Monday, February 22, 2010

where's my mommy?????

Looks like Lilian/"Mavie" is lookin' for her momma!!!!! Her mommy was out hitting a few volley balls with Anna!

Oh, not too much to report around the fort today. Just a "extraordinary ordinary day!!" Kate came over this morning while Dave has some business. Bethany walked her through bread making. She uses the same recipe we use but it was not quite turning out like ours. Bethany and Kate came to the conclusion that maybe her wheat just needs to be ground up finer, an easy fix, just tighten the grinder thingy! Fixin' a big pot of stew and we have a big basket of rolls and there you have whats for dinner! I am all for one dish meals!

The guys are busy with work and jobs, thankfully! The Lord keeps allowing the phone to ring with job opportunities. The big school job I mentioned awhile back will be under way when ever the foundation gets poured, so it could be April before the guys get on that one.

Bethany is super busy with feeding baby goats and hopefully selling all these little baby bucks that the "buck fairy" left us, as someone said. We had another calf yesterday, this time a bull calf! I guess our farm is good at making males.......even human ones since we have 9 boys!!!! But we are keeping ours!!!

Good news with the guys music CD. which is associated with Vision Forum is taking their cd on their site for downloads. They will get a nice percentage, which we are thankful for. If you have not got yours, we are still sending them out. Click the button at the top right!

I am ever so ready for Spring as others are too! It is sooo cold here and chances of snow again this week!!! Terry and Hosanna did plant spinach on Saturday. Actually he's a bit later than usual but its been way too wet in the garden.

Stay warm......


Mountain Mama said...

Mavie is adorable! Love those big eyes.

AND I love the term "buck fairy". We have one of those.

Teena said...

So cute!

We had beautiful weather this weekend.... it was up to 70! That is what we are use to this time of year in Georgia! We sat outside, took lots of pics but kept trying to upload some to my blog but it just wouldn't load! UGH.

Funny that last Saturday (13th) we had snow! It is suppose to get back down in the 30's....

Oh could you give me Anna's cheese cake recipe? It is Anna isn't it? I have made three cheese cakes in the last few months... and ONLY one of them turned out! I am doing something wrong!!

this is way to long.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

I wish I could get a bread lesson. Where do you get your wheat at?? Mine turns out so heavy and not too tasty so I have given up!

Glad the Lord is providing jobs!! He is so good.


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Dara Steward said...

That little Mavie is so sweet! I just think she is the prettiest little thing. I bet you all are loving having a little one around.

Still waiting for Eli's arrival. I'm praying for labor during the day and that the Lord would allow me to have another natural birth. We'll see what He has in store for us. ;o)

The Gilmore Family said...

How darling!!

Sarah G.