Monday, November 30, 2009

lots of space now !!!!!!!

This is the place where Anna took the picture before the wall was taken out. The wall beside the right beam will eventually be taken out. It holds our sink and keep going on around in an "L" shape and has our cook top and oven. and on to the laundry room and outside garage door.To the left of the left of the rocking chair is our LR.

We are suppose to get our windows in a bout two weeks. The big opening right behind the tables will be a French door and on each side long windows. The opening towards the corner will be the kitchen sink window and the far right window will be over a veg. sink. All the beams you see will stay exposed, they plan to cover them with a rough wood. Its going to be really rustic looking with the wood ceiling too.

If you can picture it , where the table is in the picture, pull it back to the hard wood and that is where it use to be. The area over to the far left will be a library/sitting area. Right now I just moved that shelf in there because the wall is gone that I had it on. Eventually will move our computer desk where it is and on the brick wall we will add some more shelves, leaving the bricks showing. I really like the bricks there and the outside bricks of the chimney is also showing too , they would be beside the beam there on the left.

I have finally got everything mostly cleaned up, still some dust on things, but the concrete creates dust anytime we sweep it. Surprisingly the wood stove is keeping it warm even with the windows are not in. Terry had it 73* in here!!!

I need to go, we might take our family picture today, if I can get it all together.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Workin' Guys

The guys are rollin' again today!! They are putting the insulation inside on the roof area! Last night it was bout 50* in the kitchen /LR area. A bit chilly. They are getting the shingles on today as well!!! We are so glad about the space. We have the two 8 foot tables going long ways and it is so neat to sit all together!! I do not know how fast the rest of the progress will go as far a hanging the drywall and they guys want to do a wood ceiling but those two things will be as soon as we have provision. Then as we can we will finish things such as building cabinets and all that will go in there. Just as it took a year to get to this point it could be months/a year before we pick up speed again after this first phase that we did have provision for. I LOVE the space!!!! Mercy can ride her tricycle in there and I brought our double rocking chair and single rocker I had on the front porch and put them in the little library area. We are going to use the space up even though its not finished out on the inside. Maybe tomorrow after they get the insulation up, I'll take a picture from the inside so you can see the wall out and our tables.

Ok, other big news is Dave and Kate named their beautiful baby!! We proudly announce to you Lilian Ruth!!! It matches her so sweetly, but I think I still have to call her "Mavie!!!" I hope Anna and I can get over there soon and do a photo shoot, I have some fun ideas.....don't worry Dave, its free!!!!!!!

And lastly, I forgot we were going to a high school football game tonight, our team made it to the semi- finals, so I will draw the winner at 4 pm this afternoon for the giveaway, sorry about that! So stay tuned!!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Mavie" is here !!!!!!!!!

Dave and Kate have a baby!!!!!! A girl!!!!!!!!!!! "Mavie" arrived last night (Wed.) at 7:11 pm. She weighs a hefty 8 pounds and is 20 inches long. She is sooooo precious, so chunky, so soft, so sweet, so pretty, so healthy..........thank you Lord for your beautiful mercy to this dear couple!!! Now their "adventurous journey" really begins :) Kate is doing well, resting and Dave, well he is bouncin' and smilin' and all that new daddy stuff!!!! All went wonderfully with the birth, the midwife arrived in plenty of time and they had their first home birth with great success and the Lord's blessing of protection and safety for Kate and baby! Of course our family will call her "Mavie," but they have not officially given her a name yet, trying to decide! She is "Mavie"!! Mercy was very interested in holding her! Exciting days ahead to have a new baby around!!!

Congratulations Dave and Kate!!!! We love you and baby "Mavie!!!!"

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

progress report #5

They did not quite get to the decking today. For sure tomorrow!!! They tied it in to the existing roof with perfection!!! and Bluebell to celebrate our new addition!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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giveaway and report #4.....

Good morning!!!! The work has once again begun! Hopefully tonight we will have the roof enclosed with decking anyway! They are now tying in the old roof with the new with rafters, it looks nice! After that the decking and it might be tomorrow before they start with the shingles. We are not roofing the whole roof, (wish we could) but for now just the back. It is a different color than the old but at least we live out in the country and NO one will see and hope soon to re-do the rest as it really needs it. Another beautiful day for the guys and work!

Couple of more facts about our house. The girls are all in one room with the two sets of new black bunk beds. Terry and I are in the smallest BD. We have lived here 15 years and as you all know it just takes time and resources to re-do a 35 year old house. The Lord provided through the circumstances of my mom dying in 1994 to be able to pay for the house with cash. It is a great house and I do not ever want to move, unless the Lord gives direction. I am happy to live the rest of my days here!! I do enjoy changing and getting the house more up to date but in due time! The guys are doing a super fantastic job and I am totally amazed that they have the abilities to build form ground up and Lord willing they hope to be building their own house as soon as the Lord gives land and provision!!!!!

****Ok, now for the "Giveaway." Leave a comment and on Friday the 27th at 7pm, we'll draw a name for the warm snuggly scarf and gloves, tea and the Christmas green nail polish, a(and its from a beauty supply place, my favorite) and some hidden surprises that I will stick in too. Tell us what your thankful for, that simple!!! I know we can not list everything, God has so blessed but maybe some things that are fresh on your heart. Let us offer our thanks to our Great Lord Jesus!

I'll check back later today and maybe with some pictures!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying preparing today and being with family, I am!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

progress report #3........

They have got a lot done today! I am sure they will work a bit longer but here's some more pictures. We'll be under the stars one more night and hopefully tomorrow they will get the decking on and we'll have to cover the windows with something as it will be a couple of weeks til the windows are in. I can hardly wait to get it enclosed and start sweeping the dust away and OUT!!!!!

Here are some facts about our house, to some questions that have been asked It is 18oo square feet, which is not very big for 15 people, 14 now. It has three bedrooms, two baths, a large living area with a vaulted ceiling, a dinning area. The extra space is close to 8oo square feet and it will be ( when totally done) the kitchen, a big and long dining area and a small library/computer area. The new space will all be open. Whenever we take the rest of the back wall out to complete the kitchen area as we have resources, we are going to reconfigure the wash room and pantry area too. We will easily be able to put a 12 foot table (which I hope to get someday) in the dining area. For now we will put our two 8 foot tables together and we can all sit together!!!!! Our house was originally built in the 70's, so as we can we are trying to re-due some things. It has worked well for us even with our big family. All the boys have been in the master bedroom for many years and it hold 3 sets of bunk beds and a single twin and Josiah sleeps on a mattress. Be happy for any more questions!!!! Caleb,Daniel, and Elijah have done all the brain work and configuring all the plans for this addition, I guess Terry is working for them on this job!!!! :)

Thanks for praying for us, the Lord has blessed in safety and good weather. I guess I did not think to pray about flies....LOL!!!!

Lord willin' we'll see ya tomorrow........