Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I read this today, taken from Spurgeon's Morning and Evening. For me entering into prayer is a place I feel close to Joel but even more than that, I am learning that I love more and more the fellowship and the knowing that Jesus hears my prayers......its really such a thin veil to eternity!

Their prayer came up to His Holy
dwelling place, even unto heaven
2 Chron. 30:27

Prayer is the never-failing resort of the Christian in any case, in every plight. When you cannot use your sword you may take to the weapon of all-prayer. Your powder may be damp, your bow-string may be relaxed, but the weapon of all-prayer need never be out of order. Leviathan laughs at the javelin, but he trembles at prayer.Sword and spear need refurbishing, but prayer never rusts, and when we think it most blunt it cuts the best. Prayer is an open door which none can shut. Devils may surround on all sides, but the way upward is always open, and as long as that road is unobstructed, you will not fall into the enemies hand. We can never be taken by blockade, escalade, mine, or storm, so long as heavenly succours can come down to us by Jacob's ladder to relieve us in the time of necessities. Prayer is never out of season: in summer and in winter its merchandise is precious.Prayer gains an audience with heaven in the dead of night, in the midst of business, in the heat of noonday, in the shades of evening. In every condition, whether of poverty, or sickness, or obscurity, or slander, or doubt, your covenant God will welcome your prayer and answer from His holy place. Nor is prayer ever futile. True prayer is evermore true power. You may not always get what you ask, but you shall always have your real wants supplied. When He does not answer His children according to the letter, He does so according to the spirit. If thou askest for course meal, wilt thou be angered because He gives thee the finest flour? If thou seekest bodily health, shouldest thou complain if instead thereof He makes thy sickness turn to the healing of spiritual maladies? Is it not better to have the cross sanctified than removed?

I was blessed by these thoughts.......


Sally, Greg and Hannah said...

Dear Cindy,

Hello! I just wanted to know that I found your blog through Karen Blackburn's and it has been a blessing. I spent most of my early afternoon reading and perusing your blog...learning about your life with and without Joel. What a blessing. I often wondered, how do people get through firey trials without the Lord? It would seem impossible.

I have been following Silas' story since I found out he was sick. Since about May, I think. I had the opportunity to meet him and his family in March of this year when they came for a visit to our church to present their mission work. He was such a beautiful, delightful boy.

I have a 14 month old of my own, and couldn't fathom losing a child. God's grace is sufficient, I know that. But it doesn't seem that I could make it through if that were to happen to us. Your words, thoughts and testimonies give me so much home and encouragement that if I were to experience the death of a child that yes, I could get through it with God's help and yes, I could stand victorious on the other side.

So, thank you for your dedication in keeping Joel's memory alive...it is a blessing to me.


Katie said...

Cindy ~ I love this. Thank you for sharing.