Monday, November 29, 2010

aunts, uncles and cousins!!

We had a great Thanksgiving in south Texas with the Morris crew!! It was not as warm as I had hoped but besides the weather, the trip was a success. We had a rough start with Mercy getting car sick but after our stop near Dallas to visit some new dear friends, Mercy was ready to "roll." Since it was right along the way, our family crashed Jessica's house! Remember the two young ladies that took our family pictures, well Jessica lives in Texas and we just had to stop and meet the whole gang! So glad we did, they are a super family and surprisingly they know a few folks we know here in Oklahoma....small world! We got on the road again after they served us a wonderful lunch and tons of laughs!! The other young lady, Kristen that arranged the photo shoot, well, her and Jessica are coming to visit is in 2 weeks, just to play on the farm and act crazy with us!

So, as far as the Thanksgiving trip, the food was great, thanks to Terry's mom and the laughs and sheer digression of acting human went down the tubes once our bellys were full!!! You can not be around this group and be bored or sulky!! It would be too much to write about to tell all that happened, but just know it was pure crazy fun!!

The Lord granted safe travels and we are so grateful, for safety is of the Lord!! After arriving at home on Saturday and I got them to at least get het stuff out of the trailer, many of them headed over to the big game....OSU but all know now, we did not pull it off!! Oh well, they played well, just not well enough! :)

Now, it will make your heads spin if I tell you whats ahead the rest of the week. Today, I had to get a forgotten item out of the rent van causing me to drive all the way back to OKC. Then I had to make several stops to get things for candy making because my dad and his wife are coming on Wednesday to do Christmas with the children. I was not home long til Bethany had to leave to accompany with her violin a friend in a recital. Daniel and Elijah got in from work, changed and headed to a Thunder game with Lucas. I had to go pick Micah up from hunting and just a bit ago my friend Natalie and family came by and she helped me with a project! Its getting crazy isn't it???? So on Wed. the guys will all be here for dinner and gifts from their "paps." Thursday, the cabinet guy said he would be here. Friday, Caleb and Daniel are playing their instuments at a church members Christmas party and then Saturday at lunch we are having our Christmas dinner with my dad and that evening some of the children are participating in the "Journey to Bethlehem" here in our little town. From here on out, it , looks non-stop!!!

Oh, and Elijah's 20th bd is Sunday the 5th!!!!!

Our lives can get so busy, we can neglect important things if we are not careful and disciplined. How I need to be on guard to use my time and energy for Christ! I say that as a confession and prayer. May we all seek his kingdom first and He will add all we need to our lives!!

I know you don not know any of these people, but here's a bit of the trip........

Jessica's family...

l to r, Jessica, Jordan (jessica's brothers courtin girl:) Bethany
Rachael, (jessica's sister) and Anna

the rest below are all at Terry's folks....

I told you it was crazy!!!

they play serious knasta

cousin Garrett, Terry's sisters son...

cousin Courtney and her man to be married in June, Roy!!!!

cousin Bradly, Micah, Bradly's dad, Mike and Terry

the one and only....crazy Jerry!!! (Terry's sisters husband)

Terry's brother, Todd and he might even be funnier/crazier than Jerry.....nope, NOT!!!!

Daniel, cousin Hannah (Terry's sisters daughter) and Caleb

Chris, cousin....and yes he's......he's one of the crazy ones too!!!

Duffy......yes we had to take our pups!!!

Elijah with baby Ty, he is Terry's brothers grandson!

the guys figuring it out!!!!
nah....they can't

cousin Courtney, (Terry's brothers daughter) and Anna


The Munck Family said...

WOW, your day and week to come just made me tired reading it, but looks like lots of fun ahead! I hope your time with family doing Christmas this week is full of many blessings and loads of memories.

Glad your Thanksgiving and trip went well, and looks like ya'll had lots of crazy fun with relatives.

The Gilmore Family said...

Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Hope your week goes smoothly!!!

Our lives have just slowed down... and Billy just left 30 minutes ago.... sniff sniff.....

Thanks for the good reminder!

The Cole Family said...

Boomer Sooner!!

The Cole's