Tuesday, November 30, 2010


what are some of your Christmas
one of ours is making
sugar cookies!

Monday, November 29, 2010

aunts, uncles and cousins!!

We had a great Thanksgiving in south Texas with the Morris crew!! It was not as warm as I had hoped but besides the weather, the trip was a success. We had a rough start with Mercy getting car sick but after our stop near Dallas to visit some new dear friends, Mercy was ready to "roll." Since it was right along the way, our family crashed Jessica's house! Remember the two young ladies that took our family pictures, well Jessica lives in Texas and we just had to stop and meet the whole gang! So glad we did, they are a super family and surprisingly they know a few folks we know here in Oklahoma....small world! We got on the road again after they served us a wonderful lunch and tons of laughs!! The other young lady, Kristen that arranged the photo shoot, well, her and Jessica are coming to visit is in 2 weeks, just to play on the farm and act crazy with us!

So, as far as the Thanksgiving trip, the food was great, thanks to Terry's mom and the laughs and sheer digression of acting human went down the tubes once our bellys were full!!! You can not be around this group and be bored or sulky!! It would be too much to write about to tell all that happened, but just know it was pure crazy fun!!

The Lord granted safe travels and we are so grateful, for safety is of the Lord!! After arriving at home on Saturday and I got them to at least get het stuff out of the trailer, many of them headed over to the big game....OSU but all know now, we did not pull it off!! Oh well, they played well, just not well enough! :)

Now, it will make your heads spin if I tell you whats ahead the rest of the week. Today, I had to get a forgotten item out of the rent van causing me to drive all the way back to OKC. Then I had to make several stops to get things for candy making because my dad and his wife are coming on Wednesday to do Christmas with the children. I was not home long til Bethany had to leave to accompany with her violin a friend in a recital. Daniel and Elijah got in from work, changed and headed to a Thunder game with Lucas. I had to go pick Micah up from hunting and just a bit ago my friend Natalie and family came by and she helped me with a project! Its getting crazy isn't it???? So on Wed. the guys will all be here for dinner and gifts from their "paps." Thursday, the cabinet guy said he would be here. Friday, Caleb and Daniel are playing their instuments at a church members Christmas party and then Saturday at lunch we are having our Christmas dinner with my dad and that evening some of the children are participating in the "Journey to Bethlehem" here in our little town. From here on out, it , looks non-stop!!!

Oh, and Elijah's 20th bd is Sunday the 5th!!!!!

Our lives can get so busy, we can neglect important things if we are not careful and disciplined. How I need to be on guard to use my time and energy for Christ! I say that as a confession and prayer. May we all seek his kingdom first and He will add all we need to our lives!!

I know you don not know any of these people, but here's a bit of the trip........

Jessica's family...

l to r, Jessica, Jordan (jessica's brothers courtin girl:) Bethany
Rachael, (jessica's sister) and Anna

the rest below are all at Terry's folks....

I told you it was crazy!!!

they play serious knasta

cousin Garrett, Terry's sisters son...

cousin Courtney and her man to be married in June, Roy!!!!

cousin Bradly, Micah, Bradly's dad, Mike and Terry

the one and only....crazy Jerry!!! (Terry's sisters husband)

Terry's brother, Todd and he might even be funnier/crazier than Jerry.....nope, NOT!!!!

Daniel, cousin Hannah (Terry's sisters daughter) and Caleb

Chris, cousin....and yes he's......he's one of the crazy ones too!!!

Duffy......yes we had to take our pups!!!

Elijah with baby Ty, he is Terry's brothers grandson!

the guys figuring it out!!!!
nah....they can't

cousin Courtney, (Terry's brothers daughter) and Anna

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"knew the who".....

No, they are not reindeer, its hunting season round here!!!! Joshua made them for the "nerf" hunter, Jeremiah!!!!

Pants on fire, pants on fire!!!! thats what it is like around here today!!!! Packing and getting things together for 14 people! Anna has an ortho appointment, Bethany is practicing and helping a friend prepare for a recital. I am fixing to take Micah and Andrew hunting, as in dropping them off! In a little while, I have to go pick up the rental van, "ole whitey" is not trust worthy! So while all you Okies will be in 18 degree weather Thursday night, I will be loving the 80 plus temps!!!

On the 23rd four years ago, it was Thanksgiving day. I remember Joel lay on his bed most of the day, but he did eat well, turkey an desserts. We were still in the unknowns and Dr's were montiering his blood levels! God's grace has brought us thus far and I am confident he will carry us to our desired haven one day in seeing him again, so I await with joyful anticipation!! Loving you still, Joel!!!

Lord willing all the guys will arrive tonight from Ada and OKC job sites. A busy week for both crews. I know our guys are ready for some time off to play! Their own houses are coming along very well. Walls are going up quick! When one works on it after work until 2 am, why not, huh?? I keep telling them that they can not keep this pace, but their speeds have not slowed down yet!

Jeremiah had an exciting evening last night, he went to his first OKC Thunder basketball game with Lucas!!! and even got a t-shirt!!! and they won!!!

Have any of you ever played Dutch Blitz?? Its a card game and we have had it forever! I have bought so many decks of this game and it never tires. Check it out for a family Christmas gift. Speaking of ideas for gifts, don't forget Bethany has homemade goat milk soaps.... for humans, she sold 10 bars this morning to a drop by customer and also Caleb and Daniels music cd For His Glory!!! Click and order on those sites or email us!

Do you ever find yourself limiting God??? I know I have done this many, many times. We have needs, and we too have desires, hopes, dreams, and longings. I read a verse this morning and the woman at the well gave a good description of "me,us." John 4:11, ....sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: from whence then hast thou that living water. You see what she did, we do, I do? She looked with narrowness, there was no tools to get to the water, it was deep, meaning, too difficult and even if you got the tool and tried to draw it up, how do you know there is even water in there? So pessimistic!! Me for sure! I loved what Jesus told her and he gave the answer before her excuses/murmurings. He said, "If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee......thou wouldest have asked of him....." I like that thought if you "knew the who." Isn't every life solution summed up in that equation?? No matter what we have, don't have, want, desire, need, dream of, physical, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, if we "knew the who," we could find help, comfort, provision, salvation,peace and on and on! You see when we begin to look at what we can do instead of looking to our Savior, our God then we fall into the same "well" as the Samaratin woman, it looks too deep! But by God's grace we can arise above our "own figurings," our limiting God and as we seek Him, trust Him, wait upon Him, then we will experience the rest of that verse, (10) and he would have given thee living water." Help me, Lord not to limit you, your well never runs dry, I could never use it up whereas I will always use up whatever I can make happen on my own!

I pray you all have a great Thanksgiving with your families and lets think about so many that are in different circumstances than us, being grateful and praying for them!

P.S. come back later and I will have some pics of the guys houses....(when Anna gets back, my right hand picture putter upper)

Front of Caleb's house

Front of Daniel's house

Back of Daniel's house

Friday, November 19, 2010

morris weekly hearald !!!!

A few pictures of the job site in Ada. This was several weeks ago, so a lot has happened since then!!!!

Sometimes it feels like I am just giving a " newspaper report" with nothing exciting!!! But we are normal people, with mundane days of stuff you all do too....laundry, food, cleaning,cooking, school. Lord willing one day when the Lord provides, in His time, there will be lots of excitement......engagements, marriages, babies on the way, new places, but all in good time and according to His will. Personally I can hardly wait til the dominoes start falling!!!!! Maybe I should take applications.............JUST KIDDING!!!!!!! We wait, we pray, and repeat until He shows and guides!! But thats not to say "things" are not happening here and around us......like today at Bass Pro, I was exchanging something and as I drove in the parking lot, there was tons of police and important people in black......come to find out the police arrived on the scene of a guy shooting himself after he called 911 and reported all that he did. Of course the situation could use prayer. Then the other thing that happened today, Josh fell off the 4 wheeler and got knocked out, scratched his face all up, not good! He was riding with Andrew taking deer corn out and they hit a bump and Josh flew up and off. Sad thing is Andrew did not know he fell off and after he discovered it, he went back and Josh is laying all crumpled up on the ground. I think he is going to be alright, just shook up and his head and jaw are hurting. We are watching him carefully!

I have to be honest, the days ahead are permanently engraved in my mind 4 years ago. The 20th was the Dr. visit where we heard the Dr. say "this is not what I expected" (concerning his blood levels) and I so remember sitting in the chairs as the nurse set an appointment for the hematology specialists. It is NOT a blur, its so vivid. From this point onward, the days are etched in my mind. Its so easy to fall prey to "ifs," but by His grace I will seek to see Jesus, His Sovereignty and trust Infinite wisdom, hard, but a must! Like I was telling Micah about his buck incident yesterday morning, even God makes the hinds to calve and as He is in control of that, even more so He is in control of our lives, our days, our breath. All is under His control! and that brings comfort!

Well, tonight, playoff football game. I wanna go but I do not wanna be miserable. I told Terry I would let him know bout 6pm, so I can check out the temps. :) Looking forward to the weekend of being together and also helping our church serve a Thanksgiving meal to the community on Saturday.

The house building is coming along, Caleb has some walls up, Daniel is a bit behind him because he has been in Ada verses Caleb being here in OKC and able to work on his in the evening. Very exciting for sure!

Billy headed to Mississippi to see his family for the week, so "hi" Billy and Gilmore family!!!!

We will spend our Thanksgiving with Terry's family. Lots of people, lots of food, lots of football...on the screen and on the field, lots of fun, laughs, acting totally crazy...speaking of two Uncles!!!!! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, but I will try to get back here the first of the week. My dad is coming to "do" Christmas with the children on the 2nd, so you can imagine the excitement they already have!!!

The cabinet guy was delayed because of the door guy, so hopefully right after Thanksgiving...he said. :O

Happy weekend!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

before, after and end......

Wow!!!! my daughter, Bethany made a post on her blog!!!!! She is still with us! and she even gave it some seasonal flair! very major!!!

A dreary day here for sure, rain/cloudy, but coffee and a warm toasty fire can cheer ones heart!! Bethany and Anna headed over to Ada to fumigate/clean the rent house! Guys.....I can't understand how they can ALL live like that?!?!?!? We still got the two crews going, one in Ada and one on OKC.

We had a great Sunday! For the past several months we have been visiting local church in our little town and through prayer and input from our older children our family officially became a part of this body of believers. We feel blessed to be apart of such wonderful folks, sound teaching/doctrine, expository preaching, and ministry opportunities. Had some friends over after church for dinner, lotsa fun, back to church and then to pizza hut as it is becoming a Sunday eve tradition, but this coming Sunday eve. we are going to do a "plan b!!" Haha!!!

I read two verses this morning in I Peter that made me think of our journey here. It got me to thinking and caused me to view our journey in light of these three words, "before, after and end." The scripture says there was a time before faith came, Galatians 3:23, but before faith came we were kept under the law. If I look back I see my life before faith, lost, enjoying sin, no fear of God, a life without God. Then through the Spirits work of grace affecting my heart.... repentance and faith was given, and the after thus began. Galatians 3:25, But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster. Now I want to spend some time here because this is where I am, you are if you know Jesus as your Savior. You are now in the after faith. It might also be considered the "middle" because there was a before faith and there will be the end of faith. What happens in this "middle section, or time, or journey??? Well.....a whole lot, a life time of stuff and it all has the goal of making us more fit for eternity. The verse I read in I Peter gives us one thing that happens in this "middle" section that comes after faith yet before the end of faith. Chapter 1:7, the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire. Everyone's "middle" will be different, and I am not talking bout your belly!! hehehe!!!!! Our before is all alike, we are sinners and our after will all be alike, we will be made in His image. Some peoples "middle" will have many trials of faith, some few. There are also many other things that should happen to our "middles." Our faith should grow in grace and knowledge, live by faith, demonstrate works because of faith, ask in faith, pray in faith, stand fast in the faith, godly edifying which is in faith, fight the good fight of faith, greet them in faith, a testimony of faith and many more. Right now is when all this should be happening because one day the end of faith will come. Not that we will loose our faith but there will be that glorious day when we will not need faith anymore, it will all be sight, face to face!!!!!! Everything we had to have faith for will be visible....Jesus!! The verse in I Peter verifies that the end of faith will come, recieving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls, (v 8). So if you are in the after/middle of faith, then do the living of it, seek God, love him, know we will be tried, know we will have victory, know he will never forsake us, know he wants us to become more like him. Maybe your in the "before" faith, maybe you have never trusted Christ as your Savior, the scripture says that whosoever will can come! You can be cleansed, forgiven, made a new creature in Christ. And for all that know Him, well, one day our faith will end and wow, what a wonderful day!!! Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith!!!!!

Gotta get some deer chili going! They got volley ball on the agenda tonight! ( in a gym that is) I just want to stay snuggled in my warm house!!

Happy Monday......

Friday, November 12, 2010

lots of stuff!!








Caleb's house

Caleb's slab

Daniel's slab

We have satellite hook up.....but guess what its raining and very cloudy today and its does not work......soooooo I am at the library but Anna was was so thoughtful to help me with some pictures!!! Alot to catch up on.....The slab/foundation party went great!!! Caleb and Daniel got each of them laid down and Daniel was so pumped he slept out on his Monday night!!! Last night they were out there with lights hooked up starting on the walls. Those guys are too much!!

As far as the jobs are going....super busy is all I can say!!! The Lord has made it possible to have two full crews going, one in Ada an da crew also in OKC!! Its nice to have Caleb and Daniel working in OKC, they get to come home at night!

As you can see Elijah got a dirt bike.......he keeps buying wheels, like you know his truck, his tractor and now this bike!!! I asked him when he was going to get serious and buy some land, he is interested in doing that but "things" keep coming up that he thinks he needs!!! HaHa!!

Play off football game tonight but I do not know bout it with all this rain, I think Terry wants to go, but I don't think I am going to be a faithful fan with this weather! Some are also playing vb, so we will be spread out!!

Tuesday, I did our Christmas decorating!! When we did the add on, I thought it would be so neat to get a huge tree!! I found a 12 foot on Craigslist for only $100 so I got it!!!! It has been fun decorating it. I have 2300 lights on it, but I am still in the process of decorating it. I got some giant balls for it, like the size of Mercy's head!! LOL! So these are unfinished pictures of the big tree but you can get the idea.

The first phase of the kitchen cabinets are suppose to be installed before Thanksgiving....I am so excited!!! I can hardly wait to have our first bon fire with our old cabinets that we will take out first!!! hehheh!!!

Josiah's toe is coming along, the toenail has come off and it looks alot better but still has a huge scab on the end. I am going to get him some tenny shoes after we leave here because he can not wear his cow boots! So thankful he is getting the look of his toe back!

Well, need to go, but hopefully next week will be filled with some sunny days and I can have access to the internet at home.

Have a great weekend!!!