Saturday, November 6, 2010

pray for others!

For the last two years Caleb, Daniel, Bethany, Elijah and Anna have participated in an event in our town, Guthrie, called the Journey to Bethlehem. They have live scenes set up for folks to walk through and then at the end of the tour they have a reception room and our children play their instruments. The father and husband that organizes this event was killed in a car wreck Friday morning, his name is Chris (age 34) His wife was also in the truck but is is in critical but stable condition. They just celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary and have two children I think around 8 and 10. Would you pray for this family? Can you imagine???

Here are a few more, I know we all have lists, but I like to share with others because "I know" how much prayer means and feels to a desperate, hurting heart!

Leightyn's family.....a 5 year old little girl that died suddenly of a brain tumor in August.
The Evans family......I mentioned this family not long ago, the wife giving birth to 21 week old twins and had complications in delivery and died.
Oliva's family......a 11 year old little girl who died this week of cancer.

The guys are having to work today in Ada and in OKC, so they can be off on Monday becasue Caleb and Daniel are pouring the foundation to each of their houses!!! Very exciting!!! So today, being Saturday will be different not having them here. :( But tonight.....our tradition of Friday grilled hamburgers!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Josiah's toe is healing, thankfully but it still looks, well.....bad! The toe nail is coming off and is all floppy and wet underneath, but he is going 90 to nothing, riding his bike and doing jumps!!!

I so miss you Joel :)........sights and smells remind me of you during this time...

Our internet is still very random, but Lord willing satellite on the 12th, yippppppeeeeeeee!!!!!!


Teena said...

praying for you today... as you remember this time of year and JOEL. I was reading over at a blog that a friend told me about ... and immediately thought "I need to tell Cindy about this family b/c she will pray." I left you a msg on fb.

Praying for Josiah's toe.

Hope your weekend is great.

cold here this morning....

Our Mandi comes home on Wed. I haven't heard from her in a several days and the Kenyan girl we know sent me a msg last night saying that Mandi's joints ached. Will you pray that I trust and NOT worry.

love ya lots,

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Your family pics are wonderful!!!! I especially enjoyed seeing you and Terry in all of them and reading some of your story. So sweet. He sure loves you and can't keep his hands off!!! :) He reminds me of Chad so much. I did not even think about how hard losing a child would be on the marriage and God is faithful and what a testimony of a good godly marriage you have. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are all georgeous!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Morris! I got the surprise today in the mail!!!

They are so cute and soft!!!

Thanks so much!

That's terrible what happened to Chris. Wow. I cannot imagine.
Whenever I hear of other accidents and deaths I feel so blessed because God has been so merciful and kind to my family in that nothing critical or major, major has ever happened to us!
I am SO thankful to the Lord!!

Thanks again Mrs. Morris for the sweet gift!! Hope Daniel and Caleb's work on their house went well today!

Stay warm!! (I know my feet will!! :D)