Sunday, February 28, 2010

living in the fast lane.....

Producer...Micah Morris
Summer 2009

a picture.....

Sunday works good if you want to take a we did!
but beware if you enlarge it, it looks like I have burgundy
hair......yikes......I don't use "color" YET!!!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

shopping adventures......

the all girl shopping day was soooooo
found some good deals and I treated Bethany
to one of those Starbucks things I had
on Friday....she loved it too!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

back and forth!!!!!

Do you really want to know how we are working with one vehicle????? Get buckled in, here goes!!!!! I get up at 7 am, ride with the guys to work about 40 minutes away, we get to the job site and the guys realize they have forgotten an air compressor hose, so Terry and I go get the hose at a nearby store, come back to site, let Terry off and I head to the grocery store, while in the store, I call my lady that cuts my hair but its back in the town we live in and because I do not know when I will ever get there in the day and she just happens to have an opening at 10:30 am, I travel back 4o minutes and get my hair trimmed and after that go to Wal Mart, then I go back 40 minutes down the road again to do some more grocery shopping, its about 11:15 am now and the guys call and say they are hungry, proceed to pick them up some lunch, drop it off and continue my shopping, Hobby Lobby, a children's resale store, Target, Sams. Then Terry calls and says I need to go another 15 minutes farther away and pick up a check and take it to the bank, so I am off to do that. Next stop after picking the check up, is a womens resale store, then to tractor supply to get chainsaw chaps/protective pants for the guys, then on to the bank, then my last stop is the best of all........Starbucks to get a Carmel Frappecinno do you spell that???? Then heading home, arrive and unload the van and because we have one vehicle, Bethany now has to travel back 40 minutes and pick up the guys and also stop and get a 600 pound bag of feed for the goats!!!! Finally everyone is home, we eat, then most of the older ones are out the door to go to a Bible study and then play volley ball, which they will not get home until around midnight and before they come home they have to stop at Wal Mart and refill water jugs for our coffee maker because our hard well water which is great for humans but not great for coffee pots!!!!! Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to clean the kitchen up, Terry washes the left overs that will not fit in the dishwasher and are we getting close to the end of the day yet??????????????? My neck and arms are so sore from driving that big truck today, its so hard to turn and park!!! I felt like I was driving an 18 wheeler.

Ok, for Saturday, it does not look much slower. Several are going over to the land, which they will be dropped off, Dave and Elijah are helping some folks move that live about 2 hours away, so Kate is coming over and her and Bethany, Mercy, Anna and I are going to go and finish up grocery shopping and also have a little girl fun and go to a few clothes stores. Terry plans to work in the garden a bit, fix a dryer, take care of the "littles" and hold the fort down. Us girls can not be gone too long, as church is at our house and I need to get back and prepare for that! We are also having another baby shower after church! Once we get back home somebody will have to pick up the load of people at the land! Its working but you got to be the first to get "dibs" on the wheels!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! Next Wed. my dad, their Paps is coming, so it will be a short week as we get ready for him and Shirley!!! Revolving doors for sure around here.........

Thursday, February 25, 2010

sayin' of the day.....

Here's my sayin' of the day:

"when you have toddlers, you get to color and read books,
when you have teens and 20ish
people, you get to text and do
facebook. I get to do both!!!!
Yea, for me!!!!!!"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

land news.....

he said he was going to South America.....

looks like for an adventure....

somethings up.....

an idea.....

I got all my stuff...

it'll work.....

most important item.......

its all here......ready.....

sisters are not lookin'
they'll never miss her...... mission.......

We have finally had progress with the 160 acres that Dave, Caleb and Daniel are Lord willin' purchasing. (Caleb and Daniel 50 acres and Dave 110) It has taken time to get all the paper work in order but if all continues they will close on the land on March 12th!!!!!!! Wahooooo!!!! They were so excited with the news yesterday as soon as they came in from work, they left dust in the air and went to make their "marks" by cutting down a few small trees. I guess its a "land purchaser thing!!" Dave even got ice-cream to go along with the celebration!!!

It is such a trite matter......the transmission went out in our van! It had 9 lives, I don't know if we'll get 10 out of it or not!!! It is such a trite matter, so many are in greater straights, battling cancer, hurting, suffering, confined to beds and hospital rooms, children suffering. The idea of a van broken is so insignificant, so temporal and I can see it as being so trite now because we have been one of those mentioned above. If only it was our van instead of Joel back 3 years ago, yet I say too that it is a great need for us right now, and the Lord knows about vans, about cancer, about beds of sicknesses, hurting relationships, He knows and He cares. I want to have a heart of confidence yet in my "thinking" it is a total inconvenience. We can not all go to church together, its going to be a challenge to work out doing my errands in the evenings, and its not great being out here without transportation for emergencies. BUT somehow it will all work out. I read something awhile back and I try to have it in front of my thoughts when circumstances prove downhill. It said "believe and live!!" Believe, trust, hope in a great God, live each day to make it count!!! Help me do it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

where's my mommy?????

Looks like Lilian/"Mavie" is lookin' for her momma!!!!! Her mommy was out hitting a few volley balls with Anna!

Oh, not too much to report around the fort today. Just a "extraordinary ordinary day!!" Kate came over this morning while Dave has some business. Bethany walked her through bread making. She uses the same recipe we use but it was not quite turning out like ours. Bethany and Kate came to the conclusion that maybe her wheat just needs to be ground up finer, an easy fix, just tighten the grinder thingy! Fixin' a big pot of stew and we have a big basket of rolls and there you have whats for dinner! I am all for one dish meals!

The guys are busy with work and jobs, thankfully! The Lord keeps allowing the phone to ring with job opportunities. The big school job I mentioned awhile back will be under way when ever the foundation gets poured, so it could be April before the guys get on that one.

Bethany is super busy with feeding baby goats and hopefully selling all these little baby bucks that the "buck fairy" left us, as someone said. We had another calf yesterday, this time a bull calf! I guess our farm is good at making males.......even human ones since we have 9 boys!!!! But we are keeping ours!!!

Good news with the guys music CD. which is associated with Vision Forum is taking their cd on their site for downloads. They will get a nice percentage, which we are thankful for. If you have not got yours, we are still sending them out. Click the button at the top right!

I am ever so ready for Spring as others are too! It is sooo cold here and chances of snow again this week!!! Terry and Hosanna did plant spinach on Saturday. Actually he's a bit later than usual but its been way too wet in the garden.

Stay warm......

Friday, February 19, 2010

jeremiah's basketball party pictures !

Jeremiah won the "tip off!" He scored the highest points with "Best Coach Chili and Hot dogs." Lots of "Champ Chips" and some Power Sport Drinks! He made a "fast break" to open his gifts quick!!! The games were underway with "No Double Dribble Relay." A relay of two teams dribbling around cones. Another was "Top Dog." Two people at a time in boundries had to dribble their balls while trying to get the handkerchief out of the back of the other persons jeans. That one was pretty crazy!! Of course we had to play "Pig." We should have played "it," as it was taking sooooo long to go through all the people! And the last game was like "hot potato," except we were in a circle bouncing the ball to anyone in the circle while the music was playing and when the music stopped, the person that last touched the ball was out! After all the games we had " the Post game reception." Jeremiah requested "Slam Dunk Sugar Cookies, Sideline Smoothies (coffee shakes) Backboard Brownies and ice-cream." I think everyone had a "Slam Dunk Good Time!!!" It seems Dave and Kate were making ALOT of "three point plays and incidental contact!!"Whahooo! Mr. Morris made a few good "passes" himself!!! Jeremiah walked away with the "MVP" award!!!! Way to go team!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

jeremiah is 10 !!!

J- Jesus saved him this past year!
exceptional helper!

r- reading the book of John!
e- expert hunter!
m- merry heart!
h- honest!

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah!!!
tonight a basketball party! ( we are going simple) "tip off," 6pm!!!

Jeremiah, 5 1/2 and Joel 2
November 2005
(out in our pasture)
Jeremiah is so good about investing time
and fun with his siblings
Joel loved "adventures" when his big brothers
took him and Josiah out in the pasture!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

blue skies......

Finally, a day of sunshine and blue skies, but only for a few days then a chance of snow and rain again! I went outside briefly! And guess what??????? It is probably way too soon, but Micah set the volley ball net up!!!!! Wahoooooo!!!!

Jeremiah, Hosie, Joshua and Siah
major "farmish" looking children!!!
check those boots, holes in knees....
they don"t have a care in the world!!!

Tomorrow is Jeremiah's 10th Birthday......another party!!!