Friday, November 12, 2010

lots of stuff!!








Caleb's house

Caleb's slab

Daniel's slab

We have satellite hook up.....but guess what its raining and very cloudy today and its does not work......soooooo I am at the library but Anna was was so thoughtful to help me with some pictures!!! Alot to catch up on.....The slab/foundation party went great!!! Caleb and Daniel got each of them laid down and Daniel was so pumped he slept out on his Monday night!!! Last night they were out there with lights hooked up starting on the walls. Those guys are too much!!

As far as the jobs are going....super busy is all I can say!!! The Lord has made it possible to have two full crews going, one in Ada an da crew also in OKC!! Its nice to have Caleb and Daniel working in OKC, they get to come home at night!

As you can see Elijah got a dirt bike.......he keeps buying wheels, like you know his truck, his tractor and now this bike!!! I asked him when he was going to get serious and buy some land, he is interested in doing that but "things" keep coming up that he thinks he needs!!! HaHa!!

Play off football game tonight but I do not know bout it with all this rain, I think Terry wants to go, but I don't think I am going to be a faithful fan with this weather! Some are also playing vb, so we will be spread out!!

Tuesday, I did our Christmas decorating!! When we did the add on, I thought it would be so neat to get a huge tree!! I found a 12 foot on Craigslist for only $100 so I got it!!!! It has been fun decorating it. I have 2300 lights on it, but I am still in the process of decorating it. I got some giant balls for it, like the size of Mercy's head!! LOL! So these are unfinished pictures of the big tree but you can get the idea.

The first phase of the kitchen cabinets are suppose to be installed before Thanksgiving....I am so excited!!! I can hardly wait to have our first bon fire with our old cabinets that we will take out first!!! hehheh!!!

Josiah's toe is coming along, the toenail has come off and it looks alot better but still has a huge scab on the end. I am going to get him some tenny shoes after we leave here because he can not wear his cow boots! So thankful he is getting the look of his toe back!

Well, need to go, but hopefully next week will be filled with some sunny days and I can have access to the internet at home.

Have a great weekend!!!


Marie said...

Glad to see you back online. I am not sure what the rain has to do with not having internet though. It should still work. You might have to call and complain a little.
Great pictures!! It's so nice to see the Christmas tree up. I don't put mine up until after my b'day in December. Lots of people decorate early though.


The Mayo Family said...

Wow! How nice to "see yall"!
Seems different when one can not see yall!
Thanks for the great "up-date"!
Your trees are beautiful Cindy!
Now you have many in the mood to get out the "boxes"!
Have a great weekend.

Mandy said...

Love the hat on top of the tree! Cute! And can't wait to see the guys' finished houses!

The Ahlgren Family said...

We're so excited for Caleb and Daniel!!! And there's some "selfish" excitement too in that it's all just one step closer to having some wonderful neighbors! Woohoo!
Can't wait to see the cabinets! God is so gracious to provide all that we need and often WAY more too! :)
The Christmas lights look lovely! I've often thought of implementing lights into decoration all year round; they're so pretty and warm!
We'll keep praying for Siah's toe to heal up quickly and that he(and everyone else) won't smash, kick, or step on it in the process!
Hope you have a cozy weekend! :D

Rosalie said...

Oh, don't burn your cabinets!! Here's some links for recycled uses for cabinet doors, and if your boys get creative, they could cut the cabinets down, paint them and make a play kitchen for the little kids!! :-)

Teena said...

wow... love the trees!

love the update...

looked at fb... and Caleb pics of the foundation party...

how awesome.



Anonymous said...

Awesome guys!

Nice hat Billy! Very Oklahomaish. :D


Paige said...

wow ya'll believe in BIG christmas trees last year we had a house and my mom bought this tiny little tree and now we live in a RV and cant have a big tree