Monday, February 8, 2010

yuck !!!!!!!!

This is what we got around here.....MUD!!!! It snowed AGAIN today!!! The ground is like mush!

That picture is a good one to illustrate how we, I feel sometimes , isn't it??? But thanks be to God for deliverance, from sin, from sorrow and whatever else we can list!

P.S. Anna did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Micah......not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Oh my goodness, thank you for the laugh!! I can just picture Anna and then brother getting annoyed at I think it is so funny because it is something I would do!!! Even in the mud we can find joy!! Blessings


The Gilmore Family said...

Oh wow!

That looks like FUN! But, maybe a little cold, seeing as it's winter!?!?

Poor Micah.... :)

Sarah G.

Beth said...

Thanks for the sweet words on my blog Cindy. It has been so awesome so far since he has been home. We love it and the Lord has blessed us abundantly ! P,S is there going to be a baby shower for Cynthia Fleshman? Let me know thanks.


Teena said...

Wow.... Dakota was in here when I looked and he said "WOW!" He laughed when he read the p.s! :)

Thanks for the comments.... :)

I finally got more pics uploaded... it took awhile! I had to keep coming back to the computer to see if each one loaded! Not sure if you saw all of them....

it was lots of fun. Thanks for inspiring me!


Janet said...

Oh my word! What a mess to clean up! LOL! That should keep hands busy, getting it all cleaned up!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Oh hoho! Wish we could've seen that happen! :chuckle: That's so bad, it'd be even better if we had a picture of Anna's face when she drove into it!!!:) And Micah's when she told him what happened!
...Reminds me of what Mr.Morris was teaching on Sunday when he talked about (can't remember exact words) the pit of sin God took us from.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

I can only imagine how Anna must have looked when she got off the 4-wheeler. Poor Anna.

And poor Micah!

I received For His Glory CD last week. Absolutely amazing. Such great talent. Our family has been blessed. Thanks!


KD said...

That just looks like fun!!! When we used to ride out in Louisiana that's about how it looked. And you can imagine how we looked.

Anonymous said...

Opulently I agree but I think the brief should acquire more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

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Levi Lucas said...

micah must be really frustrated! i remember when my sis Ruth did that to my motorbike i had just got for christmas (we were staying in greece at that mo, i still feel the sun!), except she ran it iinto the sea and we never got it out! we paid like $430 us dollars to get the peice of junk out!