Tuesday, November 2, 2010

see photo shoot from Sat.!!!!

Remember on Saturday we had some amazing gals come and do a photo shoot with our family!!!! Kristen from Washington DC and Jessica from Texas! Check out their photography sites!!!

But if you would like to see what we were up to on Saturday and see Kristen and Jessica's work, Kristen told Joel's story on her blog, and I am so blessed that "one" more might get to hear of Joel!!! Here it is!!! She made a slideshow a the end of the post and she took tons more pictures but how could one post 500 ?!?!?!?! Anyways.......I am sooooo thankful for Kristen and Jessica and their willingness, hard work, joyful hearts and adventursome spirits to have some fun after the photo shoot......4 wheelers and Fords!!!!!

God is so good and Faithful!!!!! Enjoy their hard work!!!!

Ann Parker.....this is for you........click on the "here" in above paragraph and it will take you to the pictures and the slideshow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mountain Mama said...

I went straight to her blog and read the post. Absolutely beautiful!! Amazing pictures. Sweet story.

-stephanie- said...

She did a fabulous job. I've said this before...you have a beautiful family.

KD said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us..not just sharing your story..but bearing part of your soul. I know I've a long way to go..since yesterday was one year...

Anonymous said...

Wow Ms. Cindy....

She captured your words and the story and expressed it so well it was amazing. Thank you for starting the blog and sharing your story with the world for the Glory of God.

It hit a spot in my heart...I cried as I read the story and saw the pictures....

Thank you for your testimony!

The picturs were great and I am still trying to get over how everyone is growing... and changing!!! Where did Anna's blonde hair come from anyhow?!?! :D

Andrew is catching Micah isn't he?! Wow!



Abigail said...

Some very sweet pictures in there! You and your Prince Charming are so cute together and your love for each other is evident even in pictures. May God continue to be very near your beautiful family as you keep growing on in life.


Jess said...

Hi! I noticed recently that I've had a lot of activity on my website, www.jessicasheaphotography.com, and noticed that all of it pretty much was because of a referral from your blog! I think you may have the wrong link in your post, since I read what it's about and I'm not Jessica from Texas! Just thought you might want to know that, despite how appreciative I was to see about 200 page views in one day on my website!

Regardless, I really like your blog! I also have one, over at All Things Creative. Have a great day!