Monday, February 15, 2010

the big night !!!

****Pray for Bethany, three of her goats have delivered today, it is so crazy here, and just now she had to take one momma goat in to the vet, she got one kid out but the other is stuck and the momma is possibly bleeding internally*****

We are gettin ready for our big night....."the Couples Valentine Party!!" With the 8 couples and our family and 3 extras, we are looking at 33 people!! Things are coming together well, lots of help!!! We have a few things with the food and then getting ourselves ready, so I think we'll make the time frame. Party starts at 6 pm!! Check back tomorrow after lunch and hopefully I'll have some pictures.

A few pictures from the weekend! Remember we have guests, Jordan and Danielle! And remember if you put 4-wheeler+ two guys/aka Jordan and Elijah+ mud= lots of clothes to wash for a momma!!


The Munck Family said...

Looks like there was some fun had over the week end!

Hope the Valentines party is wonderful and we are looking forward to seeing the pictures.

MP said...

Seems those young men are big enough to wash their own 'play' clothes! :-)