Friday, February 19, 2010

jeremiah's basketball party pictures !

Jeremiah won the "tip off!" He scored the highest points with "Best Coach Chili and Hot dogs." Lots of "Champ Chips" and some Power Sport Drinks! He made a "fast break" to open his gifts quick!!! The games were underway with "No Double Dribble Relay." A relay of two teams dribbling around cones. Another was "Top Dog." Two people at a time in boundries had to dribble their balls while trying to get the handkerchief out of the back of the other persons jeans. That one was pretty crazy!! Of course we had to play "Pig." We should have played "it," as it was taking sooooo long to go through all the people! And the last game was like "hot potato," except we were in a circle bouncing the ball to anyone in the circle while the music was playing and when the music stopped, the person that last touched the ball was out! After all the games we had " the Post game reception." Jeremiah requested "Slam Dunk Sugar Cookies, Sideline Smoothies (coffee shakes) Backboard Brownies and ice-cream." I think everyone had a "Slam Dunk Good Time!!!" It seems Dave and Kate were making ALOT of "three point plays and incidental contact!!"Whahooo! Mr. Morris made a few good "passes" himself!!! Jeremiah walked away with the "MVP" award!!!! Way to go team!!!


Anonymous said...

Awsome party!

But, how can ANYONE play basketball in FLIPFLOPS?!

I LOVE the last picture!! SO SWEET!

Sarah G.

Karen said...

Oh, Cindy...I love seeing all these pictures of you using your beautiful space. What a blessing!
And I did get your email but it got buried with all the homeschool testing emails I am receiving right now (I'm a site coordinator). But I check in here very often and still pray about your precious family. You will always be dear to my heart!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Looks like your new kitchen makes a great basketball court. I know you are LOVING all of that space.
What a very fun evening with games, presents, food, family and DESSERTS!

Way to go MVP! And Happy 10th!

Teena said...

What an awesome party! YOU did great. You are very creative. I like the games you played.

LOVE the pics!



Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

The Munck Family said...

What a FUN birthday party!

The theme was so neat, and looks like everyone enjoyed the games.

Happy 10th birthday Jeremiah!

Anonymous said...

I love that last pic of Mavie! that's so adorable!!!!

Emma and Mommy said...

What a wonderful party! I love your creativeness. Happy belated Birthday Jeremiah!