Tuesday, February 2, 2010

laboring... in more ways than one !

I am going to keep this picture in my mind, it was about a 68-70* day last week, a day before all this snow and ice......longing for warm weather!!!!

Some of us were making calls as to who would give birth first, Elijah or Bethany.......................his cow or her goat that is!!!! LOL!!!! The first baby goat is due Friday and Elijah's calf was not due until Monday! So calving season has officially begun and Bethany's kidding season is very close! Its always exciting to see the new baby animals on the farm, Mercy is especially intrigued with this new calf. Anna's heifer is due the 22nd and also some more of the other heifers are expecting too and lots of baby goats comin'!! Spring is so refreshing!! I need the peek of "life" as things begin to unfold, life peeking through, speaking truths to my heart that shout LIFE!!!

Just a note to all the folks that have ordered the guys music CD, we have caught up on sending them out, so if you have not gotten yours by now, let us know!!! Hope you are all blessed and encouraged and know from our hearts that we desire the Lord to receive all the glory for this project. May it go forth for His kingdom!!! And if you have not got yours yet......do so!!! Click the button, that simple!!

February, hard to believe its here already! Next birthday that is up is Jeremiah, on the 18th, the big 10, double digits. He wants to have a Basket Ball Party! That will be an easy one. We also try to have our annual Valentines Party. I am trying to pull off with asking several couples to join us. Making contacts and seeing if the date I am thinking of will work for them. I want to set up tables in our new space like a restaurant atmosphere. If it all does not work out, we'll just go with the family V. party!

How well I know, and so many of you too, the "labors and travail" of childbirth. It hurt!!!! For nine months we carry them and then we have the privilege of receiving them into our hearts and homes, Lord wiling. So for a child that has been born, you would think that all of the labor, travail and pains would be over, right??? Not so according to a verse I read. My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you. Galatians 4:19 First I know we as parents do not save our children, Jesus saves!! But as parents we, again bring our children before the Lord, offering pleas, seeking mercies, travailing, laboring with deep pains for their hearts, their spirits to made new and once God has brought repentance and given the gift of faith and they seek to live out their faith we again we labor, we travail in prayer that Christ be formed in them. Every parents foremost desire should be that they be born anew by His grace and then to see them continue to be conformed unto His image. Thats my longing! We have three children that still need Jesus and I seek daily to labor, travail on their behalf for Christ to save them. With 9 here that have been saved, I labor and travail for Christ to be preeminent in their lives. In their work, their futures, in school, in fellowship, with other siblings. I am blessed to pray, to labor, to travail for those that are even yet to come, that are in the loins of every child!! My grandchildren and great grands! That Jesus would save and preserve a heritage of faith until the appearing of Jesus Christ. So you see, once they are actually out of our bellies, the seemingly labors are NOT over, we are challenged and admonished to labor and travail for them again!

baby heifer born Monday!!

Tomorrow I am going to give you all a Valentine Breakfast idea and a picture of it for all your "sweethearts." We are going, or Anna is:0 going to make this for all her "sweethearts," her family for Valentines Sunday morning!


Teena said...

Cindy, YOU amaze me. I know I say this all the time. We are planning Wyatt's birthday party "Lego" and I am somewhat stressing. How do you do it? Lots of help from your girls? We have several games picked out... and I am making a Lego cake. I would like to know some of your tips? Do you have planners or make lists? Hope that is ok to ask.

I love the pic of the new calf! How neat is that! We are hoping to get a few dwarf goats in the spring and some new chicks! Wyatt loves chicks! Our mini horse had a colt in June... and it was so awesome.

Praying for you.

Janet said...

Looking forward to seeing your Valentines' Day photo's! Sure you're all going to have fun! I'm planning a nice brunch for my family! So glad it's on a week-end and not in the week!

MP said...

LOVE the picture of the calf. Spring is my favorite. New life! ahhh!