Friday, November 19, 2010

morris weekly hearald !!!!

A few pictures of the job site in Ada. This was several weeks ago, so a lot has happened since then!!!!

Sometimes it feels like I am just giving a " newspaper report" with nothing exciting!!! But we are normal people, with mundane days of stuff you all do too....laundry, food, cleaning,cooking, school. Lord willing one day when the Lord provides, in His time, there will be lots of excitement......engagements, marriages, babies on the way, new places, but all in good time and according to His will. Personally I can hardly wait til the dominoes start falling!!!!! Maybe I should take applications.............JUST KIDDING!!!!!!! We wait, we pray, and repeat until He shows and guides!! But thats not to say "things" are not happening here and around today at Bass Pro, I was exchanging something and as I drove in the parking lot, there was tons of police and important people in black......come to find out the police arrived on the scene of a guy shooting himself after he called 911 and reported all that he did. Of course the situation could use prayer. Then the other thing that happened today, Josh fell off the 4 wheeler and got knocked out, scratched his face all up, not good! He was riding with Andrew taking deer corn out and they hit a bump and Josh flew up and off. Sad thing is Andrew did not know he fell off and after he discovered it, he went back and Josh is laying all crumpled up on the ground. I think he is going to be alright, just shook up and his head and jaw are hurting. We are watching him carefully!

I have to be honest, the days ahead are permanently engraved in my mind 4 years ago. The 20th was the Dr. visit where we heard the Dr. say "this is not what I expected" (concerning his blood levels) and I so remember sitting in the chairs as the nurse set an appointment for the hematology specialists. It is NOT a blur, its so vivid. From this point onward, the days are etched in my mind. Its so easy to fall prey to "ifs," but by His grace I will seek to see Jesus, His Sovereignty and trust Infinite wisdom, hard, but a must! Like I was telling Micah about his buck incident yesterday morning, even God makes the hinds to calve and as He is in control of that, even more so He is in control of our lives, our days, our breath. All is under His control! and that brings comfort!

Well, tonight, playoff football game. I wanna go but I do not wanna be miserable. I told Terry I would let him know bout 6pm, so I can check out the temps. :) Looking forward to the weekend of being together and also helping our church serve a Thanksgiving meal to the community on Saturday.

The house building is coming along, Caleb has some walls up, Daniel is a bit behind him because he has been in Ada verses Caleb being here in OKC and able to work on his in the evening. Very exciting for sure!

Billy headed to Mississippi to see his family for the week, so "hi" Billy and Gilmore family!!!!

We will spend our Thanksgiving with Terry's family. Lots of people, lots of food, lots of football...on the screen and on the field, lots of fun, laughs, acting totally crazy...speaking of two Uncles!!!!! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, but I will try to get back here the first of the week. My dad is coming to "do" Christmas with the children on the 2nd, so you can imagine the excitement they already have!!!

The cabinet guy was delayed because of the door guy, so hopefully right after Thanksgiving...he said. :O

Happy weekend!!


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Maybe we'll fill out an application in another decade or so ;)

I love your updates which are anything but boring! To me, in the sweet life of many small children/babies and just beginning to have our first enter the teen age years, it gives me a glimpse into what lies ahead. Each stage is so wonderful...different, but good! The Lord makes everything so perfect when done His way!

I think of you often this time of year. I'm extra sensitive/sentimental during the holidays as I miss my family so, so when you share from your heart, mine easily aches with you. What a glorious day we have ahead of us someday! Never lose sight of that! And know I love every memory you share of precious Joel.

The Gilmore Family said...

The Gilmore Family thanks Mr. Terry for letting Billy off to come home. It's almost 8 pm and he is about 2 hours away, stuck in traffic. Sarah made a welcome home cake for him and we have anothre surprise awaiting.

We pray Josh is okay. Billy called and told us about him on his way home.

Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Teena said...

Remembering with you.... praying for you....

Love reading....


Karen said...

Wow, you guys are so busy=). Love all the activity!
Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet, sweet friend! Enjoy all your family!

Cheryl said...

Mrs. M, I don't know how we would keep up with ya'll if it weren't for this blog!! So, keep up the updates. :)

Isn't this season of family life fun?!? The B's are loving it. :)


Wescott Family said...

One of my sisters found your site recently, and we've enjoyed reading your updates and looking at the pictures! Joel's life is such a testimony. I was really touched by it. A young boy in our church had the same type of cancer a few years back. While he miraculously survived, it sadly tore the family apart. It's encouraging to see how your family stuck together and leaned on Christ during the trial. I know Joel's life will continue to make an impact of others' lives for many years to come yet. May God bless you all!

btw I'm going to order a For His Glory CD and give it to my brother for Christmas (he also plays the violin). I mentioned it to my sister, and it's a good thing I did because she was going to buy one too!! The samples on their website are amazing. We're in the process of finishing our music website, and it was neat to see how others did theirs. :)

I know that I'm a complete stranger and that you probably think it's weird that I'm commenting on your site, but I wanted you to know that the story of Joel and your family's faith during that time really really touched and blessed me. It's also nice to read about a family with the same values as mine (at least as far as I can tell for the most part! ;-)). God bless you, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!