Monday, October 5, 2009

testimony winner........

We have a winner!!!!!


(from Indiana)
here is her testimony

I grew up in a family in which my father did not go to church most of the time. My mom took us children often enough and a seed was planted. I had many wayward years as a teenager, and finally made a commitment to follow the Lord in my early 20s. I got married a couple of years later and my husband and I always went to church on Sundays, but we've grown in the Lord by leaps and bounds ever since we left the institutional church (and began fellow shipping in a house assembly). I praise the Lord for a man who is willing to think and live outside the "box."

(thank Andrew, he drew your name out!!)

email me, 13

Thank you for sharing what God has
done in your lives!!!!

because of Jesus!

P.S. I 'll be back a little later......I have an EXCITING post of our Great God!!!!!!

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Jessica said...


I must tell you that the blanket you sent is so wonderfully soft. It's created a little friction in the family. Four people cannot necessarily use it at the same time!