooo many children and am blessed but now has a broken down van!!!" Oh, well, could be worse. I 'll take a sick van over a sick child any day!!

Just to look at these pictures tells me I do not have to worry about vans. He can create and make all the trees turn colors, he can surely take care of a van. I enjoy the Fall, but my best season is Spring, especially now. It speaks of life and hope.

A big weekend ahead. Terry's folks are coming in as well as his sister, husband and two children for a BD party for Terry's mom. She will be 7o and we are having a party for her. I was suppose to go grocery shopping tomorrow and get alll that squared away before they get here but we'll have to figure out another plan. Something will work out, surely!

I have been reading in the book of Joshua. I am finding myself a little down in remembering Joel and these months ahead. I am trying to meditate upon what God has done and know that He will do for the future, for our children and their futures.I must keep drinking of the fountain, even though I feel dry, the fountain never runs dry!

Enjoy the pictures.........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the bunk beds.....

They are big aren't they?????? Another answer to prayer! Hosanna says she has slept the "best ever!!" Mercy is having fun climbing up and down the ladder, but her bunk is on the bottom. She is a little sad she can not sleep on the top.

Tonight we are having a "Fall Meal." I have wanted to do this for a few weeks but time has gotten away from me. It is necessary to have this because I have this recipe to Autumn Tea that is sooo good and if you have Autumn Tea you have to have all the special things to go with it!! We are making Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Fall Cookies and another dessert yet to be decided. For the main meal we are having BBQ Brisket, Grilled Chicken, Sweet potato casserole, and sauted' garden green beans and Bethany's homemade your mouth watering????? Surprisingly our fall garden is still going strong. Terry picked like 10 gallons of beans, 6 gallons of tomatoes and we are now getting spinach and swiss chard. Ok, back to the fall meal, David and Katelyn are coming too!!:)
Autumn Tea
5 tea bags
5 c. boiling water

5 c. unsweetened apple juice
2 c. cranberry juice

1/2 c. sugar
1/3 c. lemon juice

1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice

tea bags in boiling water and steep for 20 min.
discard bags and add remaining ingred.
serve warm or over ice (we do over ice)

School children are calling, better go and be a "teacher" now!

and......FYI........ If I had a million dallars, I would buy:

1) a billion forks and spoons
2) a zillion snow hats
3) a million coffee cups
4) a stock of toilet paper to last a life time
5) a trillion pair of socks in every size under the sun
6) a million light bulbs