Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We all have dreams. I'm not talking about night time dreams. I'm talking about dreams in which we hope, we desire to see accomplished. I think dreams are somewhat like faith. Dreaming about what we would like to see happen at a future day. We have faith that our dreams will come true. I think The Lord grants dreams to come true. I think just as prayers are prayed and dreams desired, He can bring it to pass according to his will. I have lots of dreams I would like to see happen, but sometimes I feel like they will never happen. Sometimes I have lost all hope. Sometimes I don't know if I have faith anymore. One thing the little children do, is they just let me know all the time by simple words as they are skipping along through the day, "mom, that's gonna happen when....." They just believe it to be so already and in some very near future there it will be!! Children have such a way of profound simplicity! I love that about my kids and I love that I get to be around them everyday to believe with them, to dream and hope. One thing I have dreamed of for many many years is getting new windows for our 40+year old house. So much money. Just recently we ordered windows and terry will put them in to save cost. The other day hosanna and I were imagining what it will be like to have those new windows. We both said we can't imagine it!!! To look through a window that's clear, that's not filled with bugs and dirt and broken glass is going to be so amazing. She is so excited to hang her bird feeder up and be able to see it clearly! I'm so glad we can attempt to imagine it and soon my dream will be fulfilled and we will be able to look clearly out our windows!! I wonder if we will see things we have missed? I think as the scripture says that we will see clearly one day, face to face, I feel sure we will have missed a lot in this life!!! So each day, as our windows are cloudy with years of corrosion, let us not forget to dream because dreams really do come true!!! 

Monday, October 28, 2013


Last night at our annual evening s'more indulgence, we had to get the pumpkins going and give them some personality!! I like the festive look of each season!!! plus hosanna needed a table decoration for her orange choc chip muffins this morning!! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I always relive October through January of 2006/07. It will never fade from my memory even as bad as I might want it to. Particular days scream, others are as silent and cold as the grave itself. As long as the sun rises and as long as I have breath, my heart will never ever be ok. Sure, I experience grace everyday to live, to do what I gotta do, that's how it works and I am thankful. It will be 7 years soon. He was only 3. So little, so innocent to life......

I love you still.....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


helloooooooooo!!!!! For some reason I cannot post from my phone right now so I guess no photos since all my photos are on my phone and on instagam and I have no idea how to do all that fancy stuff. Anyways, lets see if I can push the publish button and make it happen from this computer.

It is finally starting to look Fall on the farm! I do think the leaves changing makes a farm looks so homey and inviting. So I guess if you wanna drive by and stop in, go ahead. Always coffee brewing as you already know that part. Hosanna and I have been enjoying some tea lately. We got this new little perfect tea maker and some loose tea leaves and it really does make the tea taste wonderful. making memories is what im all about anyways, who cares if it cost $60 for the thing. I have to admit that sales woman had ne so confused, I had to just make a purchase and get out of there.

Not long til Hosanna has her donkey show. She will be taking Jigger through an obstacle course. She has been very very diligent to work with him everyday!!!!

Another exciting happening is Annas preparation for Africa in January!!!! It is amazing to me to see God provide the resources through so many random people that we don't really know but who have dropped by the coffee shop, they chatted and then gave her money. I have several txts from her telling me about this one and that one. But I suppose that is just His character. Providing for his will to be done in our lives. One thing I know and am continuing to learn is his faithfulness.

well.....lets see if this posts!!!!!

have a great day!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

prayers needed!!

I would like you all to pray for Kristen's mom. Here is an update on a post she wrote. 


Sunday, October 6, 2013


I have to say Fall is not my favorite season. I'm 100% Summer gal. I don't mind the colorful foliage and the crispness to the air but there are hard memories and situations that Fall has brought and IS bringing forth at this time. Fall is when Joel became sick. October 2006 was filled with fevers and concerns and then it only went downhill from there. Hard memories. I still have to fling myself upon his mercy and rummage through all the emotions to find the solid rock that plans and purposes were planned and puroposed for our good and his glory. I miss all the what ifs and the could have beens. And then just last Fall, Daniel was in the depth of depression. I was so afraid. I don't know what was worse having a child die, yet alive OR having a child alive, yet in one sense dead. But God who is rich in mercy worked the dispair out of Daniels life and heart. And now here it is Fall again, and the situation with my dad and Shirley. She is still only able to say a few words. My dad plans to bring her home from the nursing home this week. There will be people coming and going each week to do therapy and
assist her with her speech therapy. My heart is so heavy as he and Shirley walk this new path. So Fall and I are not best friends. Thank you for praying for any and all of these situations. 

Enjoying the sweetness of my grandson. Somehow babies help us to not see all the bad but they bring newness and hope to our weary hearts.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

rowdy on the farm

Rowdys first visit to the farm!! He loves it outside!!