Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"knew the who".....

No, they are not reindeer, its hunting season round here!!!! Joshua made them for the "nerf" hunter, Jeremiah!!!!

Pants on fire, pants on fire!!!! thats what it is like around here today!!!! Packing and getting things together for 14 people! Anna has an ortho appointment, Bethany is practicing and helping a friend prepare for a recital. I am fixing to take Micah and Andrew hunting, as in dropping them off! In a little while, I have to go pick up the rental van, "ole whitey" is not trust worthy! So while all you Okies will be in 18 degree weather Thursday night, I will be loving the 80 plus temps!!!

On the 23rd four years ago, it was Thanksgiving day. I remember Joel lay on his bed most of the day, but he did eat well, turkey an desserts. We were still in the unknowns and Dr's were montiering his blood levels! God's grace has brought us thus far and I am confident he will carry us to our desired haven one day in seeing him again, so I await with joyful anticipation!! Loving you still, Joel!!!

Lord willing all the guys will arrive tonight from Ada and OKC job sites. A busy week for both crews. I know our guys are ready for some time off to play! Their own houses are coming along very well. Walls are going up quick! When one works on it after work until 2 am, why not, huh?? I keep telling them that they can not keep this pace, but their speeds have not slowed down yet!

Jeremiah had an exciting evening last night, he went to his first OKC Thunder basketball game with Lucas!!! and even got a t-shirt!!! and they won!!!

Have any of you ever played Dutch Blitz?? Its a card game and we have had it forever! I have bought so many decks of this game and it never tires. Check it out for a family Christmas gift. Speaking of ideas for gifts, don't forget Bethany has homemade goat milk soaps.... for humans, she sold 10 bars this morning to a drop by customer and also Caleb and Daniels music cd For His Glory!!! Click and order on those sites or email us!

Do you ever find yourself limiting God??? I know I have done this many, many times. We have needs, and we too have desires, hopes, dreams, and longings. I read a verse this morning and the woman at the well gave a good description of "me,us." John 4:11, ....sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: from whence then hast thou that living water. You see what she did, we do, I do? She looked with narrowness, there was no tools to get to the water, it was deep, meaning, too difficult and even if you got the tool and tried to draw it up, how do you know there is even water in there? So pessimistic!! Me for sure! I loved what Jesus told her and he gave the answer before her excuses/murmurings. He said, "If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee......thou wouldest have asked of him....." I like that thought if you "knew the who." Isn't every life solution summed up in that equation?? No matter what we have, don't have, want, desire, need, dream of, physical, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, if we "knew the who," we could find help, comfort, provision, salvation,peace and on and on! You see when we begin to look at what we can do instead of looking to our Savior, our God then we fall into the same "well" as the Samaratin woman, it looks too deep! But by God's grace we can arise above our "own figurings," our limiting God and as we seek Him, trust Him, wait upon Him, then we will experience the rest of that verse, (10) and he would have given thee living water." Help me, Lord not to limit you, your well never runs dry, I could never use it up whereas I will always use up whatever I can make happen on my own!

I pray you all have a great Thanksgiving with your families and lets think about so many that are in different circumstances than us, being grateful and praying for them!

P.S. come back later and I will have some pics of the guys houses....(when Anna gets back, my right hand picture putter upper)

Front of Caleb's house

Front of Daniel's house

Back of Daniel's house


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Each night, for family devotions, we read a chapter from the Bible out loud together. We go around the room and each capable reader reads a verse until we complete the chapter. After we finish, each person who read shares what verse stood out to him/her in the passage and shares why.
We read John 4 last night (only half of it because it was longer chapter and it was late :) ). And I picked verse 11 too. What impressed me so much was those last words...he would have given thee. It wasn't he might or he'll possibly or even probably, but he WOULD...he WILL! It blessed my heart to know that when come to Him with the deepest needs, HE WILL GIVE! He gives the grace, the wisdom, the peace, the love, the joy; He is the Shelter, our Comfort, our Hope! How beautiful He is!

Sarah Prislovsky said...

Hey Mrs. Morris!

I found your blog when Kristen Leigh talked about your family on her blog and posted pictures of y'all. :) I immediately came over to your site and started reading about Joel's life and y'alls. I am so sorry about the loss of your precious son. I want to tell you that I have loved reading your blog these past few weeks and getting a peak into the lives of you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving!

In Christ,

Sarah Prislovsky

P.S. Oh, I was at the San Antonio film festival the same year y'all were. I even saw Bethany running across the chairs with her friend in that empty room. Just kidding!

Cheryl said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. Happy Thanksgiving. You have a beautiful family. I read your journey with your Joel and am terrible sorry for your loss. We have a Joel too and he is battling brain cancer.

Blessings to you and your family

Teena said...

Wow... their houses look great!

Wow also to the comments... YOUR testimony/journey is still touching people deep. I am so sorry for your heart hurting... praying for you always and remembering Joel.

So where will you go to for 80 degree weather? Is it close to me? Florida? How long will you be there?


KD said...

We have Dutch blitz, I've only played a little, but the kids love it.

Jessica said...


Where do you buy the Dutch Blitz game? Thanks!