Wednesday, February 10, 2010

lah-ai-roi ......

I have been reading in the book of Genesis in the mornings. I enjoy the history of the folks there and it lends a host of ways to meditate upon God's faithfulness as He so faithfully assisted, delivered, provided, forgave, manifested His Might and Power. Seems like what happened some 4, ooo years ago, happens in our lives today and how we have the Same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!!

*And she (Hagar) called the name of the Lord that spake unto her, Thou God seest me: for she said, Have I also here looked after him that seest me? Wherefore the well was called Beer-lahai-roi; behold, it is between Kadesh and Bered. Gen. 15:13-14

*And Isaac came from the way of the well Lahai-roi, for he dwelt in the south country. Gen 24:62

*And it came to pass after the death of Abraham, that God blessed his son Isaac; and he dwelt by the well Lahai-roi. Gen. 25:11

Three different people, three different times, three different circumstances but One Well, actually its the same well!!!! The meaning of this particular well is "the well of him that liveth and seeth me."

We are, in this life going to face circumstances, difficulties, challenges, in need of direction and decisions. In one sense we are all Hagars, bondmen to sin. Many can also relate to her (Hagar) in some of the feelings I am sure she had to experience, loneliness, unloved, what would her future hold, caring for a child, feeling forsaken, no one to provide for her, actually homeless. She had herself in an awful mess. Things were just not going good for her. Another one of the three was Isaac. A man seeking to listen and hear from God, awaiting here in this particular verse, his bride. And then the last verse that I mentioned, one that faced death of a loved one, Isaac grieving his father's death. How amazing that in all three situations that are spoken of here, one in a crises, one seeking direction for his future and bride and one dealing with grief, that each one found and dwelt by the Well. Its meaning to me is so significant to the helping and healing of each their circumstances. He seeth me, He knows where we are in life, if we are in a mess of sin, if we are seeking direction for our futures if we are grieving and the most wonderful news is, this well that we need to draw from, dwell by is full if life, living water. I like the thought that the Owner of this Well, in its meaning is Alive and Sees!!! He sees us and He is ever Alive to help, deliver, comfort. I thought of how the New Testament gives the verse and picture of the river flowing from the throne of God. He has a surplus and it never runs out of what we need to "get through" life's circumstances. Dwell by, drink of the well of Lah-ai-roi !!!!

We are trying to do a little house keeping today, "working wednesday." Also some school thrown in. Bethany went to help a neighbor's goat that delivered triplets, which she is so glad she did, one goats temp, wasn't even registering on the thermometer, almost did not make it.I am trying to gather thoughts and lists for shopping and getting things together for the upcoming Valentine's Couples Party on Monday. Eight couples are coming, plus our family and three extras. The guys are finally back to work. A few patches of snow but now its time to need groceries!!! :) God is always so faithful in this adventure of being in business for yourself. One thing it teaches you for sure is to pray for our daily bread.

I am so wanting pictures, but its so cold out and everything is a mess, mud and major yuck outside! So stay tuned. What do you want to see a picture of?????

Danielle arrives tomorrow night......major good times ahead, not much sleep, and tons of laughs!!!


MP said...

may sound weird but would love to see a pic of you sitting at your computer writing on your blog.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Great devotional. He is the living well. Okay my request for pictures would be of your land from the entrance and all the part you own. I would love to see how it is set up and especially the main road forking onto your road. oh and another request,the boys bedroom and your new tile! Okay I could name more but will stop. ohhhhhh your pantry and laundry room!!! Okay I am done. Bless you and have the best party ever!!


Teena said...

thank you for your words.... He gives life... carries us through ...

hmmm what kind of pics? I think like Jessica said ... your land/home. I love seeing pics of the kids though too. Like I have seen Mercy and Josiah.... and Bethany and the older boys but I do haven't seen pics of your middle boys.... :) just thinking out loud.

Looks like you will have a great weekend... can't wait for pics of THAT party. :)


Sharon said...

Pictures of anything in and around the Morris family is a delight.
I have just finished teaching Gen. 15 to one of my Chinese girls who is interested in salvation. She is nervous about putting her faith in Jesus. How special to show her that El-ROI sees her and knows her nervousness.
Have a great valentine's day.