Friday, February 26, 2010

back and forth!!!!!

Do you really want to know how we are working with one vehicle????? Get buckled in, here goes!!!!! I get up at 7 am, ride with the guys to work about 40 minutes away, we get to the job site and the guys realize they have forgotten an air compressor hose, so Terry and I go get the hose at a nearby store, come back to site, let Terry off and I head to the grocery store, while in the store, I call my lady that cuts my hair but its back in the town we live in and because I do not know when I will ever get there in the day and she just happens to have an opening at 10:30 am, I travel back 4o minutes and get my hair trimmed and after that go to Wal Mart, then I go back 40 minutes down the road again to do some more grocery shopping, its about 11:15 am now and the guys call and say they are hungry, proceed to pick them up some lunch, drop it off and continue my shopping, Hobby Lobby, a children's resale store, Target, Sams. Then Terry calls and says I need to go another 15 minutes farther away and pick up a check and take it to the bank, so I am off to do that. Next stop after picking the check up, is a womens resale store, then to tractor supply to get chainsaw chaps/protective pants for the guys, then on to the bank, then my last stop is the best of all........Starbucks to get a Carmel Frappecinno do you spell that???? Then heading home, arrive and unload the van and because we have one vehicle, Bethany now has to travel back 40 minutes and pick up the guys and also stop and get a 600 pound bag of feed for the goats!!!! Finally everyone is home, we eat, then most of the older ones are out the door to go to a Bible study and then play volley ball, which they will not get home until around midnight and before they come home they have to stop at Wal Mart and refill water jugs for our coffee maker because our hard well water which is great for humans but not great for coffee pots!!!!! Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to clean the kitchen up, Terry washes the left overs that will not fit in the dishwasher and are we getting close to the end of the day yet??????????????? My neck and arms are so sore from driving that big truck today, its so hard to turn and park!!! I felt like I was driving an 18 wheeler.

Ok, for Saturday, it does not look much slower. Several are going over to the land, which they will be dropped off, Dave and Elijah are helping some folks move that live about 2 hours away, so Kate is coming over and her and Bethany, Mercy, Anna and I are going to go and finish up grocery shopping and also have a little girl fun and go to a few clothes stores. Terry plans to work in the garden a bit, fix a dryer, take care of the "littles" and hold the fort down. Us girls can not be gone too long, as church is at our house and I need to get back and prepare for that! We are also having another baby shower after church! Once we get back home somebody will have to pick up the load of people at the land! Its working but you got to be the first to get "dibs" on the wheels!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! Next Wed. my dad, their Paps is coming, so it will be a short week as we get ready for him and Shirley!!! Revolving doors for sure around here.........


Cheryl said...

Whoa girl, hang on to your seat, you are in the FAST lane!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all are very busy! Ö