Tuesday, February 9, 2010

clean and fixed !!

Ahhhhhhhh..........I like it when things get fixed!!! Remember a while back I reported that someone/aka Micah had placed my Bosh bread bowl on the stove burner not realizing it was on or still warm from being turned off?? Well, today I got a replacement bowl!!! We had been using the other one, surprisingly it still worked but the trick was getting it off the base when the bread was through kneading. Have you ever fought with a Bosh bowl on a base?????...... not fun, it causes slight frustration. Of course Bethany makes our bread and I will give a good report of her, it was not her getting frustrated.....it was me!!!! Well, its all fixed now and I am thankful we could get it fixed!!

Now, for the clean! The 4-wheeler did get cleaned up!! Oh, and do not feel sorry for Anna doing that, she thought it was sooooo fun! Do you know how old that 4-wheeler is???? My dad got it in 1986, so your looking at 24 years old!!! Can you believe its still going. I do not think they make them like that anymore. Elijah, Micah and Andrew recently put 4 new tires on it, so they are ready to roll, but not through that much mud. Micah tries to take extra care of it but sometimes sisters sneak away and take a spin.......or try to!

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Mountain Mama said...

Congrats on the new Bosch bowl. A necessity around here. Lo-ove the Bosch.

Looks like a brand new 4-wheeler!

ps i did a little sales pitch for the boys' CD on yesterday's post. hope that is ok!