Thursday, February 25, 2010

sayin' of the day.....

Here's my sayin' of the day:

"when you have toddlers, you get to color and read books,
when you have teens and 20ish
people, you get to text and do
facebook. I get to do both!!!!
Yea, for me!!!!!!"


kjvbaptist said...

that is so funny! we are just now getting there!

The Ahlgren Family said...

hahaha that's so funny! What a strange world we live in! :)

Sharon said...

"Lo, Children are a heritage of the Lord..." What a special joy that those gifts from God include such variety in one day! What a well-rounded woman it will make of you.
Enjoy your blessings.

Teena said...

thats exactly where we are at too!! It keeps are mind full doesn't it!

I text lots with my three oldest. We do not do cell phones till they are driving ALONE. So Dakota just got his for Christmas. Also w/ Michael's job sometimes he doesn't get right back to me... but Amber (his wife) always does ;)

My three youngest will go spend the night with Michael/Amber tonight ... they are excited. I will be lonely ;) (going to try and work on my quilts or scrapbook) but then Mandi or Dakota may want me to do something with them!

ps so do you have fb?